Lamborghini Diablo Roadster, Custom Round Tube Chassis, Vertical New V-8 Replica

1980 Lamborghini Diablo

Condition: Used
Make: Lamborghini
Model: Diablo
Year: 1980
Mileage: 125
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Miami, Florida, United States

Description for Lamborghini Diablo 1980

2018 Lamborghini Diablo Roadster Custom Tube Chassis New LS1 V-8 Vertically Mounted (Replica).

While being a former Lamborghini, Ferrari production car owner, has experienced me on what to expect from high end exotic cars, including performance, handling, high maintenance with very high labor and expensive parts if and when available.

This car has been built with higher standards, performance, handling priority and reliability, to perform as good as it looks but with low maintenance.

Many may think, why purchase a well built replica when you can purchase an original for another 150K.

Well the answer is easy as several original Lamborghini owners personally known to me have said, ( We have the original, but enjoy driving the well built replica, because they can be driven worry free in many aspects ). Reliability, no depreciation with miles, low maintenance, easily accessible and inexpensive parts. Of course this also depends on the quality of the build you compare it to.

There are many replicas out there, but few that can compare to this one.

BIG PLUS*******

This car was built so that even a TALL person 6 ft. 7 inches can drive it comfortably while maintaining the same exterior specs and dimensions of an original Diablo.

We have had 2 people 6, 4" and 6' 5" sit in the driver seat for sizing and were surprised that they were able to stretch there legs completely while sitting in driver seat with seat all the way back.

Try that on another replica or an original.

The Vertically mounted new crated LS1 engine from GM, has less than 150 miles on it. The LS1 has been mated to a completely rebuilt by Renegades Hybrids Porsche Trans axle, with all new Kevlar clutch assembly. The ECU has been upgraded with a chip and programing to put out about 400 HP on this engine. There are 2 new aluminum Griffin radiators mounted vertically behind the quarter fenders with dual fans on each that keep the engine running cool.

There has been a lot of pride taken in the process and labor to complete this project, especially in the custom round tube chassis with the all wheel adjustable coil over suspension. The rear adjustable coil over suspension are unique F1 style like suspension that are mounted horizontally. The Wilwood brake system work great! The cable shifter slides smoothly through the aluminum shift gate and gears. All of the VDO gauges mounted on a carbon fiber cluster panel are wired and functioning properly. All the lights, head lights, parking lights, turn signals, fog lights, wipers etc. are connected to switches and working properly.

We just changed the steering wheel to a OEM Diablo style. Horn works just as should.

The power windows, locks, remote window and door openers work properly. The Pioneer Stereo AVH-X7800BT with rear view camera works well and sounds great! All dash vents work properly.

The removable top easily mounts and fastens to the engine bonnet when desired.

The engine bonnet is equipped with a glass replacing the regular grill which is very unique allowing the showroom engine bay to be visible through the glass.

There are 4 resonators and inserts in the exhaust system after the heat wrapped headers that contribute to a higher pitch sound similar to an Italian car verses a typical V8 muscle car.

The wheels and tires are new. The all black genuine leather interior is also new.

This is a new built car. We just had the car Inspected and titled as a 2018, Red, make ASPT by the State of Florida DMV.
We have well over 125K invested in this car. There have been some very nice finished replica Diablo Roadsters for sale out there, with really nice interiors, most of them being stretched Fiero chassis with used engine mounted sideways and some with a V-12 engine cover, but few that have a new engine, or engine bay set up like this one.

Only those whom have engaged to a build of this standard would really appreciate the time and cost involved to get a car to this stage.

We know there are many similar replicas out there for a third of the price, and were able to build one for 30k years ago of a lower standard or grade, but back then the OEM cars were also selling for about 80 to 90K.

Now an OEM Roadster, are selling for 3 times that, 250 to over 300K.

This car has taken a long time to build. We have all documents and receipts to support the above stated.

Buyer is responsible for shipping.

A 500.00 Deposit is required via PayPal. The balance to be paid by cashiers check.

Vehicle will not be released until all funds have cleared.

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