1966 Land Rover Series IIA 88" Ex Military?

Condition: Used
Make: Land Rover
Model: Series IIA 88" Ex Military?
SubModel: Pick up 4x4 88" wheelbase
Type: soft top pick up 4x4
Year: 1966
Mileage: 71,640
VIN: 141001569
Color: British Racing Green
Engine: 4 cyl 2286 cc
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Black
Drive side: Right-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Bellvue, Colorado, United States
4-Wheel Drive, Convertible

Description for Land Rover Series IIA 88" Ex Military? 1966

Just an FYI,I am a mechanical engineer (retired) but I amnot a mechanic so any conclusions or statements concerning its mechanical condition are from a non previous Rover owner and non mechanicand should be taken as such. I have owned hundreds of cars and currently have about a dozen runners, I am an honest seller and the vehicle's description is as accurate and honest as I can make it. I purchased this Right Hand Drive 1966 Land Rover Series IIA 88" wheelbase a few years ago and used it for awhile, but it isn't a vehicle for someone 6'1" and that's why I'm reselling it, I just dont fit in it well, its not comfortable for me. So now is your opportunity to either buy a vehicle that will go anywhere and have fun or restore it and make some money. What they say about Rovers being able to go any place is as true as I have been able to determine, it went everywhere I wanted to go with no complaints or problems. However, it was not abused or taken anywhere damage could have occurred. So now its been sitting here in CO a few years and now itwill not run. There is spark at the plugs, there is fuel getting to the carb by the fuel line and it will run a bit when you throw some gas into the carb but it will not stay lit. I am pretty certain it just needs a carb rebuild to be good to go, not an expensive requirement. You know howquickly older 4x4s like Broncos, FJs, Blazers, C10 trucks (really? why??) etc are appreciating so buying this one and restoring it to top condition should net someone a good bit of money. Or just rebuild the carb, put some tubes in the tires and have a blast!!

To show the car has been restored I have a photo of the vehicle in primer, pic has the same later model Rover wheels as the car wears now. Sometime along this little vehicles life someone wanted wider rubber, so nowit has 7x16 Rover wheels, see the photo with the cast in specs,vehicle also hasFirestone Wilderness tires sized 255/70-16 tires which should probably be replaced, some of them haveminor sun cracking. Or you can just put some tubes in the tires, I have done that with an old tractor that sits outside all the time. Even tho its not running, the important thing isall 4cylinder's compression is within 10% of each other. The actual values are not that impressive at around 85 psi but they are being measured at an elevation of 7500 feet, where I live in the foothills west of Fort Collins, CO. So you should add something like 25-30% to get the sea level values. The paint is chipping here and there and the aluminum body is wavy, like all of them. Previous owner claims he owned it for 14 years or so and only drove it about 50 miles, so it has mostlyjust sat for the last 20 or so years. I have a copy of a British export document with some info on iits former life as follows:
Date of first registration: 01/02/78, and since it is certified manufactured in 1966 and the notes on the certificate of permanent export declares it was "Previously registered and/or used prior to date of registration shown". Declared manufactured 1966 and the date of acquisition is stated as 22/03/97 this seems to add some validity to the importing person's statement that is was previously some sort ofmilitary variant. Yet if it was used in the UK for 12 years it should have some rust, but I can detect no rust thru problems, not even with an ice pick prodding the frame rails, etc. See the three underside pics and you can seeunder the flaking undercoat it has shiny black paint, probably original. Amazing!! Engine capacity is stated as 2286cc and engine number is 151025685Cwith theVINof 141001569, The Registration number (plates) in the UK was JJ0511S, also shown on a photo of the car in camouflage paint I have. Onephoto of the vehicle in camo has that number on the rear, again indicating it probably was a military vehicle. Theodometer shows71,640 miles. The color listed is green. So I have some confidence this was a military vehicle. For further confirmation take a look at the strange items on the left rear, what looks like a large fuel cap is painted in place, cannot budge it, but it doesn't look like a civilian appendage to me. However, Ifreely admit I amNOT a Rover expert and have no way of confirming it was a military vehicle.
The original "keeper" (not owner) was a Mr. T. Gregg whose address listedwas Avon 4x4 (so he was a dealer) and the address was Green Tree Farm, Pucklechurch, Bristol. So, prospective new owner, if you are just going to rebuild the carb and enjoy it you're looking at a real bargain here, but if you're going to restore it you will at least need a new top. It had one when I bought it but it wasn't in great shape and the Colorado sun and winds here in the foothills took care of destroying it the rest of the way, so its worn a tarp ever since. Could usesome partial paint work since its chipping off in places and the whole "truck bed" has nearly no paint at all, but its aluminum so no corrosion.It also hastwo cool and removablefolding seats to holdmorepeople, maybe small people. They are lacking one seat cushion, but since there is one there it can be easily duplicated by any upholstery shop.A newcanvasor fabric top can be had with or without side windows from a company called Rovers North, Inc in VT for only about $450 and since its just tied on anyone should be able to install it themselves. All of the framework, etc is included for the soft top which extends over the top of the cockpit,framework can be seen in some of the pictures.
The overall condition of the interior isvery good and should need nothing unless you are doing a full restoration. It even has carpets which I doubt were original, they dont have much wear either. So what we have here could be an ex military Rover that has been restored once or maybe more for all I know thatneeds a carb rebuild and maybe a set of tires, altho you can just put some tubes in the old ones, I have done that with a tractor that sits outside all the time. Previous owner says he replaced all the brake cylinders and master cylinder but no paperwork was included to verify. PO also says that his previous owner had an overdrive upgrade and new clutch and trans installed, but again no paperwork to verify.
This is the first and only Range Rover I have owned and I am impressed by the simplicity and good engineering exhibited by the vehicle. Should have a lot of life left in her given the right owner who will give it the little attention it requires
So, if you are going to bid you must have a feedback score of at leastsome positives or contact me for some form of verification that you are a legitimate buyer.I would ratherbe friendly when this is all over, so if you dont have the funds, DO NOT BID.I haveplenty of legal recourse that I do NOT want to have to use, so have the cash or DO NOT BID! I have sold several cars on ebay over the two decades that I have been a member without a single negative, complaint or return. If you have any questions at all ask them before bidding as the car is sold as is where is. There is no warranty whatsoever, not granted, not implied, not even hinted at. Car is yours as is where is, come and see it if you wish orare able tobut no matter whatthere are no returns. Payment may be made by bank wire transfer or cash in hand, nothing else will be accepted, no paper anything, no checks, bank checks, certified checks, grandmothers jewels, nothing other than a bank wire or cash, period.
Transport is the sole responsibility of the buyer but I will help if I can. BTW, driving a right hand drive car in our left hand drive world is fun, especiallydrivingalone, people always looking for the driver on the wrong side. You will enjoy this car in every environ, so good luck on your bidding and buying.