Diesel Mercedes Benz 240GD G Wagon Wolf G Class, Jeep Rubicon, FJ40, Defender 90

1984 Mercedes-Benz G-Class The "Wolf" Military spec 240GD "RHINO"

Condition: Used
Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: G-Class
SubModel: The "Wolf" Military spec 240GD "RHINO"
Type: Off Road RHINO beast
Trim: 240GD Military spec.
Year: 1984
Mileage: 42,600
VIN: 00000000000000000
Color: Red
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Black
Safety: The WORLDS best 4 wheel drive system, Mercedes-Benz Rock Solid Construction
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Lamy, New Mexico, United States
Power brakes, Power Locking front differential, Power locking rear differential, Diesel Power to go anywhere, Powerful wheels to roll over rocks and through mud
4-Wheel Drive, Leather Seats, Convertible

Description for Mercedes-Benz G-Class 1984

The Rubicon trail is child's play for this truck. Moab is a walk in the park. This isn't some weekend toy built as a comfortable passenger truck that has added gear and a suspension lift to make it "trail tested" and suitable for wheeling once every two months. This truck was born and developed by German engineers with one purpose in mind: go anywhere and have nothing stop it. It has been extensively field tested by armed forces and government security divisions for heads of state all over the globe. The truck has beenperfected as the most rugged and capable off road vehicle built. There are videos on YouTube of people doing in G Wagons what those driving overpriced Defender 90sonly wish their wimpy little trucks could do. Theonly reason Mercedes Benz changed the design in 1990 to the W463 chassis was for greater creature comforts. The W461 professional heavy duty service andmilitary gradevehicles continued on until this year. This truck feels as solid and indestructible as a Panzer tank.
It has zero fluid leaks and everything in the drivetrainworks perfectly. There is no rust on this vehicle. The frame and the body panels are all compeleAll lights function as expected, nd the windshield wipers and heat work well.
And since eBay is apparently the place where tire-kickers, elligerent vultures, ottom-feeders, nd dreamers come to place unrealistic bids on vehicles and to tell sellers what their vehicles are worth, s if eBay reflects a real world marketplace where the value of an item has intrinsic worth based on the sum of its parts, n addition to "what someonewill pay for it, t this time and in this place" it would seem that I have to spell it out. This is a Mercedes Benz Geländewagen with one of the most durable Diesel engines ever produced for passenger vehicle use. It has been driven only 42,000 miles in its 34 years of use. It has been maintained by a military motor pool. If you don't know what Mercedes Benz G-Wagens are capable of, heir legendary, ome sayunparalleled, ff-road capabilities, oogle them and watch some videos. These came with locking front and rear differentials standard fromthe factory. They also have a rock-crawling trek-through-anything 4 wheel drive lo range in addition to 4 high and 2 high. The achieve 25 to 30 mpg, ringing a truck like this to the U.S. from Europe, ith only 42,000 miles on it, etting it shipped, hrough European export, nd through U.S. Customs costs more than $12,000 including the price of the vehicle. This example then went through reconditioning of components thatdeteriorate after 32 years. It has a Kevlar impregnated paint job inside and out for durability (check out StarwoodMotors and their $60,000 Jeep Wranglers for details about this paint's durability and desirability). These paint jobs cost between $6,000 and $12,000. This Kevlar paint is twice as durable and half as heavy as Rhino-pickup truck bed liner. This truck also has a new PVC coated canvas soft top.
The idiots at eBay removed my listing for a listing violation that was not committed-claiming that I neglected to include the VIN in this listing. The VIN was right here in print in the next sentence. eBay does not accept the European V.I.N of this military spec Wolf diesel G-Wagon which is shown in the photos and is: WDB46131017038152
No expense spared-$8,000 paint job, 3,000 wheels, 1,000 tires, 3,000 convertible top-$15,000 in upgrades alone! Let me reiterate-the painting of this vehicle with 2 stage Kevlar impregnated and rugged paint, ost $8,000, he Hutchinson Military grade DOT approved (the only military grade bead lock wheels on the market) cost $600 apiece. The Goodyear Kevlar tires cost $250 a piece. so tell me, ow in the world and why would this truck sell as a turnkey piece at $15,000? Get real. if you don't want to really and seriously buy and own such an amazing machine, hen why bid?
The RHINO keeps on going and can go anywhere.Nothing stops the RHINO andnothing stops this Mercedes Benz 240GD. This truck is the most capable off-road and overland expedition vehicle in the world. It achieves 25 to 30 mpg. Used by military forces around the globe, mbassadors and heads of state like the Shah of Iran, he W461 Wolf Geländewagen started it all for today's "G-Class" trucks that Mercedes Benz still makes andsells little changed from the original design. This truck has the renowned and bullet-proof reliable 2.4 Liter Normally Aspirated inline 4 cylinder Diesel engine for which Mercedes is known and famous. This engine is like no other.First built in 1979, he Shah of Iran was a major Mercedes-Benz share holder and when hesaw the military Geländewagen that Mercedes had engineered and built, e wanted one for himself. Hence the civilian "Wolf" version of the military spec 240GD you see here.
