1988 Land Rover Range Rover County

Condition: Used
Make: Land Rover
Model: Range Rover
Type: SUV
Trim: County
Year: 1988
Mileage: 68,000
VIN: SALHV1146JA331102
Color: White
Engine: 4.6L
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Gray
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Beverly Hills, California, United States
Air Conditioning, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
4-Wheel Drive, CD Player, Sunroof

Description for Land Rover Range Rover 1988

Premier NAS 88 Range Rover Classic

68K Miles!!!

No Reserve!!!


This 88 is assuredly one of the last of its kind, seemingly frozen in true time-warp status with fantastic mileage, pedigree, upgrades and service that simply cannot be beat. Suited to the tastes of the European gentleman who previously owned her, she does a remarkable job of capturing the styling pathos of Mediterranean-bound summer vehicles. Beyond that, there is no question about the power added from a 4.6L conversion – let alone a newly fitted crate motor with only 8K miles on it! In my opinion, it’s the motor that every Rover should have had in the first place… but fitted to a SWB RRC? It makes the drive a thrill ride. Read on and explore the details of this one of a kind truck – you won’t want to miss out!

Service History and Maintenance Profile:

Many of you know I Race these trucks. Well – it’s always a joy of mine to hear about a 4.6L converted truck. All the power you get – making any sluggish 6000lb Rover heft a non issue – is the only way to fly. If you haven’t experienced one… here’s your chance to see one at its best.

· Newly fitted Crate Motor from AB (8K mi on the motor) – Includes crank and bearing service, new cam and gears, lifters, serviced heads, serviced block (crack check and surface), pistons and ring service, complete head gasket Service – Including New Genuine headgaskets, exhaust gaskets, intake gasket, valve cover gaskets and down pipe gaskets and upper plenum reseal. $7000 Value (motor) appx. $1500 fitted cost.

· 30K mile interval service – Including Renewal of engine oil and filter, Transmission Service, Transfer-Case Service, Differential Service, Swivel Hub Service, Driveshaft Service, renewal of air cleaner element, fuel filter, distributor cap, rotor, amp, spark plug wires, & spark plugs. $895 Value.

· Cooling system overhaul including cored radiator, thermostat, waterpump and fan clutch. Coolant flush and renewal is included. $850 Value.

· Brand New Genuine Pads and Rotors fitted. $1400 Value.

· Wood & Pickett Inspired Interior Restoration $3500 appx Value.

· Newly Painted exterior $2500 appx Value.

· Brand New Fuel pump and sender. $500 Value.

· AC System Service. $450 Value

· Brand New Headliner, rear upper quarter panels & Concourse Detail prep. $950

· Clean Title/Current Reg/Outstanding Carfax History

The Drive:

She fires right up and there’s no mistaking the power that’s now at your fingertips. Just standing still in “Park,” there is a pulse and a heartbeat there that you just don’t get with any other motor. Put her in “Drive” and you’re off. From stop light to stop light, you feel more like you’re in a sprint car than anything else. Get her on the freeway and that’s where she really shows her mettle. The climb up and over the 405 between Bel Aire and the Getty Center is a mean one. This thing rockets up and over… with ferocious acceleration. On that note, a vehicle like this will also strut its stuff packed with gear. Any stock motor in a stock truck will tend to feel the added load of gear. A 4.6L converted Rover will laugh in the face of almost anything you throw at it or in it. There are no ticks or knocks. No oil pressure issues. No overheating. No leaks. And why go 4.6L in the first place with such a low mile motor? Well, if it were a 4.2 I would have imagined it would have been left alone. The 3.5’s, even the best of them, were all anemic. So at 60K miles, when faced with the factory recommended time to service the cooling system, this was the moment for an upgrade to be seized.

Adding to the spirited drive of this truck is the low mileage tranny – shift points are virtually undetectable. She shifts aggressively and smoothly with no slap or whines on the upshift or downshift. The LT230 is something of a bonus here, too. The more desirable of the 2 RRC transfer cases, its gear driven, making it virtually indestructible; and allows for driver input when selecting the center locking differential. Which, I may add, works perfect.

Braking performance is outstanding. Tons of pressure at the pedal and with every hour put on the new hardware the bite is more and more sure of itself.

