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2013 Lotus Super Seven 165 hp 1400 lbs No Reserve! Like a Caterham, Birkin, 7

1960 Lotus Super Seven

Condition: Used
Make: Lotus
Model: Super Seven
Type: Convertible
Year: 1960
Mileage: 6,000
VIN: SOS3081831LL
Color: Burgundy
Cylinders: 6
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Gray
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Lancaster, Ohio, United States

Description for Lotus Super Seven 1960

No Reserve! Bid Now! I'm selling my 1960 Lotus Super 7 Replica built and completed in 2013. Its just like a Caterham, or Birkin, or Westfield Lotus Replica, yet this one is 165 horses and 1400 lb wet. It has a 5 speed manual transmission for the purist driver. This Lotus is amazing and built to be reliable. It is fuel injected and has more sensors and gauges than most super sevens that all run in their proper respects. Speaking of this, it has a brand new redone rotary engine. New rotors, new seals, and new Springs 6000+- miles ago when everything was completed and put together. (A rotary engine is what they loved in movies like the Fast and Furious, it's as powerful as a v6 with a 3rd less moving parts.) I have a full build history on this Lotus Super 7, plus additional electrical schematics. It was completed and registered after 5 years of hard work and labor by an electrical and mechanical engineer, fully complying and going above and beyond the state of Illinois requirements. It has a fully transferable and clear OHIO title registered to myself in Ohio. The actual title states that it is a 1960 Lotus Custom vehicle, 6000 miles on the body and 6000 miles on the fully rebuilt engine. The title is clear and does NOT say rebuilt, salvage, flooded or anything like that. It says 1960 so, the state of Ohio let me get historical tags, so I did and in ohio there is not a front plate for historical tags anymore. That's why the front plate holder is missing the plate. I keep it to shoe bugs away when going down the road. This car is turn key and is just a blast.

It also has a custom fiberglass hydraulic top that flips up and down for ease of entering and exiting, on a hydraulic liftwith just the push of your hand(like a rear cargo door on an SUV) It can be completely removed if wanted, with just a couple bolts. This custom top locks down tight with two quick release latches like a convertible. This beautiful top keeps the wind down and the sun off of you and the rain if you get caught out in a storm. There is only one other Super Seven with this top design, somewhere in Japan

If you are looking for something that is an amazing ride, gets more attention at every stop and is faster than most supercars of its era, then this is the car for you.

This is my second Lotus Super 7 and I truly have fallen in love with these vehicles but I am selling this one to fund another more costly project. This particular Lotus Super 7 I love, as it has more creature comforts then most Lotus super sevens have, as most use basic necessities to get them on the road and trust me I owned one that was bare before.

It is fuel injected! No carb to get flooded or bogged down. In fact the computer has been upgraded to be even better than a stock rx7's program. This fuel injection helps out as it fires right up on the first crank.

The 5 speed Rx7 mazda transmission lets you cruise at 55MPH ata quiet pace or blast up to 80 MPH with the tach just only at 4k RPM leaving you plenty of room as it redlines at 8K and no I don't' know the top speed, nor will I anytime soon.

It has a lockable trunk to store things in! It has wipers if you get caught in the rain that are also removable for better viewing if you drive on the track and also are there as you may need them in certain states for road legal status!

It has self-cancelling turn signals so you do not bother people driving down the road with your blinker on because you forgot to remember a basic switch.

It has a quick removable racing steering wheel with a center button for its amazing air horn. (I drive a small car, yet am able to get anyone's attention!)

It has reverse! (Many lotus sevens are motorcycle engines without reverse and lots of people do not understand how bothersome this is when driving.)

It has dimmable gauge lights for night driving, it also has bright headlights and normal lights along with running lights!

I love driving this on summer nights, on back roads as the headlights light up the world.

It has not one but TWO 12v accessory Chargers for you and your passenger to always have two charged cell phones, or the use of a radar detector.

