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1994 Mazda MPV V6 2WD. JUST 85,600 MILES! All works and NO RUST!

1994 Mazda MPV LX

Condition: Used
Make: Mazda
Model: MPV
Type: SUV
Trim: LX
Year: 1994
Mileage: 85600
VIN: JM3LV5228R0631836
Color: Burgundy
Engine: 3.0 liter V6
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Tan
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Safety: Anti-Lock Brakes, Driver Airbag
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Largo, Florida, United States
Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows
CD Player

Description for Mazda MPV 1994

Thanks for stopping by to check out this 1994 Mazda MPV. A no rust, two owner Washington/Florida vehicle in really nice condition. Bid now so you don’t miss out…

Please be patient. There are a lot of photos on this listing so you can see as much of the car as I can show. They are at the end of the text.

This is a 1994 Mazda MPV. Came to Fl in late 2013, its one of those used to be common vehicles that have virtually disappeared from the landscape. Most of ones remaining have 200,000 or more miles on them, so an 85,000 mile (believed correct..title is exempt) one is maybe the best one for sale in the USA.

This one is both a looker and a driver. If the reaction at the local cruise night is any indication, at an all Japanese car meet, this one will draw a huge crowd. I was parked between two vintage American Muscle Cars, and this got more attention that either of the other cars next to it. About half of the folks I talked to had no idea what it was and the other half had one in the family when they were common sights.

This one is well equipped with the V6 and the load level/tow package, almost all original paint and with all of the equipment and features functional. It does not have the 4 wheel drive, just the rear drive, so its not quite the unicorn, but I truly doubt that there are very many of any configuration left. In the time its been with us, I've not seen another one on the road. However, parts have been pretty easy to find. Unlike some manufacturers, Mazda seems to provide much more older vehicle support. Overall, its kind of a cool, niche vehicle.

Some details to augment the pictures that follow the end of the text:

Exterior. Burgundy. I know of no paint work more than a refinish of the rear bumper cover caused when it was scraped while parked. Excellent color match. Some minor bug marks on the front bumper cover, but otherwise all original paint. A small crease/crater on the left fender with no paint missing. All of the lenses and trim are in very good condition and ready to go, as is all of the glass. None of the gaskets or seals appear to have any major shrinkage Looks a lot better than a typical car of half this vintage.. not even the door handles show wear. I've rented current model year cars that looked worse than this.

The Interior is trimmed in tan/brown showing just minor wear and a small area of discoloration on the rear carpet. A good interior dye man could do the carpet and take it to the next level if you plan on showing it, but its a non functional thing. Lifetime non smoker and as a result everything looks, feels and smells as delivered. ALL of the toys work, nothing leaks. For the photos, I did a quick vacuum of the rugs, nothing else.....didn't need anything to be presentable. I don't believe the rugs have every been shampooed. Factory radio was replaced with one with a CD player, and its pretty well obsolete as it has no bluetooth, plug ins for phones, etc. It, like the car, is kind of vintage.

Drivetrain. This is a 3.0 liter V6 with an automatic transmission. Starts right up hot or cold, idles smooth, shifts well, stops well, runs cool with good oil pressure. NO SMOKE, no funny smells. Underside is as clean as the top side. Cornering is just as you'd expect from a tall vehicle with a high center of gravity. This is should not be your first choice for a run of "The Tail of the Dragon". However, all of the controls work, tracks straight down the road. A/C works, heat works, windows all work. Gets 25 mpg on the highway in its current configuration, high teens in town driven with or a little faster than traffic.

I do mostly Volvo, Saab, and VW cars, and those folks are pretty particular, and I try hard to do the right thing. It got the following in the last few months…

•Oil and filter service

•New battery

That's all it needed. Passed a though review with no issues. Fault scan showed no faults. When I first got it we replaced a couple of oil seals which are common leak points on the 3.0...not so much as a drip since.

We have also replaced the ALL (Automatic Load Leveling) system with the base model springs and a pair of KYB gas shocks. Actually rides better in my opinion, and all of the pre-conversion parts are included if you want. They were removed in working condition, the replacement air shocks are included along with a working compressor and lines.

