1959 Land Rover Series II 88" Station wagon

1959 Land Rover Defender Series II 88"

Condition: Used
Make: Land Rover
Model: Defender
Trim: Series II 88"
Year: 1959
Mileage: 87,000
VIN: 144903001
Color: Marine Blue
Engine: 2.25L 4-cyl
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: 4WD
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Galt, California, United States

Description for Land Rover Defender 1959

1959 Land Rover Series II 88” Station wagon “Truckee”

I'm reluctantly listing my awesome 1959 Land Rover Series II 88", named "Truckee". It is a LHD station wagon model with rare optionaldeluxe “Tropical roof”, with skylight windows and sun shield. A California truck since new. Built May 25th, 1959 and shipped to the port of San Francisco then on to dealership in Northern California. Sales numbers for land Rover in the US in 1959 were very low, so it’s unique to find one that has spent its whole life here. This Rover spent almost its life in the Northern California Sierras, most recently in Truckee, CA. I am the third owner. It came new in factory Land Rover color“Marine Blue” (one of the best colors in my opinion). All of the interior paint is original from 1959 and has not been touched. Although it is worn in many places, it’s original and has great patina. At some point in its life, the exterior only was painted to another color, so the original paint color was matched and we repainted the exterior back to the original Marine blue. As not to stray from the aged look of the Rover, during the painting process, we useda flattening agent in the paint mix to dull the sheen of the newpaint. In researching the history of the Rover, we found that one of the previous owners used the Rover years ago for a river expedition company. So as homage to that history, the custom hand painted logos on the doors were added. The logos were meticulously painted and weathered to look appropriate to the age of the Rover.

The iconic Series II models were made from 1958 to 1961, with the introduction of the SIIA in 1962. This Rover is mostly stock and still retains many of its unique correct early Series II features such as front radiator valance, horn button on side bracket (not in center of steering wheel), bolted (not riveted) scuttle vents, and defroster vents. Some of the extra factory accessories include the deluxe "dished" bonnet (hood) with spare tire holder, spare tire holder on rear door, and very desirable Kodiak heater. The rare and desirable station wagon roof or "tropical" roofas some call it, is in great shape with factory skylight or "alpine" windows, sliding side windows, and working fresh air vents. The sun shield was stripped to bare aluminum and coated for a better look. The original headliner in the rear of the roof is still present and in good condition from 1959! The front small headliner above the cab was recovered at some point.

At the rear of the Rover is an added functional rear work light which is activated by a period style switch on the dash. Also as mentioned, the rear door has the factory optional second spare tire holder. All the lights are factory including the correct GLASS LUCAS lenses on the front. Headlights, blinkers, and brake lights all work perfectly. Interior dash lights work. However, front park lamps do not work (clear lenses). All the original exterior galvanized trim and capping is original and UNPAINTED as it should be!!! This truck also has the very rare one piece doors which I have heard was a North American / cold destination feature, but cannot confirm this. But I have owned over a dozen early Land Rovers and this is the only one I’ve ever seen with these doors. All glass is original and no major chips or cracks are present. Wheels are stock correct 16" and have the factory "off white" or crème colored paint. The tires are biased ply military style which I use on all my Rovers, and give the truck a great look. All mirrors, handles and trim are all correct for the truck.

The Rover has had minor rust repairs in its life in some common areas for these trucks. These areas include the passenger floor board well, and rear cross member. These were done using factory Rover parts and performed by professionals. There is no rust on the front cross members, outriggers, frame, or bulkhead exterior. There is a small rust issue in the driver’s side upper floor well behind the pedals. It is not holes, but chipping of the metal and should be noted. It was treated with rust prevention and coated with a thick bed liner type paint along with the other floor well. I have an OEM replacement foot well from Rovers North that will be included should someone decide to install it. There is also minor surface rust around some of the edges of the doors. This is caused by a chemical reaction when two forms of metal are bonded such as the steel framed Rover doors and aluminum outside skin. It is not serious but visible.