This truck has been restored and painted in RHINO liner impregnated with Kevlar for durability. Easy to clean and hard to scratch or blemish this Is like a RHINO skin over this tough truck. With its Hutchinson Military spec bead lock wheels that enable tire changes in the field, nd its Kevlar belted Goodyear Wrangler 265/65 R16 tires, othing can stop this beautiful, apable, iece of living Mercedes-Benz history embodiedin the most capable off-road vehicle ever engineered and built.
Thistruck has only 68,800 kilometers, r approximately 42,600 miles on the odometer and it shows. It has been well maintained and it shows in how well the 4 wheel drive system works, ow well it drives down the road, nd in the fact that it has absolutely no fluid leaks and no rust. The convertible top is new and in great shape. It uses velcro, ippers, nd straps for anchoring and is super easy to throw open and let in the fresh air of the great outdoors.
Low reserve, or sale to the highest bidder, o bid to win and bid with confidence, ut bid only if you have the funds to close the purchase.You can see in the photos the truck is in excellent condition, ith no fluid leaks and no rust in the undercarriage or on the body, nd is supremely capable of off road adventuring as-is. I have installed a new 24 volt starter from Germany and went through the brakes and other systems to insure that theywork perfectly. It has a brand new set of Goodyear Wrangler Kevlar belted off road tires. Plus there is an extra set of All Weather tires to go with it if you prefer something more suited to on-road driving.There is no radio installed but installing one is easy since there is a place for one in the dash and running wiring is so easy. Besides, ho needs a radio when you can hear the music of that Mercedes-Benz 2.4L Diesel engine. There is no A/C either and the steering is manual, ut who needs A/C when you can throwopen the top and let in the fresh air and sunshine of the great out doors on your overland expedition?
Yes, t has been legally imported. And yes it has a legal title in the state of New Mexico. I have all of the import paperwork from when it was loaded on a ship in Bremerhaven Germany-including the bill of lading, omeland Security papers, PA papers, HTSA papers, nd Customs papers. The truck passed Bernalillo County Diesel vehicle emissions testing here too. And yes you can title it andregister it in your state. This truck was imported by a reputable importer. I bought it because I am a European vehicle master technician and I have found my new passion and my new hobby in life. Now that I no longer work at dealerships I can repair vehicles to my standards and I can do what brought me to turning wrenches in the first place-repair, estore, nd recondition, nd learn about the coolest motor vehicles in the world, rive them, nd then sell them, nowing in good conscience that I have provided the best vehicle possible to the new owner. Iworked at dealers for 10 years and have seen some of the awful things they knowingly and willingly do in order to sell cars and make money-the shoddy repairs they demanded, he corner and cost cutting, he ripoffs. Well, don't cut corners and I repair, estore, nd recondition vehicles correctly-they way they were meant to be when they left the factory. I have been a Ferrari/Maserati dealership shop foreman and an Audi/Porsche shop foreman. I have seen and done it all, nd this is now what I want to do-build a reputation for selling only vehicles in absolutely as near perfect condition as possible. This truck is in as near perfect condition as possible. I have gone through it and done thehandwork of repairing some of the problems that creep up in a 32 year old vehicle-I repaired the rear brake line that sprung a leak, eplaced the starter and batteries, nstalled a remanufactured propeller shaft from the transfer case to therear differential, nd cleaned out the fuel system-replacing the fuel filters in the process, f course. I have also repaired therightfront window-replacing the regulator.
I have done extensive inspection on this truck and there is a minimal amount of surface rust on the exhaust and that's it. I have had cynical people email me and claim that they know that these former military trucks get repainted and undercoated to hide corrosion. Well I can tell you all that that is completely false and completely wrong. This truck has absolutely no corrosion on it whatsoever. It does have a bit of surface rust on a few of the undercarriage and chassis components here and there as expected for a 32 year old vehicle. But there is absolutely no corrosion hiding anywhere. This truck is solid and feels like a tank going down the road. I pressure washed the undercarriage using a 2500 p.s.i. pressure washer and took photos as proof that there is no corrosion. In the photos you can see that the frame and chassis components are wet, nd that a lot of the undercoating and red paint has been blasted away. And underneath all of that, hich according to these cynical naysayers should be massive corrosion, s nothing but fresh green military paint from when the truck was new 32 years ago. This truck has been lightly used and well-maintained and it is evident in how it starts, uns, nd drives. If you don't understand what amazing and competent off-road trucks these Geländewagen Diesels are you really ought to find out before you start heaping idiotic criticism on them. Even the lack of power steering is not a problem since the German engineers did such an amazing job of gearing the steering box that these are incredibly easy to turn, specially when the truck is rolling.