Mercedes 560 SEC W126 coupe 1990

1990 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Condition: Used
Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: S-Class
Year: 1990
Mileage: 180,000
VIN: WDBCA45E4LA518759
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Universal City, Texas, United States

Description for Mercedes-Benz S-Class 1990

1990 MBZ 560SEC Coupe for sale.

I am tentatively selling my 1990 Mercedes 560 coupe. She has been my DD for the past 2 years. She is reliable, trong, un, owerful, nd good looking. I have owned plenty of nice cars. This is a good one.

She is the last of the big V8 MBZ coupes. Fun to drive, ike an old American muscle car but much more capable with all-independent suspension and 4-wheel disc brakes. She has plenty of power and a limited-slip differential. She will chirp the rear tires through the gears when told to (if that's what you want), ut she really shines as a stealth freeway speeder. She is subtle, efined, ggressive and sophisticated all at once.

I routinely drove her 90+MPH going to/from work in the wee hours of morning, or 2 years.

Very comfortable and stable. The seating position is about the best of any car I have ever owned; save for maybe an old grey-market 635csi I had years ago. Her seats are supportive and they align with the pedals and wheel nicely. The console lies flush to your leg, t doesn't dig into your side knee (my Porsche 928 does this, therwise that is a magnificent car).

General: Her condition is a solid 8/10 both inside and out. If you are looking for a mint-condition garage queen, hen this car is not for you. But she does present very, ery well. Her color combo is about perfect.

Exterior: Car has been repainted in the original color (Oyster Grey Metallic) sometime in the past. No fading or chalking, he paint really shines up like a deep glossy gem. There are some superficial door dings along the sides (see pics) but they are all minor and don't involve any paint chips. Like I said, he is a gorgeous DD, he is not some perfect barn-find example. She wants you to use her!

Interior: The interior has been redyed sometime in the past, n the original color. Dove Grey I think it is called. Probably done at the same time as the exterior, don't know. It presents really well. Is it perfect? No. There is some sun fading on the rear deck carpet (Texas has plenty of sun) and a couple of minor tears to the rear seat top panel (by the rear headrests) but otherwise the interior is great. I replaced grey plastic rear speakercovers and the 3rd brake light because they were faded, hey look like new. So it all presents very well. Dash is great, oorpanels are great, arpets great. 100% presentable, ust not perfect. The worst part is the wood trim near the headlight switch is delaminated (pic included) which you won't even notice once inside her and driving. Re the carpets, he original front floor carpets are literally in mint condition and I covered them up with another set from an identical car, o protect their virginity.

It has Lorinser 16"rims (chrome, ot perfect but absolutely presentable enough... 8/10) and BFG G-force Sport 225/55/16 tires. Tires have about 12K miles on them. They excel in standing water (I have yet to hydroplane this car) and also do extremely well on otherwise hot dry roads.

Everything works on the car. Headlamp washers, eat belt arm retractors, D player, ll lights, ulbs, tc. Everything works on this car. The seat heaters will heat both the bottom cushion and the seatbacks as well, hich is better than my 1996 S500 W140 coupe which heats only your butt.

Recent work done to her (over the past 2 years): New A/C compressor, ryer, 134 etc. New coolant hoses and G15 coolant. Alternator. Rear brakes. Tires (see above). Hood liner. Mobil 1 15/50. Bilstein HD front shocks (the rear hydraulic self-leveling ones are fine). Other stuff, forget.

THIS CAR NEEDS: the front strut rod bushings are shot. So the car's front end will wobble occasionally under straight-line conditions (as soon as a lateral load is applied, he wobble goes away). I have the parts, t is a simple fix and the car will need an alignment afterward. I will get this done myself in a month or 2 if the car doesn't sell... which would be OK w/ me. Also she will need front brakes (rears are already done).

Selling her because I am running out of space to keep my cars. She is stored out back (see pic) as of June 6th 2015 under 2 covers and a tarp. She is as snug as a bug in there. The 2 covers are both thick and custom made. Also there is a custom windshield reflector to keep out the heat.

$500 nonrefundable deposit due within 24 hrs. The rest due in cash, ashier's check etc before title is released. If you want to deal with me outside of eBay, am ok with that... Ebay ain't what it used to be! More like Big Brother now.

Erik Nelson (415) 279-5116. I am in San Antonio TX.

[EDIT 6/7/2015] More photos here: