1991 Mercedes 350SDL Turbo Diesel - 3.5L 4-Speed-Runs on Vegetable Oil WVO / VVO

1991 Mercedes-Benz 350SDL Turbo Diesel

Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: 350SDL Turbo Diesel
Type: Sedan
Year: 1991
Mileage: 267,770
VIN: WDBCB35E7MA600204
Color: Light Blue
Engine: 3.5L 4-Speed (Aluminum inline 6 - 134 HP)
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Biodiesel
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Tan
Safety: Anti-Lock Brakes, Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag, Side Airbags
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Dubois, Wyoming, United States
Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Leather Seats, Sunroof

Description for Mercedes-Benz 350SDL Turbo Diesel 1991

Hello Everyone,
I am selling my baby 1991 Mercedes-Benz 350SDL Turbo Diesel (aluminum inline 6 - 134 HP). Yes, its diesel,AND YOU CAN DRIVE IT FOR ZERO FUEL COSTS BECAUSE IT RUNS ON STRAIGHT VEGETABLE OIL (and get 25+ MPG)!You can also run biodiesel, but you pretty much have to be a chemist to get the mixtures right and it's a pain to produce (unless you buy biodiesel). This car is an antique and very collectable. If it was restored, it would certainly appreciate in value as time goes by. Clean and clear title.
Tired of buying gas? This car is already modified to run on straight vegetable oil, no mixing of the oil with other fluids is necessary. Just pour the fresh or filtered vegetable oil in the separate oil tank in the trunk of the car (see pics), make sure the car is running at normal operating temperature, and flip the switch beneath the ashtray to run on the oil, and you now have free fuel to run the car on! No more paying for expensive diesel. If the price of oil goes up again, and it will, you are no longer dependent upon the oil companies -- because now you can drive your car for free! And thats a great feeling.
You can run it on waste vegetable oil (WVO) or virgin vegetable oil (VVO), biodiesel, or diesel - just flip a switch. And yes, the exhaust will smell liked french fries. If you decide to burn waste vegetable oil, just make sure its filtered down to 1 micron and its water-free. Why is filtering important? For vegetable oil and biodiesel, contaminants must be removed before entering an engine. Injectors, pumps and pistons/seals will be ruined if large particles or the wrong fluids enter them. Engines require lubricating fluids to ensure long operational life. Diesel fuel is a lot more lubricating than gasoline. This is one of the main factors why diesel engines tend to go 500k to a million miles with no problem while most gasoline engines are pretty much junk by 200k. There are many, many diesel taxi cars in Europe that have over 1 million miles! And this car will run over 1 million miles too!
If you buy this car, I can tell you where I used to get my waste oil from, and they gave it to me free. My vegetable oil tank this located in the trunk holds approximately 10 gals of oil (the tank can also be removed). It has its own fuel gauge beneath the ashtray. Then, you also have the standard diesel tank that holds about 23.8 gallons. This is 350SDL, so its 4 inches longer than the 350SD. It's a 4-Speed Automatic Transmission. It has a power sliding moon roof that doesn't leak. I have maintained the car very well. None of the glass on the doors, headlights, or windshield is broken.
Tires are Ok, but they are old. I put a new radiator in the car and a new flywheel. Electric windows and doors. Power seats for both Driver and Passenger with 2 memory settings on each side. Full grain leather seats with the most comfortable Mercedes built seats I have ever sat on for that decade of car. Power steering. Driver airbag. Belts were all replaced. Brand new high voltage Battery with Warranty. I have owned the car since 2007, and have placed about 20,000 miles on it. I have done a couple of transmission flushes. Most all the hoses have been replaced. Car has heat and A/C that works. Has a first aid kit in the back window. The car will come with 2 new Mann Oil Filters, and a new Mann Air Filter. The car also has a new $700 Pioneer stereo system, and new speakers (it also has wireless Bluetooth to sync with your phone), but someone stole the stereo face cover. There are 2 cigarette lighters in the back seat area for your electronic devices and a lighter in front.
