1979 Mark V Shiny Black Original Lincoln Continental SURVIVOR 1 OWNER $2 TITLE

1979 Lincoln Mark Series 2 Door Coupe

Make: Lincoln
Model: Mark Series
SubModel: Mark V of Mark Series
Type: 2 Door
Trim: 2 Door Coupe
Year: 1979
Mileage: 116,860
VIN: 9Y89S686816
Color: Black with White Landau Top
Engine: 400 CID 2V V-8
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Gray and BLACK
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Medford, Oregon, United States
CB Stock Radio High Tech Interaction with 8 track/, Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Original Factory 8 Track Player, Quadrasonic 8-track tape player, Electronic Foot Pedal Controls the 8 Track, Sunroof

Description for Lincoln Mark Series 1979

1979 UNRESTORED Black MARK V Lincoln Continental Mark Series 2 Door Coupe Classic Car - Moonroof and White Landau Top, Black Leather Door Panels, Black Dash and Headliner and Black Carpet with Grey Seats and Factory Upgraded Electronic Foot Controlled 8 Track player. The Interior is all Black Except the Seats are Grey with Black Pinstripes. Classic PLUSH.
Drive the largest American classic car ever built for a fraction of what a new Lincoln Continental would cost...and in reality, cheaper to maintain.Presenting the "Big and Beautiful Black Betty"
(Don't Skim any of these important facts below. I will now reveal the detailed condition of my Gorgeous "Black Betty")
1979 Black MARK V Lincoln Continental Mark Series Classic Car.A TRUE Survivor in Original and Wonderful Condition. A Real Head Turner.I bought this Lincoln as an investment to sell and I put it off this past year while building my house. I am Motivated to sell now, due to costly monthly storage fees....and cash needed for final home build details in order to sell home.Therefore I am auctioning to highest bidder instead of waiting for the price she deserves.
I Have the original (clean), ONE OWNER title issued for $2 in 1979 isin the first and only registered owner's name; Additionally I have the original license plate frame from the 1979 dealership this one owner also owned. (Cadillac Lincoln dealership where in 1979 he purchased the car from his own dealership). I returned the personalized license plate that simply said "OR" to the family for a keepsake they wanted badly. And yes, so did I.Updated in first 20 hours of auction: I now believe the Lincoln's miles to be 116,680, due to wear on brake and gas pedal discovered after advise from classic car professional.Originally, I was told by a mechanic at a PRO shop (on the day I bought it as a fun investment), that according to his knowledge, he believed the odometer reading of 16,500 to be a true reading.It was easy to believe because:
  • The Mark V had been garaged it's entire lifetime since 1979 in the comfort of a large, 24/7 climate controlled, uncrowded warehouse up to when it was offered to me. (I have garaged 24/7 since bringing the car to Medford OR to sell)
  • Perfectly straight, heavy gauged, SLEEK body showing off it's sharp, uninterrupted flawless edges. Not one dent or scratch can I find on the skin. some very fine pin size road wear behind tires as in any driven car.
  • Original blue Ford valve covers and oil pan. All under hood appears to be original, except some new hoses. see under hood pictures.
  • Excellent over all interior condition.
  • Excellent over all exterior condition.
  • Hide-away headlights very nice condition, sometimes called pop-up headlights.
  • Under belly is black and no sign of any rust. It looks good under there, but too dark for pix after putting the Mark V away. (forgot to take pix underneath while shooting pix outside storage garage.)
  • Phenomenal shine potential (as seen in first 2 pix after pro wax, buff and detail.)
  • All dashboard; top, instrument panel, radio, bezel, etc. is absolutely immaculate. NO marks can be found on dash including all instruments, knobs, levers, trim, buttons, including ALL chrome and stainless steel parts that are in the dashboard down to the thinest pieces of trim. Nothing is warped or bent or scraped or or even scratched that I can see. I sit and gaze in a breathless stupor while polishing the dash.
  • All lenses in speedometer, clock, radio, etc. are crystal clear finding NO dust or dirt behind the lenses either. The lenses have apparently NEVER been cleaned with the wrong product
  • Seat fabric is gray with black pin stripes even in texture and even color through out (soft greywith NO visible wear. Both front and back seats match perfectly in shade of color. Brighter color you see here in seat images is closest to real color.
  • Seats sit straight and erect with NO sign of breakdown in cushion material beneath the fabric.
  • No marks on backs of either seat. Nice and even. I show one in pix, but both are same.
  • Headliner is in immaculate condition firmly set with NO sag NO rips, NO burns.
  • Unique 36 oz. Black Carpeting (twice as thick as that used in other Lincolns.)
  • The black leather door panels have NO flaws. I show one in pictures, but both are same.
  • Carlite glass and is in incredible original condition.NO cracks or chips anywhere. Clear vision looking through. NO haze.rich greentintfound in the quality original Carlite glass. Windshield also great condition.
  • Every interior gadget and gauge including radio and antenna appears in great condition to me.
  • All electronics and gadgets worked when I checked them one by one.
  • NO missing, bent or chipped parts anywhere in the car.
  • Beautiful Moonroof. Looks solid and tight from every angle. Seal/gasket around it is healthy looking and feels the right soft texture you want for the perfect flexibility required to do its job preventing leaks.
  • The weatherstripping around doors is also impressively preserved.
  • The fuzzy glass/window channels that guide the windows up and down are firmly set with NO wear shown. All window assemblies seem to be tight and operating effortlessly. Automatic window motors operating 100% smooth and no delay.
  • All mirrors look great.
  • The chrome mirror base casings areclean and feel solid when adjusting by hand. The mirrors sit firmly and flush in the chrome casings.
  • Factory turbine mag wheels with chrome caps. (not currently detailed by pro.)
  • Apparently Non-Smoking car.
  • Apparently Non-Pet car.
  • 3 speed automatic transmission worked flawlessly on my 150 mile road trip home with it on day of pick-up and 3 cross town trips since.
  • The Factory CB radio works with electronic stereo.If you're listening to music and the CB together, the music will play on all four speakers, then switch to the rear speakers only when somebody calls on the CB. The CB call is then played on just the front speakers.
  • The continental's 8 Track searchable radio was the most expensive radio option available for the Mark V in 1979.
  • Ford's new in 1979, top-of-the-line Electronic AM/FM Stereo Search Radio with Quadrasonic 8-track tape player, a floor-mounted foot-switch (inboard of the physically identical floor-mounted headlamp dimmer switch), which would allow the driver to left-foot-tap the switch to scan radio stations or advance tracks on the 8-track player, without having to take their hands off the steering wheel. Is RARE I'm told. It was almost $500 for this upgrade back in '79.
  • NO dents, creases, scrapes or scratches found on body metal.
  • Chrome is in sweet shape too. NO dents, dings. Just one small scrape on driver side back bumper. Chrome poem: Shines fine.
  • The trunk is very clean and carpet is an even grey color, NO spills or stains or tears.
  • Tires are not new, but have plenty tread for many more miles. All whitewall but one.
  • This sweetheart "Black Betty" was owned/maintained/pampered and loved by one continuously registered owner, (a millionaire Lincoln dealership and grocery chain business owner) from 1979 until his recent passing. I since,have garaged it in enclosed automobile storage for almost a year to date without driving it more than 4 times cross town. I have kept gas clean by starting it periodically...and it starts instantly. I wanted to keep the title in original owners name for added value for my buyer. Costly storage.
  • Owner's/Dealership past maintenance records are not locatable due to dealership closing and owner passing. No one knew where he kept these records but him.
WHY AM I SELLING? I purchased the car as an investment, got busy building a home while the car hibernated in this past year in the safety of an enclosed car storage unit, meanwhile I have periodically started her to keep the gas clean and drove her 4 times.This 79 Lincoln Continental Mark V of the famous Mark Series is like a dream boat to drive on the freeway. But if you don't want people to rubber neck...don't drive this car. Just purchase it for an investment. Because Lincoln Mark V Series models have been rising rapidly in value recently, especially the 1979 year, being the longest and slickest car ever produced in the US you can be confident your money will be well spent, whether you enjoy it and drive it daily; just gaze upon her beauty, or if you buy it for a future investment and garage it as it has been for many years. Since1979 was the last year of production for the Mark V Series Continental and the longest car ever built in the USA, it has become the most sought after year of the Mark V, especially in black.All that weight, the long wheelbase and sound deadening interior space combined to make for a very plush ride and air tight driving compartment.