The coil sprung suspension is the original and is totally plush. Power steering is quiet and effortless and around town, corner to corner it’s an excellent drive. Blasting onto the freeways is always a treat in a 4.6L converted truck and she is well mannered through 75mph. In my opinion, there is room for improvement at 80mph and beyond as the tie rods, track rods and drag links are original. Why haven’t I changed them? Its certainly easy enough, but I suspect given the 4.6L powerhouse, non-abs system and originally fitted LT230, this truck may evolve into an overlander… at which time the new owner will probably move towards heavy duty links and joints anyway.

The exhaust is original from y-pipe cats to mid cat. There is a newly fitted cat back pipe to resonator. There are no exhaust rattles or clunks of any kind and no exhaust smells.

Creature comforts are still there in full force – the AC is great and the heat is too. Power seats work perfect. Power windows work fast, the driver’s window will slow or stop from time to time and takes a rocking of the switch back and forth to get her to raise completely. The moon roof was not working when I got my hands on her, I replaced the motor and that brought the system back to life. Additionally, I had the tracks lubed and aligned when having the new headliner fitted. Every now and then she will also require a rocking back and forth of the moonroof switch to slide all the way back. Typically, this symptom isn’t an electrical fault, its just the age of the original moon roof construction and is one of those live-with-it 87/88 issues. Power door locks don’t work, but the key-in all doors (LH, RH, Rear upper tailgate) all work. Passenger doors are the reach-through unlock variety and all handles work excellent. The instrument cluster works – gauges are accurate. Speedometer has the typical bounce up under acceleration. The tach is mostly accurate and occasionally requires some… encouragement… from the backside of your hand to liven up. The odometer works and the trip meter does too. I have lubricated the drive cable with graphite drops.

The Look:

She is just about as fun to look at as she is to drive! While the notion of a luxury SUV was still being developed in the 80’s, there were various aftermarket companies driving the experiments to determine what was actually a “luxury” feature. Wood & Pickett was one such firm and it is after their original designs that this interior was redone. The diamond checked stitch pattern and chosen color are period correct and absolutely make her appear to have jumped out of a 1970’s magazine advert. The bonnet mounted mirrors add to the retro inspired feel as does the deletion of the door and waterline mouldings – the exposed door hinges are also distinctive to the year and add to its historic feel. As for the rear view mirrors, there are 4 highlighted pictures showing the frame of reference from the drivers position. One set of pictures at a stand-still by the lake, and the other set illustrating what it looks like whilst parallel parking. There is a small period of adjustment for those used to the door mounted rear views. But the bonnet mounted mirrors puts you in the driver’s seat of that true old-school heritage Rover feel.

The seats were reconstructed with new cores and seating surfaces. They are WONDERFULLY soft. The carpets are clean and smooth. The interior plastics are in near miraculous condition and the center console is by far one of the most impressive time warp features of the truck. The loadspace cover was re-felted in a near perfect factory color and a brand new set of GENUINE Range Rover all weather mats were fitted to keep the interior clean no matter what old man winter has in store for you.

The overall feel is truly one of vintage luxury made new. It is completely unique and adds to the distinctive upgrades otherwise added to the vehicle. Always a non-smoker car, she’s clean and bright all the way around and the interior feels and smells fresh and open.

Michelin 235/75/16 tires were fitted – all D1 stock size spares. They offer that original go anywhere stock Rover look but also give a bit more lateral stability than the XMS tires it rolled off the boat with. Brand new RRC centercaps were fitted and it completes the picture of an otherwise time warp truck.

A nice bit of original kit here are the stock full-zized spare, the original tool kit, the original owners manual, and a nice magazine advert from 1988 showing a white RRC descending Black Bear Pass into Telluride.

As with any pleasure vehicle, they are judged by the smile they put on your face. This vehicle does just that. She is a pleasure to look at and discover that true sense of 4x4 heritage… and of course… the key is also how she feels when you push the accelerator. The vroom you get is more than enough to make the enthusiast in all of us grin and want more!

Purchasing, Perspective & Why Buy From Me:

Please read my outstanding feedback from folks like you! No one sends off a Land Rover or Range Rover better than me, PERIOD. It’s the vehicle I drive, and the vehicle I RACE. Nearly two decades of Rover ownership and service are poured into every Rover that I see into new hands.

