Lancia Scorpion B Montecarlo

1976 Lancia Lancia Scorpion

Make: Lancia
Model: Lancia Scorpion
Type: Coupe
Year: 1976
Mileage: 75,083
VIN: 137AS0100879
Color: Silver
Engine: 4
Cylinders: 4
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Houston, Texas, United States

Description for Lancia Lancia Scorpion 1976

There are 2 Lancia Scorpions in this listing. Buy one and get the other for free.
This barn find (my dad's barn) has been stored for over 38 years in a not so great environment.
My father bought this vehicle with the intention of restoring but unfortunately it never happened and it has pretty much turned to sh*t. The first vehicle has been stored inside but the second one has not but has a complete motor and has heavy front end damage.
The wrecked Lancia Vin# 137AS0101713 was purchased by me at a salvage auction when I was in the auto parts business. What are the possibilities of finding one of these while owning another?
Well...a few weeks later the owner of the wrecked Lancia showed up at my office to look at his old car because he had been in the hospital from his injuries. Needless to say he and his girlfriend survived. He said she yelled at him to turn on the freeway off the feeder and in doing so hit a concrete pillar head-on. He informed me that he purchased this vehicle from the former astronaut Allen Shepherd.
I have a title for one of them (it is a good clean Georgia title) but cannot find the title for the wrecked one but will guarantee that I am the rightful legal owner and can provide you with a bill of sale. It probably has a salvage title anyway. The complete Lancia with title is full of rat droppings and has rust. I can send more detailed photos upon request.
These vehicles are a Pininfarina-designed rear-engine sports car that was produced from 1975 to 1981 and was called the Lancia Montecarlo in its native Europe. Chevrolet's Monte Carlo necessitated a name change when it came to the U.S. Lancias in general are relatively rare in America since seemingly none of them were designed to last six months past their production date. And I'd wager that with less than 8,000 built in total, the Scorpion is even rarer.
Contact me anytime and I will be more than happy to discuss.
Thanks for looking! Brian