Under the hood, the motor is stock 2.25 liter petrol (gas) engine. The engine was replaced with a NOS Stock Land Rover engine purchased from a Land Rover dealer and installed by a Rover shop years back. Carb is period Zenith but uses a later style K&N air breather instead of old oil bath style. The radiator is the original and stamped “59” (see photos). It’s of course been serviced and treated. Oil filter is stock canister style as is fuel pump, etc.; recent work on the engine included servicing to the top end. This included resurfaced head, hardened valve seats, valve springs, new rollers, roller enclosures, new gaskets, water pump, hoses, valve adjustment, carb cleaning, intake and exhaust gaskets, and fluid replacements. Over the course of its life, this Rover has been maintained using all factory land rover parts and NOS parts. I have over $11,000 in receipts for maintenance and repairs over its life. I would venture to say that almost everything mechanical has been serviced or replaced on this Rover at some point in its life. These receipts will all be provided to new buyer.This Rover runs and drives as it should.The transmission works as it should, and 4 wheel drive all works as it should. I drove it just today in pouring rain. I common question I get is how fast will it go? There is a common misconception that series land rovers will only go 45 miles per hour. This is false. This Rover will drive comfortably at 55 miles per hour. I sometimes will do 60 but I try not to push it too hard. The top speed I would guess is around 70-75ish.

This is not a restored Land Rover, but it is an honest, genuinedriver.Like most old rovers, (especially 50 year old ones), this truck has many bumps and bruises, but this is what gives these iconic vehicle character! This is a great rare early Series II rover with a great look.I have added many vintage outdoor items and gear inside this truck for decoration. Also with this, I have added many period decals for such gear, which enhance the look and theme of this cool truck. These decals can be easily removed if desired. Some of items in the rear compartment are not included with sale.

Getting a genuine Series Land Rover…

I meet and talk to many first time land Rover owners interested in owning one of these great iconic vehicles for the first time. They are drawn (like I was) to its unique and “go anywhere” looks. I love to see these new people joining the Rover family. But, know what you’re buying. These are very primitive vehicles with no modern air conditioning, power windows, etc. They drive like a vintage off Road vehicle would expect to drive like. They are not fast, and don’t have the creature comforts of a modern Rover Discovery or range Rover. But if you can live without those things, you will fall in love with these great old Rovers as I have. I bought my first series Rover 10 years ago and have had the sickness since! But be leery of many crappy trucks out there!!! And I don’t mean crappy in the sense of looks. I mean ones that are poorly “restored” or claimed to be restored. I see many “dolled up” truck with a layers of bondo, incorrect parts, and spray painted galvanized trim. Nice restored trucks bring a premium and a correctly done truck will have a price that reflects that quality. A driver quality Rover is what mine is being offered as. Do not fooled with some so called "restored" trucks. Shiny and polished does not mean it’s right. I have seen many new Rover enthusiasts buying wrongly built, incorrect Series Rovers. With that being said, this Land Rover has been loved and enjoyed by its owners as it should be; myself included.It’s not a trailer queen, it doesn’t get waxed and tires Armor-alled. It has been used off road, driven in the snow, and has traversed some of California's most beautiful areas. These Rovers were not meant to be show cars and true Land Rover enthusiasts see the true beauty in that. Owning a series Land Rover is a way of life.

As interest in these great icons grows so does the market values.Series IIA and Series III trucks from the mid to late 1960's are getting hard to find, and pre 1960 ones areSCARCE!These iconic vehicles are so well loved by everyone. Features in movies, music,advertisements for many popular brands of outdoor gear, and ownership by famous people are all driving the collectibility of these vehicles higher. These great vehicles are an investment that can be enjoyed. Whether you want to use to go on family outings, camping trips, or just to look cool running to the local Starbucks and back, you can’t find a much cooler vehicle in my opinion. I’m only offering Truckee for sale because I have two other Series Rovers already and sadlyI just can’t drive them all. I’ve come to the conclusion that Truckee needs to go to a new loving home. If you've always wanted an old Land Rover this is your chance to get a good sorted truck with a good history for less than current market values.

My auction reserve is less than any other Rover of comparable value is listed for. The Rover has current California title in my name, registered and insured. I also have Birth Certificate from Land Rover which will be included with sale. I will be posting a video walk around link to YouTube soon.I encourage any potential buyers to contact me byphone or email to discuss theRover.Email me for my phone number. I am located in Northern California about 30 minutes south of Sacramento,CA. I would be happy to make an appointmentfor you to see the truck in person before bidding.Clean CA title and registration in hand, and insurance. I can also assist with arrangingshipping anywhere in the US, or possible delivery for an extra fee within 400 miles of Sacramento. Thanks so much for your interest. Rover on!

**I have a huge photo album of dozens of more pictures available on my photobucket account I will gladly email to any prospective buyers. Please ask**

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Picture to left above is of all the $11,000+ dollars in receipts since new.

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