This car floats down highway. You will love it. Your welcome to do a carfax, it is accident free. I invite you to drive it, its solid, safe, mechanical longevity can be well over 1 million miles, runs on straight vegetable oil, and it's a tank! These cars don't "break-in" mechanically until past 200,000 miles.
This truly beaks my heart to have to sell this treasure of mine, but I have to. My loss, your gain! I have over $17,000 in this vehicle. Any questions, please message me.
P.s. Let me also list the things that need fixed.MECHANICALLY:The cruise control engages, but loses it "hold". Not sure why this does this, but that needs looked at. The tachometer stopped working 2,000 miles ago which may have caused the odometer to stop working too. Not sure if thats is the reason, but they both stopped working 2000 miles ago, and thats the truth (it also could be a simple fuse replacement, but I haven't checked that yet). It idles slow, and it just started doing this, so when this happens I just change out both fuel filters, put fresh diesel in the car, and this fixes the problem. As far as the engine goes, no worries there. Needs brake pads or possibly rotors (which they are near this point) your will see a light flicker on the dashboard - indicating its time to replace the pads. This light barely comes on every now and then. I have never replaced the rotors (all 4 wheels have rotors), but I am sure this is an item you may want to address in the future. It also has a new ignition tumbler and key.
INTERIOR:The guy who installed my stereo busted my plastic speaker covers, so those are broken. The leather on the seats are 24 years old, so since the leather is that old it's becoming fragile and there are tears in the seats. It just needs recovered. These seats are the best in terms of comfort, and a nice soft new leather will really add to this car (I was quoted $1200 for this). The key for the doors became wore out, and now I can't open my door handles with a key anymore. The car doors lock and open by inserting the key in the trunk lock. This is the only way to lock the car doors (its on a vacuum system). You will need to get a locksmith to troubleshoot why the car door lock tumblers won't open.
BODY:Exterior wise, I am not a body shop guy, but when I bought the car, I was told it was never in an accident. I verified this through a carfax report. However, over time, I noticed that the cheap paint job this Seller put on the car to try and sell it started to flake off, revealing a yellow material underneath in certain places. I don't know if this is bondo, or the color of a paint primer, or another substance. I have never got around to have anyone look at this, so I couldn't tell you how the body was repaired (or if it was). The car doors were banged into a couple of times with a lawnmower, so there are some minor dents, but nothing a body shop can not fix. The dings on the car has always bothered me (including the cheap paint job) that I always wanted to do a nice paint job. The body is so solid, that the car needs a nice paint job and the minor dents popped out. The car is dirty, and needs to be detailed, and I would have done this for you but I have lacked the time to get this done. Also, it could use new window tinting since the left back door the tint is coming off.
Exterior Measurements:
WIDTH5 ft. 11.7 in. (71.7 in.)
HEIGHT4 ft. 8.7 in. (56.7 in.)
LENGTH17 ft. 4.1 in. (208.1 in.)
WHEEL BASE10 ft. 1.1 in. (121.1 in.)
Interior Measurements:
REAR HIP ROOM 57.8 in.
REAR LEG ROOM 39.6 in.
FUEL TYPE Diesel, Biodiesel, WVO, VVO
RANGE IN MILES (CTY/HWY) 452.2/547.4 mi.
EPA MILEAGE EST. (CTY/HWY) 19/23 mpg on Diesel, 25+ with WVO/VVO
Weights and Capacities:
CURB WEIGHT 3850 lbs.
DRIVE TYPE Rear wheel drive
TRANSMISSION 4-speed automatic
Engine & Performance:
TORQUE 229 ft-lbs. @ 2000 rpm
HORSEPOWER 134 hp @ 4000 rpm
Safety & Security Features:
4-Wheel ABS
Anti-Theft Alarm System
Driver Front Airbag
Fog Lights