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Lotus 7 / Locost 7 / Super Seven with Yamaha R1 Power

1960 Lotus Super Seven

Make: Lotus
Model: Super Seven
Type: Roadster
Trim: Custom
Year: 1960
Mileage: 6
VIN: SCDMV000000532705
Color: Daytona Blue
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: Rear Wheel Drive
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Summerville, South Carolina, United States

Description for Lotus Super Seven 1960

This is a newly built Locost 7 / Lotus 7 / Lotus Super Seven Replica. I've put over 700 hours and way too many dollars in building this little car. It is a "book frame" based on the Ron Champion book Build your own Sports Car that has a couple of extra frame members for mounting the Yamaha R1 engine. It runs and drives just fine. Here's a short video from today taking a buddy for a lap around the neighborhoodhttps://www. youtube. com/watch?v=tAu98IquaqE&feature=youtu. beEBAY doesn't like the VIN assigned by SCDMV. Titled in SC as a 2014 Lotus 7 roadsterIt is a standard book frame built of 1" square tubing. fully mig welded and skinned in aluminum. I painted it Daytona Blue Metallic Lacquer on top of 2k primer. Power comes from a 2000 Yamaha R1 motorcycle engine. Transmission is the Yamaha 6 speed with new wet clutch pack. The R1 engine puts out over 140 horsepower in stock trim. Unlike most bike engine cars. this one HAS REVERSE!!! There is a Quaife reverse box in the driveline. Front suspension is fully adjustable Southwest Speed upper control arms connected to Toyota Celica spindles. Carrera Adjustable coilovers and Celica disc brakes complete the package. Rear suspension is a 4 link setup with Panhard Bar and Carrera fully adjustable coilover shocks. Toyota Celica live axle with 3. 70 posi gear set. Steering is with an Appleton quick ratio manual rack. You can adjust the suspension easily for road or track and fine tune it to your driving style. Right now it's set up with zero toe in. 5 degrees of cater and les than 1 degree of negative camber. Steering is light and quick. it tracks beautifully and turns like it's on rails. Wheels and tires are Celica aluminum rims with Yokohama rubber. Also comes with a set of Toyota steelies with a good but old set of tires that you can turn into black marks and smoke. This car went through the LENGTHY process of getting an assigned serial number. having DMV review my build log. and a final safety inspection by a DMV agent. I sign the title over to you and you're good to go. I have tons of pictures from the build process on my builders log at Locost USA. and on my facebook Locost 7 Builders pagehttp://www. locostusa. com/forums/viewtopic. php?f=35&t=15216https://www. facebook. com/Locost7BuildersWant to see video from during the build?https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=d6ADyxidFfshttps://www. youtube. com/watch?v=6mDj1jo46U4https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=1Ui3U6Mj0mIOn Jan-13-15 at 08:04:16 PST. seller added the following information: Hey folks. I've had a few questions about the car. Why am I selling it? I built it to sell. I love playing with cars and this is the most recent project. There are two other cars in the garage now and this one needs a new home. Compare it to other completed listings for Lotus 7 / Locost 7 cars and I think you'll see that this one is a pretty sweet deal. Is it road worthy? Yes it is. I have taken it on several short shakedown cruises in the neighborhood. It's a low mileage Yamaha engine. The rear axle has new bearings. front rotors. bearings. brakes. master cylinders. lines and hoses are all brand spanking new parts. I intentionally haven't insured it and been driving the snot out of it to keep the miles down. You're welcome to come visit and we'll go for a ride. Is it fast? Define fast. It'll do highway speeds and it'll get there quicker than probably any car you've ever driven. Due to poor aerodynamics of the Lotus 7 top speed is somewhere around 100. With the car on jack stands I've run the rear tires up above 130. What the car really is. QUICK. It's light and powerful. so it accelerates. Is it hard to drive? The bike clutch takes some getting used to. I stall it sometimes and you will too. I've thought about swapping the Bellville clutch spring for a 6 spring pack like a Barnett or EBC kit. That will make it more forgiving AND give higher spring force on the clutch pack. The clutch kit sells for $150- $200. Do I have a racing log book? Nope. this is a new build. it will need to go through tech inspection. I have receipts for steel for the chassis and roll bar. The roll bar meets requirements for Solo in design and construction. Diagonal brace is optional even in the 2015 rule book. Keep the questions coming and KEEP BIDDING!