The commitment to service here is a commitment to my own passion and to a shared bond between enthusiasts. You won’t find that anyplace else – although more and more of late, many try to copy. Beware of any vintage Rover that does not share the same service points as the ones I list here with my collection. I am not a Land Rover tech that drives home in a Honda Civic. I come from a long line of British Car technicians and Live, Breathe and even RACE the green oval. I understand ALL of your concerns and needs and do my best to ensure that you will be happy based on a simple, yet powerful concept: DOES THIS VEHICLE MAKE ME HAPPY? WOULD I PUT MY FAMILY IN IT? WOULD I LOVE TO HAVE IT? The answer is always yes. And that’s when I know they are ready. I care. I know you do, too.

To that point - watch out for my copy cats. It has come to my attention that people claim they work with/partner with me. This is not true. If you aren’t buying one from me… its, well, NOT from me!!!


New cars have warranties because… new cars break! What lines the service bays of Rover dealerships around the world? I’m willing to bet a lot of you know! While I am VERY proud of each and every Rover that I hand select and hand-craft, the vast majority of them are 20+ years old. As amazing as all of them are, i wouldnt ever say any of them are "perfect." None of them are and I have only used the term museum piece ONCE – and I am well aware of the qualifiers for that monicker. These trucks, as refreshed as they are, are assemblies of new parts, used parts, remanufactured parts and ORIGINAL parts. They are all, to quote a mentor of mine: “Ships of Theseus.”

With each and every listing, i try to capture the flavor of what strikes me about each vehicle. I try to capture their essence. I try to make the description feel like a conversation between you and I, or even a phone call. Covering the general and intimate details that stand out to me. That said, we all know that while they are all Rovers, all made in the same place, each one is different.

It is not possible to discuss every nut and bolt, but I have done my best to list and discuss what would matter to ME. Let me know what matters TO YOU. If you feel like I have passed by something, I hope that it’s evident I have no problems with expounding on details. While she may soon be “new to you” she is “not new” and you should be prepared for all that is involved with owning a used vehicle. She is sold as-is without warranty or exception and there are no refunds. That said, there are not any GROSS ISSUES that concern me about her overall reliability, cosmetics and functionality. I invite you to ask ANY AND ALL QUESTIONS NOW!


Your satisfaction is the goal here. Additionally, eBay offers a 3rd party inspection service to verify ALL of your acquisition needs IN PERSON. In fact, I would insist, pending any substantial investment that this service be taken seriously. Purchase of the vehicle = SATISFACTION. Once this auction is over, the winning bid and purchase imply that satisfaction has been achieved and will be understood as such.

This is a NO RESERVE AUCTION so you are bidding to win! Please make sure that you bid ONLY what you are prepared to pay. This means, when the auction is over, and the winning bid is placed, this becomes THE SALE PRICE of the vehicle. Under no circumstances does it open the door to negotiate or back out of your commitment. The people bidding for this vehicle actually want it. Do not spoil their chances at ownership by arm-chair bidding. Yes, everyone joins eBay at some point, and there is no prejudice against lower transaction numbers here – HOWEVER – if I suspect and/or become aware of any insincerity on the part of said bidder, I reserve the right to cancel all bids from and block that insincere bidder from this auction.

Completion of this transaction is fairly straight forward. Once the auction is over, I will be contacting the winner immediately and we can discuss sending ownership materials and payment. The time to understand your states “out of state” registration process is now. Nothing is more of a buzz kill than getting your dream truck delivered, and then being informed that you needed to have out of state vehicle transfer form 247-1 stamped and notarized on a full moon 3 months prior etc etc etc… Lets figure out what you need now!

Who is this truck for?

She undeniably calls to those of us looking for a departure from the norm. Whether as your first taste of green, or as a prized addition to a collection, she will give you just that. Built to honor RRC heritage with a view to all the performance available from later years, you get the best of both possible wish-lists wrapped up in one package. She has been a pleasure to drive while I’ve had her and I know that the love affair will begin for you within the first few seconds! This is a great opportunity to get a lovely, low-mileage, upgraded RRC that will not only set you apart from the pack, it will also keep you ahead of it!!! Good luck, happy bidding, and as always, HAPPY ROVERING!!!