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Lifted 83 Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler w/ full Hardtop *No Reserve*

1983 Jeep CJ

Make: Jeep
Model: CJ
Type: Scrambler
Trim: Scrambler
Year: 1983
Mileage: 135,111
VIN: 1JCCM88E0DT017531
Color: Flat Black
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: T-176 4-speed
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Textured Black
Safety: Heavy Duty Steel Bumpers
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Ithaca, New York, United States
Power Steering, Oversized Brake Booster
Lifted, Oversized tires, 4-Wheel Drive, Convertible

Description for Jeep CJ 1983

Lifted 83' Jeep Scrambler with tons of modifications. not a show car by a long shot. but stands out in any crowd and gets a lot of looks wherever I take it. I bought this Jeep a few years back with the understanding that there had been some rust in the front floor boards that had been repaired. that the carburetor needed some work. and that the front end needed an alignment. Needless to say there was quite a bit more work needed and I've spent the last two years working through them as well as making improvements when possible. I'd like to carry this Jeep to full overhaul. but last fall my wife and I started a build-your-own-human kit and I don't think I can manage those two projects at the same time. Upgrades that were done by previous owners:Original CJ engine swapped out for an '88 YJ 258 Inline 6 -I have no idea why this motor was swapped in or of the actual milage of it. Brake booster/Master cylinder from a full size chevy truck installed. -It makes stopping in this Jeep no problem. even with the big tires. 5" body lift -Was done poorly and the body mounts and bushings have suffered for it. I have a complete set of Polyurethane bushings and a stainless steel hardware set but haven't had a chance to install them. This will drop the Jeep down a couple of inches and improve the ride quality and these components will never wear out again. Sunpro Mini Tachometer - I moved it from on top of the steering wheel into the dashYJ Windshield frame installed -The metal in the YJ frame is thicker. and swapping it in helps solve an issue with the windshield wiper arms bending and failing. Twin-stick kit for Dana 300 Transfer case -Allows High and Low ranges to be applied to one set of axles at a time. which can help out when four-wheeling in tight spaces. Jeep has a Locking Tuffy Center Consul and Locking Tuffy Glovebox installed and I have keys for both Upgrades that were done by me: (I have receipts for all this stuff. I've never totaled them up. but I'm pretty sure if I did my wife would leave me) -Engine-('88 AMC 258 I6)Replaced the AMC Carter carb with a Weber 32/32 electronic choke -Also added a K&N style cleanable filter and new throttle cable/bracket assemblyInstalled MSD Blaster Ignition CoilInstalled New Distributer with Vacuum Advance -Distributer cap/wires upgraded to Ford style following the "Team Rush" upgrade method (google it) which allows for bigger plug gapping and better sparking which results in better power/more efficient fuel burn. Installed a new Ignition Control Module that the PO had tried to deleteNew Starter (Jan '15)Installed New Starter Solenoid Installed New Thermostat and Re-equiped the Manifold Pre-heat Section of the Coolant PathInstalled New Heater Core -Transmission and Transfer Case-(T-176 4-speed w/ Dana 300 twin-stick)Rebuilt TransmissionNew 1st&2nd synchroNew reverse slider gearNew bearingsNew Springs/Blocking rings/Sync PlatesNew seals/gaskets/fluidResealed T-caseNew Gaskets/seals/fluid-Axles and Driveshafts-Installed full-width front axle from an early 80's ¾ ton truckInstalled Ford 9" Rear-end with 31 spline axles from a late 80's f-150-Both axles have full-sized disk brakes -Rear axle was bought with the disk brakes already installed as part of a kit that utilized brake calipers from an 88 Chevy blazer. There is no provision on these calipers for a parking brake. but calipers from a 87-89 Cadillac DeVille will allow you to set one up. -Both axles were gone through and resealed -Both axles have super low 5:13 gears -Front Axle has SuperWinch Locking HubsRear Driveshaft replaced with Tom Woods "Top of the Line" Double Cardan Custom Drive Shaft with "Gold Seal" U-Joints -Frame & Suspension-At some point the frame started to rust out and one of the previous owners decided to fill the cracks with silicone caulk and then paint the frame black. This made it look like it had been welded. because I guess some people are just terrible human beings. I ground out all of the weak/cracked spots and welded on patches made from two pieces of welded together ⅜" or ¼" angle iron. Essentially the patches look like long taco shell that's ⅜" thick on each