Its got a spare which looks good. Has all of the tools. Two key, owner’s manual. Wheels are 15's inch chrome. One wheel has minor scratch, other 3 are near perfect Tires are in OE size. Have about 75% tread life left and are private label from one of the major tire/service chains.

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions that I get on my listings:

What’s the worst thing about this car?

Nothing known that has not been described or pictured in the listing that I am aware of. I've not driven cross country in it, but am comfy sending you down the road in it and I'll have no trouble sleeping afterward. Every fault we've found, we fixed.

What’s the best part of the car?

It does everything its supposed to do.

Could I drive this car back home

Can’t see why not. The reserve, which WILL NOT BE DISCLOSED, is not unreasonable given the condition of this car, and is in line with the current market; it’s a used car, not an investment in automotive art. Please take an opportunity to look at the photos, ask any questions that you might have, and then feel free to press that bid button………

Questions before you bid, call me at 727-455-8491 or e-mail a question through e-Bay messenger and I will provide information to the best of my knowledge. A Few words about condition, business philosophy, and why I’ve listed on E-Bay since 2001.

I try to accurately describe the listed vehicle to the best of my ability, but like you I am human, and assure you that I will not hide any known defects that materially impact the vehicle. I want you to feel “comfy” pressing the bid button! I don’t offer anything that I would not and have not driven myself, but please understand that all vehicles are complex machines and what works perfect right now may not the next time. Just like a new pet from the shelter, its first act as new member of the family might be to “mark its spot”. If you have doubts, feel free to ask questions. Don’t be surprised if you get back more info that you asked for.

What I try to bring to the table as competitive advantages are three fold:

1.Knowledge of the brands of vehicles I choose to offer.

2.Ability to find skilled crafts people in the trade who do good work at a fair price.

3.Lower overhead. I’m not in the local retail market, so no fancy showroom in a high cost location.

I’ll be glad to share any additional information that I have about any item listed, and about the marque in general, but please understand that its up to you to determine if the car listed in this auction is the right one for you. Please don’t assume….it’s a good way to be disappointed…the only ‘stupid’ questions are the ones not asked, and after the auction is over is not the time to determine whether or not y’all want the listed vehicle!

Even NEW CARS might need some attention…like the battery that died 13 days after purchase of a new car for my wife( what dealer prep?, so if you have any doubts, feel free to make arrangements to have the vehicle inspected while its “at the auction” or ask for a copy of the inspection report which I will gladly provide to all bidders. Also, please feel free to contract with an independent concern to have the car third party inspected…I’ll be glad to share my experience with them, but please don’t ask me to recommend one over another…some are better than others…some do an excellent job, some are a waste of time and money.

Spending every last dime you have on a used car with an expectation that it will give you faithful service with no additional expenses for the next 10 years probably is not a real good idea, so use your head, spend within your means, and leave a little in reserve for a ‘rainy day’.

I try very hard to use objective terms in the listings, and where possible, can provide quantitative data on things that can be measured without taking the car apart, so if you have questions on things like tread depth, compression readings, voltages and the like, feel free to ask and if its possible to provide the data I will. However, please keep in mind that terms like Excellent, Mint, Good, etc. are subjective terms that vary from situation to situation, and from individual to individual, so if in doubt please refer to the photos AND feel free to ask detailed questions.

Remember that this is a USED CAR!!!!. While I try my best to make sure each unit has been carefully described, you should be aware that they are not in "as new" condition, except where the addition of new parts has been indicated. There can be undiscovered flaws, but each car has been gone through using a two page checklist, a daily use evaluation (that means I’ve actually driven it, in traffic, just like an owner might use it, and an overall visual inspection. Cars with built in diagnostics such as OBDII are also read, and identified flaws corrected. We don’t just shut the light off, we find out WHY the light came on in the first place and FIX it.. Each car has been given a check of all safety systems, all operational controls are functional, and any needed repairs or replacements are performed unless otherwise indicated. Unless otherwise indicated, these cars are being “AS IS”, WITH NO WARRANTY EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. To make things really clear, if its not as described, I’ll bust my butt to make it right before it goes out the door, but if you blow a hose while doing 90 mph 6,000 miles down the road and warp the head ‘cause you decide to make it to the next exit 26 miles south and expect me the pick up the tab, please don’t bother to bid…neither one of us will be happy….

