1966 Lincoln Continental Convertible, triple white, California big project

1966 Lincoln Continental

Make: Lincoln
Model: Continental
Year: 1966
Mileage: 43222
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Hayward, California, United States

Description for Lincoln Continental 1966

The old lady in the mansion would never sell this car. I had asked 4 years prior and then the advert came up on the local buy/sell. It was the contractor who had run the ad and I still had to pass the interview process with the old woman owner. She had said the only person who could have the old Linc would be someone who could make a hydrogen powered vehicle out of it. A beautiful thought, however misdirected as could be. The time had come when these musings would have to be discarded as the city had condemned the ramshackle garage. It was crumbling onto the sidewalk and passerbys were vulnerable to the detritus. Me and my merry comrades delighted in removing the Conti from its long slumber and now we present it to you. There is not much to present however as the years have been hard on the triple white ragtop. The restoration process will be long and tedious however the end result will be equally glorious. At the end of the tunnel, when you bring the gleaming car into the light, you will have transformed this uncut gem into a proud piece. $50grand, if you have performed the task well. Can you make the cut? The trunk was inaccessible to us even after watching the youtube footie of jumping the relays behind the rear seat. Power is getting to the relay as witnessed by the sparks flying out. This trunk will be your sweet surprisee as it may hold millions of gold pieces, or not. The title has been slightlyy delayed as it came back as a Cadillac which was not ok. The registration pro that we use assured us it will be back within 72 hours with correction to Lincoln. Shipping is readily available and please resist low offers. The big white Conti with the suicide doors can wait for the right fellow, is it you? Harris