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***UNRESERVED***. 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer ***UNRESERVED***

1990 Jeep Wagoneer

Condition: Used
Make: Jeep
Model: Wagoneer
Type: Wagon
Year: 1990
Mileage: 140000
VIN: 1j4gs5876lp503948
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Great Falls, Montana, United States

Description for Jeep Wagoneer 1990

1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer
For sale by private owner

Where to start.....Well, I love Jeeps. Especially the old J-trucks, Cherokee’s, and Wagoneers. We’ve had several of them. I’ve never seen one as nice as this one, or as rust free. It’s just absolutely remarkable. I saw it and we had to have it. I didn’t even hardly think about it. The black with woodgrain, the lift, the wheels…. It’s gorgeous. Both my wife and I were absolutely smitten with it. We had to go speak with the owner. He was a nice enough fellow but wasn’t willing to take any offers. We kept pursuing and after a while, were actually able to strike a deal. I didn’t put any thought into it besides just having to have it. I’ve seen lots of these here and there, and am a fan of them but this one, wow…. Just wow.
A big "adult" decision.....
It's a no-brainer.... Vintage SUV prices are going through the roof. I'd love to keep the Waggy. Seems smart. Then just recently (last few weeks) we discovered our new storage garage, that is just being finished isn’t quite as accommodating as we had anticipated. Neither is the garage on our new home. We were faced with having had to pick 2 out of our collection of prized collector cars to put for sale. A tough decision. In reality, I have no use for another SUV that we don’t drive but just needed to own. An “adult" decision was looming and 2 toys had to go. If I can sell off 2 absolutely irreplaceable classic cars, we should be able to muster up the ability to sell this quite incredible Jeep too. With that said, here goes….

"Fashionably,styley", with an emerging following
This Jeep is a 1990 Grand Wagoneer. These are such a fashionable and marvellous style. The look is unmistakeable. They were the grandest luxury SUV of their day, quite possibly the first real luxury purposed SUV, and they set the stage for all the luxury SUV’s that became immensely popular in years to follow. I love seeing these nowadays in old movies. Great Outdoors with John Candy is one that comes to mind. They were quite common at one time but, so rare to see now. I am glad it’s not just me. People love coming to talk about the Waggy. These seem to have developed a great following and, with that... are soaring steadily in value with seemingly no end in sight.

Set apart.....
This Waggy is just gorgeous. I think it’s pretty clear how fond I am of it. The condition though is what really draws it apart. It’s just absolutely remarkable. Not that is has less seat and general wear than any of this age (I’d say it’s above average) but, the condition of it’s body is, well… in a word -- incredible. It started it’s life in California, then moved to Washington state, before coming to our home in Calgary Alberta. It looks like it’s never been out of dry storage since almost new or seen so much as a rainy day; stunning in fact. The paint shines incredibly. The reflection is like a mirror. Only the hood has been repainted due to chips. The rest been polished to glass. It looks AMAZING. The black against the woodgrain is just gorgeous and the compliments are endless. The 3” lift and wheels really set it off.

So, I tried my best to get good pictures. I am frustrated I just can’t get it to show quite like in real life. I learned Black is so difficult to photograph. In person, it just dazzles!!! In the end, I hope my pics turned out well enough that you can see what attracted us to needing to chase down and own this Jeep.
There’s lots of average-ish nice looking Jeep Grand Wagoneers…. This is not one of them.

Location, details, etc....
This Jeep located in Calgary Alberta Canada. Ebay does not have provision for those with multiple residences. Please do not write to me asking where it's located.
  • It is in Calgary, Alberta,Canada.
  • Shipping is from Calgary AlbertaCanada.

Vehicle is built in the United States, it is antique status, andfree to travel without restriction.
Further to that, this was a US vehicle. (unless sold to Europe or elsewhere) It would merely be returning.
My wife will set up shipping for the new owner. No concerns, no worries.
Titling is 100% absolutely & perfectly transferable.

Thecurrent border closure applies to personal travel ONLY...not shipments or deliveries.

Review our feedback please.....Each is for a 40+ year old vehicle!

During our relatively short tenure on eBay, we've figured out2 very important things arecommunicationandprocedure. We have a little procedure. Our little procedure focuses on communication. It goes as follows:
  • After auction, we ask for your buyer's information.
    • You supply.
  • We fill in transfer papers and scan/send to you.
    • You confirm spelling and information correct.
  • You go to your bank, and send funds.
    • We validate receipt.
  • We begin on shipping,
    • ...keeping you informed every step..
  • You receive your fabulous classic vintage Grand Wagoneer.

We're not interested in Paypal or deposits...

I don't care for deposits. If you want this Jeep, you know the value of what you're looking at. If you are bidding, please be serious as I am and understand our adherence to this little system/procedure. It's to help both of us. If, for any reason, you cannot adhere to this procedure, please let us know BEFORE BIDDING. OR,....IF YOU HAVE ZERO FEEDBACK OR ARE NEW TO EBAY YOU MUST CONTACT ME BEFORE BIDDING.Otherwise, I will cancel your bid.

DELIVERY:...to most states and destinations is in the $1500+ range. Please keep that in mind. Budget for at least this amount. Texas and Florida, and other far southeastern states, are obviously a bit more at minimum $2250-ish. Any required inspections, certifications, registrations, paperwork, or anything else are the buyer's responsibility. I don't know the rules in each particular state so, am selling as per Alberta rules. My wife has become pretty good at setting up shipping and, is happy to assist. Rest is up to you. Payment is by bank transfer, US account to US account. As stated, I don't ask for Paypal. Once payment is received, everything else is ready to proceed from there. I believe putting this Jeep unreserved will easily make up for any shipping costs. Somebody is likely to get a heck of a deal.

CALLS:Even a long-winded description like mine is bound to miss a few details. If you'd like to speak over the phone, I'm happy to hear from you. Please write and we'll make arrangements.

If you are fromOVERSEAS,please know we have shipped long distances several times. We are happy to assist. Since beginning to narrow down ourinadvertent collection a couple years ago, we've sold to England, France, Germany, Holland, Slovenia, as well as theMiddle East and New Zealand. If it says anything about what kind of sellers we are... We have sold 6 (six !!) to one gentleman alone in Holland, 2 to another, and 2 to one fellow in England.

And, well...... Ibelieve that covers everything.
Anyone that doesn't want to risk going through the bidding process (or potentially losing on this one-of-a-kind special Jeep in the very last remaining seconds) is encouraged to send offers. I appreciate the go-getter approach and will not hesitate to close the auction early for a fair and/or reasonable offer.
Good luck & HAPPY BIDDING.