1991 Land Rover Defender "Spectre" tribute PROJECT

1980 Land Rover Defender

Make: Land Rover
Model: Defender
Year: 1980
Mileage: 999999
VIN: 8137278737
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Lakeland, Florida, United States

Description for Land Rover Defender 1980

1991 Land Rover Defender110 body, Crew Cab styleSeveral accessories and upgrades added to make a Spectre looking truckVehicle does not run.
Dash and instrument cluster have been removed and the harness is a mess. I don't know if it's all there, but there are a lot of similar or same colored wires that are not labeled. So no promises.
Chassis appears to be pretty decent.Body is also pretty decent, there is some filler in the quarter panels, some body work done on the doors and fenders, but pretty solid. Roof has a lot of filler in it, I would strip it down and redo it. It has a black vinyl wrap and we've removed part of it to examine the body panels.
The interior is mostly complete and most of it's new.
We are a shop that builds Defenders but we're too busy to work on this one, it's more of a project than I want to get involvedwith. A buyer will need to pay a $1000 deposit through paypal within 24 hours, and pay in full within 7 days and remove the truck or arrange transport within 10 days.
Overall, there are a lot of components here to make a nice truck, but it needs a lot of work. I don't want anyone to look at the pictures and think they're going to bring a few tools and drive it home, bring a trailer!
I've had a lot of questions about if it runs and drives, no it does not. Please read the listing above. The engine looks like it would need a lot of work and the wiring in the dash is unhooked at best, missing and cut up at worst. Please expect to have to put a lot of work into this truck, however you can see what it will look like when done and it will be worth more than double what I'm asking. So this is not a steal, it's a deal - for those that can do the work.
In the photos, the ones that look good are "before" pics, the ones that don't look good are the "current" pictures. It's up to you to get it to the "after" state. Someone apparently tried to hot-wire the truck, broke the ignition switch (new one included), messed up a bunch of wires and it's sat for at least 15-18 months without running. Again, this is a great project for someone, I just have too many other trucks for customers that are in front of the line.