side. and ¾" thick on the bottom that goes up around the frame from the bottom and is welded in-place around it's entire perimeter. The end effect is a much stronger section of frame because it's been reinforced as opposed to just patched. While I was grinding and welding under there. I took the opportunity to out-board the rear shocks. Afterwards I painted all of my work with POR15 rust inhibitor and then with POR TopCoat. Installed Rocky Road Outfitters:SOA kit Wrangler Spring conversionHD Shackle Hangers-Body and Interior-Installed custom built fiberglass hardtop from Rallytops. comReplaced Drivers-side door latch mechanismInstalled Stainless Steel door latch pins/mountsInstalled new ignition and door key cylindersReplaced Passenger-side window regulatorInstalled New Windshield Gaskets and GlassThe Dash Pad cracked over Winter. so I bent a Stainless Steel Plate to Cover the Damaged area-Steering-Installed "the 500" Wood Wrapped Chromed Steel Steering WheelInstalled High-Steer Steering Linkage with ⅞" Heim Joint EndsCustom Built a 1" Solid Steel Drag Link with ⅝" Heim Joint EndsInstalled Stock Style "Straight" Pitman Arm -This maximizes the turning ability of the Jeep. even with the over-sized tiresHad a Professional Alignment done to ensure everything went together correctly-Electrical-Rewired the entire vehicle front to back with a kit from QuickWire -Powers everything in the Jeep with several circuits left over for additional accessories. -Stereo speaker wire is run for four speaker setup. but no stereo installed so the wires are just tucked behind the dash. Home Built and wired in a dome lightUpgraded the Heater Blower Motor to Motor for a '87 Chevy Blazer - Much more Powerful Motor that Pushes a lot more Air. and warms the Jeep up much fasterDropped in an Optima RedTop battery-Exhaust & Fuel-All emissions/computer systems have been removed to allow the engine to run at it's full potential. but that means that it will no longer pass California (or any other) emission test. NY doesn't require emissions for cars this age so this hasn't been a problem for me. but your state's laws might be different. this lnk is a good resource for that info: LiftLaws Installed New Fuel PumpInstalled Fuel FiltersBent and Installed New Fuel delivery and Return LinesInstalled all New Fuel Fill/Vent/Delivery HosesDropped Stock 20 Gal Plastic Fuel Tank. Cleaned unit and Reinstalled with New Fuel SenderInstalled New Stock sized Exhaust Manifold/Down Pipe/MufflerHad New Tail Pipe Professionally bent and Installed -Brakes & Clutch-Installed New Disk Brake Pads Installed on all Four WheelsInstalled New Calipers Installed on Rear BrakesInstalled Rocky Road Outfitters Extended rubber Brake LinesInstalled Novak Adapters Hydraulic Clutch Conversion KitInstalled New Wrangler style Hydraulic Clutch Master CylinderHad Flywheel Resurfaced Installed New Clutch & Throw-Out Bearing-Wheels & Tires-4 New American Racing "Baja" 16"X10" Aluminum Wheels4 New 35X12. 5R16 Goodyear Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar Reinforced Sidewalls Professionally Mounted and Balanced Things that are NOT working or that still need Attention:Fuel Gauge is not AccurateSpeedometer is not calibrated for the big tires. reads roughly 5mph fast. this also means the odometer isn't accurate Engine Temp Gauge Does Not WorkWindshield Wipper Motor Stopped Working and Needs ReplacedCentral NY is a Hell-Hole of Salt. and a new rust Pin-Hole has opened up on the frame above the left-rear wheel this winter. Several of the Drivers-Side Body Mounts and the Driver-Side Front Floor Boards have gotten Pretty Rotten. There is also a small rust hole opening up by the drivers Side-view mirror bracket. - I have a New Left-Side Body Mount Rep and Tailgate Support Repair Panel from Classic Enterprises that will go with the Jeep to address some of those issues. There is a Persistent Oil Leak from the left-side of the Engine that I haven't been able to isolate. Someone apparently repaired the fronts of the front fenders with Bondo and it's starting to crack. The Hood has some DentingThis may seem like a lot of information. but I don't want anyone to wind up with something they're not prepared for. It's big. bouncy. and SUPER loud. it's fun to drive. and it will run up/over/through anything you put in front of it. This Jeep would do well in a dry. salt-free climate. and if you're handy and appreciate the nuances of owning an AMC Jeep I think you'd be very happy with this one. I've gotten it to do 70mph. but given the gearing it was not happy about it. so I would highly recommend trailering/towing it if you're taking it very far from Central New York. There's no reserve on this auction. and compared to the other Scramblers on ebay right now it's a screaming deal. Thanks for looking