Without question, the Lincoln Continental Mark V's were one of the most desirable and most wanted American personal luxury cars ever made. And rightly so. The elegant design of these Mark Series cars has challenged the years, and they still turn as many heads today as they did when they were new...(actually MORE.) The final opportunity to purchase a vehicle of this size came in 1979. Quite simply, they were the most beautiful automobiles in America. (paraphrased from carfolio article)And may I the seller, add myself...being that 1979 was the last year available, has added more to the value and desirability every year recently. The '79 Mark V, being a 2-door coupe, has always given me the impression that this car is not only a prestigiously ominous luxury car, but, also imparts the vision of a sophisticatedsports car with a colossal presence...Just sayin'...to me, the look lends an indescribable sense of being set apart in a most unusual fashion. The Mark V, 1979 in particular, will never come around again in the future of this world. Own one now before they all slip out of your price range.
Specifications below for 1979 Mark V Lincoln Continental can be found at carfolio.com, where I copied and pasted their general 1979 Mark V data with permission.
LINCOLNCONTINENTAL MARK V,1979bodyworkbody typenumber of doorsdesignerdimensions & weightswheelbasetrack/tread (front)track/tread (rear)lengthwidthheightground clearancelength:wheelbase ratiokerb weightweight distributionfuel tank capacityaerodynamicsdrag coefficientfrontal areacdaengineengine typeengine manufacturerengine codecylinderscapacitybore×strokebore/stroke ratiomaximum power output
(din)specific output
(din)maximum torque
(din)specific torque
(din)engine constructionsumpcompression ratiofuel systembmep (brake mean effective pressure)maximum rpmcrankshaft bearingsengine coolantunitary capacityaspirationcompressorintercoolercatalytic converterperformanceacceleration 0-80km/h (50mph)acceleration 0-60mphacceleration 0-100km/hacceleration 0-160km/h (100mph)standing quarter-milestanding kilometremaximum speedpower-to-weight ratioweight-to-power ratiofuel consumptionfuel consumptionuniversal consumption (calculated from the above)litres per 100kmkm per litreuk mpgus mpgcarbon dioxide emissionscarfolio calculatedco2?ved band (uk)co2effizienz (de)chassisengine positionengine layoutdrive wheelstorque splitsteeringturns lock-to-lockturning circlefront suspensionrear suspensionwheel size frontwheel size reartyres fronttyres rearbrakes f/rfront brake diameterrear brake diametergearboxtop gear ratiofinal drive ratiogeneralcarfolio.com idproduction totalmodel codemodel familyracratinginsurance classificationtax band
4/5 seater fixed-head coupé
95 litres20.9 UKGal25.1 USGal
naturally aspirated petrol
V 8in 90° vee
6.6 litre
(402.146cu in)
101.6 × 101.6mm
4 × 4in
overhead valve(OHV)
2 valves per cylinder
16 valves in total
161PS(159bhp) (119kW)
at 3400rpm
0.4bhp/cu in
427Nm(315ft·lb) (43.5kgm)
at 1800rpm
cast iron block & head
wet sumped
1 Fo 2150A 9510 D9VE-LB carb
rear wheel drive
recirculating ball
6 x 15
6 x 15
225 x 15
225 x 15
3 speed automatic
No information available
No information available
1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V
Update FEB 2017: I just discovered 3 very minor flaws while detailing the Black Beauty. 1. About 2 inch length of rubber that lays atop the back bumper is started to lift just slightly. 2. CHROME TRIM under passenger door has a minor scrape NOT effecting body whatsoever and somewhat hidden, so I had not notice it. 3. About one inch tear (in otherwise perfect carpet) under dash at drivers side (you can see in picture that shows the tear barely noticeable under emergency brake pedal.)There is a very small scrap about 1 inch on the back bumper chrome.
If you want more pictures sent to E-bay email of any of these items, just ask.
I will help to find shipper if needed. Buyer must pay for shipping.
DMV Responsibilities: Buyer will ONLY be responsible for the
fee totransfer ownership of TITLE.(and out of state transfer fees if any.)
Thank you for LOOKING at my gorgeous "Black Betty." She is one of the few "Survivors" in this beautiful, awe inspiring condition still remaining of the 1979 Mark V Series Lincoln Continental cars.

Drive "Black Betty" for half the price of her value and step up and out in style within the next 7 days...in a shiny BLACK Lincoln Mark V Series 2 Door Coupe classic continental.