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1993 LX 1.8 DOHC w/5spd Manual transmission ***NO RUST From Phoenix, AZ***

1993 Mazda Protege

Make: Mazda
Model: Protege
Type: Sedan
Trim: LX Sedan 4-Door
Year: 1993
Mileage: 205,881
VIN: jm1bg2260p0563772
Color: mint green
Engine: 1.8L 1839CC l4 GAS DOHC Naturally Aspirated
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: FWD
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Mount Prospect, Illinois, United States
Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows
CD Player, Sunroof

Description for Mazda Protege 1993

I bought this car in Phoenixin 2014 after a 4 year long search. My parents have a home down there somy intent was to register it down there to keep down there and use when visiting them in winter months. I hadpurchased it from an 83 year old owner who decided it was time to stop driving. He had kept it parked in covered parking but the AZ sun still did it's typical damage. I kept it in my parents garage which brings me to the current day because my parents bought a brand new Caravan and decided it was going to be in their garage instead and they didn't want my Protege sitting outside in their driveway all year so I hadit put it on a transport to ship it back to me in the Chicago area. I've been driving it at leasttwice a week and toyed with the idea of selling our 1 VW car to get out of a loan payment but with the recent drop in VW resale value, we decided it best to just sell the Protege instead.

Fuel Mileage: All city driving --Irefueled to fulland determined that the car gave me 26.5mpg with only city driving! (not bad at all for not even trying to hypermile and just driving like I normally would).

Anyway, on to more details:

I guess it isn't necessarily clear but let me point out this is the upgraded 1.8 DOHC (same as 94-97 Miata engine essentially) with better brakes, suspension and I forget what other tidbits to distinguish it away from the regularless powerful SOHC.

We did so much to this car but obviously it still isn't perfect being 23 years old but here is the list of things done that I can remember. All of the following now has less than 700 miles use since being completed:

- all new motor mounts and transmission mount
- new sway bar bushings and end links
- new ball joints in front
- new (OEM from Mazda) shifter linkage (replaced April 2016)
- new passenger side axle
- newly rebuilt front brake caliper
- new power steering rack with new tie rods
- 4 new tires
- new alternator belt
- new suspension (complete units replaced - yes stock replacement stuff)
- new rear speakers w/Sony HU
- new radiator hoses
- various other hoses replaced
+ lots of replacement stuff on the interior from a much lower mileage car found in a local yard with only 83k on the odo (such as carpet, seats, center console, front seatbelts + more)
+ more I just can't remember right now but that's the main highlights

Some other things we boughtNEW that will be included but not yet done on the car include the following parts that would go with it:

- power steering lines (2 of them).. just didn't get around to replacing them
- front brake lines
- distributor cap and rotor along with new spark plugs (for a basic tune-up)
- fuel filter
- valve cover gasket
- an oil seal for the transmission

Currently(for the lastfew monthsanyway) while this car has been sitting in our driveway, there has been absolutelyno leaking, drips ordrops evident in our driveway. Theoriginal steering rack was indeedleaking very badly when we 1st purchased the car and much of that residueis still left over as we didn'tdo a complete steam clean of the engine bay area as fair warning. The valve cover isleaking(thus the new valve cover gasket on-the-ready) but it isn'tleaking bad enough to cause drips on the driveway at this time.

The previous owner had the clutch replaced 3 years ago he had told us when we purchased it.

Currently the tank is near full but sinceI do still drive and exercise it, where the fuel level will be at time of sale is subject to change. This goes without saying that themileage on theodometer will be changing as well.

The odometer photo is obviously a bit older but shows that its indeedbeing driven often enough:

While this may be hard to believe, the parts investment alone tops $2000 before any labor isfactored in(lucky for me my husband had been a mechanic for 13 years before becoming an electrical engineer so he did all the work himself)

Also,Earlierin May Itook the car into the Mazda dealership for an ignition switch recall. (It was an interesting sight seeing 5 people flock to the car amazed at the no-rust factor and commenting how they haven't seen one this clean for 10+ years)
Here is a copy of the receipt from the recall:
Just an FYI that the A/C is not functioning. Everything is there but it is not functioning. A full diagnosis has not been done but it is a pretty sure bet the compressor isbad and needs to be replaced. I saw one hereon ebay for $50 shipped at one point but just didn't feel like investing even more into a car we are now going to sell.
As I already mentioned the paint is not perfect and its obvious the car has been repainted at 1 time (a very common practice in Phoenix, AZ) It also appears that the roof and hood were repainted again at a different time as well yet the sunburn painthas returned most evident on the hood.

I had to pass an emissions dyno test to get it plated andstreet legalin Arizona which it passed without issue as an FYI. I do still have it titled, plated and insured with AZ plates in my name so I would be notarizing and turning over my AZ title upon sale. (Arizona titles require a notary to prove the actual legitimate owner is selling the car.)

While the interior was mostly replaced, the headliner has not been addressed at this point and is not in the best shape.

Car is currently located in Mount Prospect, IL 60056 **** NEVER SEEN WINTER, Snow or Salt!!!!

Please take note: Every time the car went in for emissions testing in Arizona, the 'operator' puts in the mileage and its apparently never 100% accurate but whathe or shefelt was 'close enough'. Even the most recent test I personally took it to the operatortyped in 205,000 miles when in reality it was actually205,412 but I guess that 412 wasn't important enough for himto be bothered with?
Here is a copy of that passed emission test result for reference:

I can be reached via text at 928 693 7441 for any additional questions or feel free to use the ebay question option if preferred.

Here are underside photos to share to clearly indicate there is no rust (the tan coloring you are seeing is Arizona dust as an FYI). And also showing some of the new parts mentioned above.

Here from when on the transport in Arizona just beforebeingon the way to Chicago: