1965 Dodge Coronet 440 2 Door, Hardtop Coupe. "Polyhead" 318. RARE All original

1965 Dodge Coronet Coronet

Make: Dodge
Model: Coronet
SubModel: Coronet
Type: Coupe
Trim: 2 Dr Coupe Hardtop
Year: 1965
Mileage: 32,205
VIN: W357267491
Color: White
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: Automatic
Interior color: Tan
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Natchez, Mississippi, United States

Description for Dodge Coronet 1965

Ok guys here we have another "Fresh picked classic". 1965 Dodge Coronet 440. 2 door Hardtop Coupe. The dash shows 32. 05 miles. but i'm going to guess that it actually is 132. 05. I will say this though. he is claiming that when he got it that it only showed 22. 00 miles and it looked like new. and he drove it very little over the next 4-5 years putting the extra 10. 00 miles on it. So it very possibly could be a 32. 00 mile car! We recently acquired this at an Estate Sale in Mississippi. The owner of the vehicle said that when he bought it nearly 20 years ago it ran like a charm and he never had any issues with it at all. He is an elderly man. and he had over 50 cars sitting in a field next to his house. and this was one of the the few we purchased at the sale. He said he got a flat tire and parked it and never looked back at it again. LOL. Looking at the amount of vehicles he had. the story is not hard to believe. So there it sat for over 15 years he says. and we bought it! Got it home. and did very minor service work. Oil. Oil Filter (the old oil still looked great BTW). Spark plugs. plug wires. New Battery. and first time i turned the ignition it started right up!!!!! I smiled bigger than a man with winning lottery ticket! I included a very short video for you to actually see and hear it crank right up. We are bottle feeding the fuel though. nbsp;didn't want to run from the tank just yet until we get it flushed out real good (which we are doing this weekend while the auction is going). I think it will need a fuel pump. but i am taking care of that as well. I actually included 3 pictures of the car still sitting in that field before we moved it and loaded it up. And the outline of it in the dirt after we moved it. and then one of it loaded on our car trailer headed out! Lol. gonna be awhile before grass grows there again! As for the cosmetics and overall condition. the body is in excellent shape! I cant find a dent ANYWHERE! The body is solid!!!! There is a very small area on the drivers side just underneath the corner of the back glass on the body where it is rusty a little. Probably about a 3-4 inch section. i took a few pics of that. Both doors open and shut perfectly. no hinge issues at all. All of the side windows and back window are in excellent shape. no cracks. Only the front windshield has cracks. all of the tires im sure will need replaced. but three of them did air up enough to roll pretty good. they have just slowly leaked back down over this last week since we got it. The front passenger however is shredded pretty badly. This is the one the owner said went bad way back and he never bothered to fix it. There is a spare in the trunk and we will be replacing it tomorrow and airing the others back up. The original hubcaps were in the trunk when we popped it open. as seen in the pics. Everything is intact. all the trim. everything. There is one piece of trim across the front of the hood that is bent a little. you can see that in the front pics. And there are 2 pieces of trim that came off when we had it on the trailer driving down the highway. but we found them. It was the split trim for the rear passenger side on the back glass. and the top front rim on the top of the windshield. The seats are pretty dirty. and the front seat has some tears. but they are original and can most certainly be recovered and re-used in your restoration. The dahs is in good shape. everything is intact. It will all obivously need deep cleaning and maybe some additional resto work as well. The rear drivers side tail light lens has a piece cracked out of it on the top. see the pic. As for the floor pans. BAD! Very very rusty! Keep in mind this car set in the middle of a field for 15 years. When we looked down at the driver door. there was actually an anthill about 2 feet high covering half of the door. lol. They were burrowed up inside the door panel as well. but we cleaned that off pretty good. There is still some dirt up inside the panel. but again this will all be removed when your doing your restore. And the best part of all (with the exception of the excellent body) Was the fact that this particular car had one of the rarest motor options for the 1965 Coronet 440. It has the "poly" 318!!! One of the absolute strongest and most reliable motors ever put in these cars! We serviced it out with basic serviceable items and it fired right up!!! I can only tell you how happy that made me. We changed the oil. oil filter. spark plugs. plug wires. cleaned the carb. and put a new battery in. and she fired right off without a hitch! If ever you were going to look for a classic Coronet to restore this is the one! All the essentials are here and in good shape. The floor pans and other undercarriage items can be cut out and replaced with fresh parts and sheet metal. If you have ANY questions or need additional pictures of any area of the car. please let me know and i can take care of whatever you need. We will be finishing up the basic stuff like the fuel pump. and cleaning the fuel tank. and a few other minor things. and anything i find or do to it. i will update the auction. This is a sweet old classic guys. these are getting harder and harder to find. Especially intact. all original. and in RUNNING condition with a solid great body! Don't let this one get away. buy it today!We have set a "Buy it now" price. but we are open to ANY reasonable offers! We do prefer local pickup. but can help with any shipping arrangements you may have. Obviously we prefer you to come pick it up that way you can make your final judgement in person on its condition. Email us with ANY questions!!! Good luck and God Bless!