It has a rear deck that can attach to the back of the car to hold more luggage for a road trip that also has quick connects where it attaches to the frame of the car with a license plate holder incorporated into it. This is just smart, thought out engineering at its finest.

It has a kickboard for the passenger to rest their feet.

It has a three point seat belt system for ease of use for normal daily driving and it also comes with a five point system if you would like to take it to the track.

My lotus super seven has a beautiful polished aluminum Hood, sides, and rear instead of just paint, which is just nicer and keeps it light. It also has the full wrap-around fenders on the front wheels which give it its amazing look and feel as they turn with the car like the front of a Dodge Prowler. I love driving around a tight corner with them pointing at an angle.

It is always garaged, pampered and I just changed the oil and filter September 15th 2017 so she's ready to go.

What can I say, this car is just amazing! There is a reason Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear loves this car more than any other. It is just pure driving fun. Nothing will be able to out corner you, and it rockets in a straight line.

For just an additional 1500 dollars on top of the high bid, I will include a heavy duty custom built trailer for this Super seven. It has front tire stop mounts, four tire tie downs built into it, along with custom attachable ramps that hold in place while driving, a spare tire mounted underneath, led lights, and everything designed to clear the nose (some super sevens have to use the quick release pins on the nose cowl to use a "purchased" trailer as they sit so low and it's just a pain). The trailer frame has been strengthened up even though it's not necessary for this little car. If you do not want the trailer, I will keep it as it is so nice and I can find several uses for it, but I bet the winner will just want to either drive it home (as I do trust it to go anywhere) or hook up the trailer and go (or pay someone from U-Ship, to pick it up for cheap). It has brakes on the trailer yet I have not used them as it pulls beautifully without them on behind my Escalade. In Ohio, trailers do not come with a title, just a bill of sale. I will write one for you if you want the trailer also.

I have owned severalsports cars, BMW M3, Bmw Z4, Toyota MR2 Spyder, two RX7 Convertibles, One BMW 3 Series Convertible, 2 lotus super sevens. All these cars were amazing in their own respects. Only the lotuses (Loti?) super sevens were their own animal that kept drawing me back. They are true roadsters, being low to the ground while driving makes you understandthe true feel of the road and how nimble and exotic these can be under all conditions. They are just a true drivers car snicking through the gears with power that never ceases to excite you. That normal commute to work or that for some reason now longer drive home makes you feel exhilarated and longing to get behind the wheel. Enjoy driving again. Buy this Lotus.

Feel free to contact me for any questions. I'm a funeral director and may be meeting with a family, running a service, ect. ect. Just call and leave a message and I'll get back to you. 740-438-32 thirty five this is my cell.

Now for the legal ease. * This auction is a legal contract, please ask your significant other if it is OK for you to have it, come look at it yourself, or pay to have it inspected before you decide to bid on it. A deposit through Paypal is required of 500 dollars within 48 hours after winning. I am a reasonable person, and will help will help with any and all shipping arrangements, only after full payment has been made and cleared at my bank. Cash works too. The Buyer is responsible for paying shipping or any extra things you want done. This is a used vehicle, I can store it for you if need be, but we can talk about that when you buy it....
Update on dimensions ect. for the analyticalfolks out there:
DimensionsWheel base is 91-5/8"
Front track width is 53-1/2"
Rear track width is 53-1/2"
Weight is right at 1400 pounds without the hardtop, almost a perfect 50/50 balance.
Modified Champion book frame, with modifications in control arm pickup locations, foot-well area, offset driveshaft tunnel, engine compartment bracing, rear framework for the IRS.
The floor panel is 16 ga steel welded in place.
The roll bar is made of 1.5" dia x .095 wall inch HREW tubing, welded to the chassis.
Front Suspension
The front suspension comprises of '91 RX-7 spindles, Gaz fully adjustable shocks with 350 pound springs, upper and lower control arms 1" x .083" wall tubes with ½" heim joints at the chassis.
Steering rack is a '91 RX-7 unit depowered and cut down ~8 inches.
Tires are Falken Azenis RT-615 205/50R15; match balanced on stock '91 RX7 15x6 alloy wheels (14lbs-11oz)
Rear Suspension
The half-shafts were shortened 2 inches each.
Gaz fully adjustable shocks and 250 pound springs