While I do my best to offer the best cars that I can, I am not able to predict the future (If I could, I could see a job at the Federal Reserve...), hence the "no warranty" provision of the transaction.

If you feel the need to find a warranty of some sort, there are some excellent providers that can be found on the 'net, along with some not so good ones. I don't offer them since some companies that offer some sort of protection do so at a cost that I don't think is reasonable and offer as "incentive" for the seller as much as 50% of the purchase price! I'm here to offer cars, some interesting parts, and some other auto related items and leave it at that. I’m not in this to lose money, or to rob folks, just to try to keep busy, earn a decent living, and make it to retirement without having to dip into my savings from my days in Corporate America.

To help calibrate what I’m doing, like you, I go searching on e-bay for a decent deal on a car to make sure that what I’m doing is the right thing. I’ve been both thrilled and so angry I could spit nails over the way folks describe what they are offering.

Unless specified in the description, all cars have a clean title history. Please e-mail me for particulars on any vehicle. In no case will I sell a car that has had any structural damage that has the potential to impact the safety or quality of the vehicle. If I don’t feel comfy showing the car in person, it will never make it to E-Bay.

You are welcome to inspect the cars at any time during normal business hours and the reserve price, if any, will be LESS than the local offer price for the car. I built my first VW motor when I was 14, and that's more years ago than I'd like to admit, and approach each car as if it was going to be my own or a family member’s.

Questions, call me at 727-455-8491 or use e-Bay messenger.

The Fine Print and other info worth reading:

Car is offered FOB Tampa Bay FL. Car is 20 minutes from Tampa Airport and beautiful Gulf Beaches . Winning bidder will get an e-mail with a request for information, followed by an express package with transaction detail and supporting documentation. Balance due within 7 business days via either certified funds, cash on local pick up or wire transfer with proper vetting with the financial institutions on both ends of the transaction. Seller can hold for 21 days at no additional charge while buyer makes shipping/travel arrangements.

Please bid with the understanding that the winning bidder has entered into a binding contract to buy the car. Due to the large increase in deadbeat auction winners, by bidding, you have agreed that if you fail to complete the transaction except for those unusual events, you will compensate the seller for the full incurred cost of re-listing the item, plus a service fee equal to 15% of the bid, payable upon demand.

I will gladly answer any and all questions via e-mail and you can also reach me at 727-455-8491 from 9:30 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. eastern time except Sunday.. Please be aware that I am a solo operation, and it will sometimes take a little while to phone folks back, but I do check e-mail at least twice a day, ‘cept Sunday. I don’t use an answering service, I don’t have anyone who “takes care of stuff” for me, and I don’t use a third party listing service. Hate to do it, but because of some less than “stand up” folks on e-bay, I’ve been forced to go to “private auctions” on autos.

We are a real place of business with a brick and mortar (actually steel and block) location. Not some trailer on a dirt lot.

Florida deliveries are subject to local sales tax and $249 title/transaction fee in addition to winning auction bid and any applicable registration fees imposed by the STATE of FLORIDA. Shipped vehicles are not subject to FL sales tax, but are subject to a $149 transaction fee to cover the costs of moving the documents back and forth and to offset the costs of providing insurance coverage for the vehicles while awaiting shipment. Out of state buyers who require a non-permanent tag to drive the car home must be charged sales tax under FL law. ALL SALES SUBJECT TO THE FLORIDA STATUES AND BUYER AGREES TO STATE OF FL JURISDICTION. ALL LISTINGS CAN BE LEGALLY REGISTERED IN THE STATE OF FL AND CONFORM TO APPROPRIATE FL REQUIREMENTS. By bidding, you agree that these terms will apply to the transaction.

If you’d like to come visit, please call for an appointment and directions to our facility. A local buyer can end the auction early by exceeding the reserve providing the reserve has not been met. After the reserve has been met, the auction will not be ended early for a local purchaser. The car is displayed locally but not advertised in any other forum while on E-Bay. Out of state buyers, please contact me for shipping costs to your location at least 24 hours prior to auction close so that I can quote an accurate price as it varies a good bit by car and location, which is not included in the auction bid price. Thank you for bidding

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