The engine is a rebuilt normally aspirated 1.3L 6-port rotary from a '91 RX-7
in stock 165HP form. No tricky street or bridge port.
Custom made intake manifold with Ford TPS sensor.
All this (and more) is controlled by a Megasquirt 3.0 with MSII processor. No more floods from the stock rotary EFI.
Crank angle sensor is std RX-7 fare modified by removing the 2-tooth sensor and grinding 2 opposed teeth on the 24 tooth wheel.
Wideband O2 sensor is from 14point7 with digital display feeding an analog signal to the MS
Alternator was relocated to the side for clearance purposes.
Home made headers using the Racing Beat header plate and .120 wall steel tubing
Pre-silencer and Turbo muffler by Full Boar
Cooling is a dual row aluminum radiator and a 14" "pull" electric fan. The fan on/off is controlled via the MS controller and keeps everything nice and cool even after all day running or hard runs.
'91 RX-7 fitted with a Toyota right angle speedometer drive adapter.
Stock flywheel, clutch, slave cylinder etc.
A new, custom driveshaft was made by the local drive train shop.
Pedal box was made mimicking the dimensions of the Wilwood hanging pedal box. It employs the stock '91 RX-7 dual circuit master cylinder with the stock proportioning valve and the clutch master.
All brake cylinders, lines and pads were either rebuilt or new. Moving is optional - safe braking is mandatory!
Front brakes are stock Mazda RX-7 4-pot aluminum calipers and vented disks.
'91 RX-7 rear calipers were modified for parking brake mechanism's clearance to the frame. Parking brake system was custom made from parts of the '91 RX-7 and grabs and works perfectly.
Rrear seats and headrests were highly modified.
Quick Release Steering wheel .
The Steering column incorporates the stock RX-7 tilt capability for comfort.
Extra warning lights are low fuel, low oil level, low oil pressure, emergency brake, and alternator.
Headlights are buckets and tripod lamps from Speedway.
Rear lights are Britax from Kinetic.
Reverse lights are units modified with LED arrays.
Dual marine-grade power outlets for GPS, cell phone or???? (future electric heater?)
wiper system with modified wiper arms wires directly to the controls yielding fast, slow, single, and intermittent swipe operation.
3-point, inertia seatbelts
Passenger side of frame is insulated from the exhaust system.
Tank is a custom designed 12 gallon made from 18 ga steel, internally coated with Redkote.
Fuel Pump is stock '91 RX-7, operated as 2-speed via stock resistor assembly and controlled from the Megasquirt.
'91 RX-7 fuel filter.
Weather Equipment
Custom made hinged hardtop with gas springs to aid in lifting.
Rear deck has a hinged access to a small storage container 18"W x 14D" x 4"H trunk
Travel Equipment
It has a removable luggage rack that mounts into 2 square-tube receivers for overnight or longer drives.
Remember,if you were to build this yourself and just buy all the parts and accessories to put it together, you would be dropping roughly 15,000 dollars on a frame body parts engine, tires, rims, paint, ect. and then you would have to spend 2 plus years to throw it together, or pay someone about 12,000 to finish it for you in a somewhat decent fashion. 89% of projects stay unfinished because time and life gets in the way. Just buy mine and enjoy the most amazing ride now. Life is too short to wonder about what ifs and things that got away.
This auction will go to the highest bidder. It is a No Reserve Auction! Don't let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass you up!
I took some videos on youtube of it driving and flipping up the top.Heree's some videos go to that tube channel and search for 1960 Lotus Super 7 165 horsepower 1400 lb wet watch?v=k46NZKLlbww1960 Lotus Super 7 driving rotary powered engine 1400 lb 165 horsepowerthat tube channel .com/watch?v=k46NZKLlbww