1994 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: S-Class
Type: Coupe
Year: 1994
Mileage: 108000
VIN: WDBGA70E1RA147353
Color: Black
Engine: 5.0
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Hammonton, New Jersey, United States
Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Cassette Player, CD Player, Leather Seats, Sunroof

Description for Mercedes-Benz S-Class 1994

ATTENTION:Before you start reading this listing....
(and my sincere apologies to those who DO know what they're looking at! The following comments are NOT meant for YOU!)
This car is meant for the discerning Mercedes collector who wants the very best as his every day driver, or the person who wants a beautiful classic to take to car shows. If you don't know what this car is...how RARE it is, and how valuable it is, and what you're looking at, please, no offense, but this isn't the car for you. Go back to looking at the newer high mileage broken-down junker S class cars all over eBay and Craigslist.You can buy a 2007-2008 for this price.If you think they are the same car, then continue looking at THOSE and save your time reading my listing.Fair enough?
"The King Of The S Class"
"The Last REAL Mercedes"
These are just two of the many superlatives used to describe the series of Mercedes known as the "W140".
The W140 series S Class Benz was developed after Mercedes spent over ONE BILLION DOLLARS (in 1990 dollars!!!! Convert that to today's money!!) to create what they hoped to be the very best Mercedes flagship model of all time.
By all accounts, they succeeded beyond their wildest expectations!
The W140 S Class is still (by the thousands!) seen on the road today, decades after the last one left the assembly line!
But you WILL NOT see many of the coupe, like the one offered here today. Although over 406,000 S-Class sedans were sold, only a tiny fraction of that number were coupes....only around 26,000 over the entire 8 year run, making this one of the rarest Mercedes Benz cars in modern history!
Why were so few sold?
That can be answered in one word.
This car's window sticker, as shown here, (YES! You'll get it with the car!) was over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS in 1994!!!!
That converts to $175,000 in today's money!!!!
You can see why the "average joe" wasn't buying a two-door personal luxury version of the S-Class in those days! Most S-Class buyers needed the expansive cavern of the sedan's huge back seat area to convey their family and friends and clients, and many, many of the sedans were driven by chauffeurs, with the owner seated in the back. That just wouldn't work with the coupe, which was meant for people like you and me who LOVE to drive and would never be in the back, driven by someone we paid to enjoy the finest car on the road!
So to be able to plunk down $100,000 in cash, you had to be quite wealthy, and want to acquire a car predominantly designed to be enjoyed by both driver and maybe one passenger, with an occasional back seat rider. (Although, that said, the back seats are EXTREMELY comfortable and I could spend hours back there myself! And YES, it DOES have really cool individual heated back seats AND rear air conditioning. But it's NOT the same as the sedan which had reclining rear seats and was a lot easier to get in and out of.)
Here for your consideration is one of the finest examples I have ever seen of this rare Benz.
The mileage is just right. Not so low that car hasn't been driven enough to keep it running correctly (do your homework....low mileage examples can be the most problematic...these cars were meant to be DRIVEN, not just "sit"), and low enough to have HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of miles left to enjoy! These V8 powered W140 cars routinely go over 500,000 miles without a rebuild! (Be very careful if considering the 12 cylinder models....they are VERY expensive to maintain. This one is a desirable V8 and has 315 horsepower. PLENTY of power for any reasonable thing you'll want to do with this car!)
The paint is just beautiful! A very glossy black that shines wonderfully! The bottom cladding and the front bumper, which have a contrasting color, show a little age as they ALWAYS do on these cars. Many owners solve this issue by painting just the contrasting color to match the car, which makes it look more modern while simultaneously fixing any aged paint. I'll probably do that if I decide to keep the car. It's a very difficult decision to offer it for sale or trade and I may change my mind at any time!
The obvious questions you'll ask:
YES, this is a NON-SMOKER'S vehicle!NO sign of smoking in the car whatsoever!!(A smoker's car is always a deal-killer for me, and I would think would be for you too. So rest assured this one is CLEAN!)
YES, stuff WORKS, including the all-important AIR CONDITIONING, which blows cold as you would hope!Even the "reverse antenna" system works! If you've never seen it, this long discontinued tech was so cool! These two little antenna raise up when you're in reverse as guides to help you gauge where the back of the car is! Mercedes lost money on every S Class coupe they sold so by 1995, this was one of the MANY extravagances they deleted to save money on the newer models. (How do you think the price of the car went DOWN almost $10K from 1994 to 1995?? You know that never happens! They CUT things from the car! That's why you want this one!)
This car has had plenty of recent maintenance, including oil changes, plugs, wires, full tune-up, and new brakes all around!It's TRULY ready to drive every day or take to car shows and win trophies!After all, it's 25 years old and a CLASSIC!
Speaking of it being a classic, that means you can get classic car insurance if you want, which is VERY VERY cheap, or do what I do and have regular insurance on it so you can drive as many miles as you want, because even regular insurance for this car is very inexpensive!
The car is mostly original, except for the obvious upgrade to the very expensive rims as shown on the car. They really make the car "pop" and the S500 Coupe handles like it's on rails with them! I don't have the old ugly OEM rims, but even if I did, you'd never want to replace what is on the car now anyway. Look at how beautiful they look on this car!
I welcome and encourage in-person inspections of this fine automobile.Bring your mechanic!Bring anyone you like!This is a NO-EXCUSE car!
(The "Fine Print": Please remember this IS a 25 year old classic car, and it's NOT a "chevy"...it's a MERCEDES. That means it is a complicated hand-crafted high end personal luxury car and WILL need an owner who appreciates the stewardship of such a fine automobile. If you're looking for a "perfect" car, it will behoove you to go to a NEW car dealer and buy a NEW car, not a 25 year old classic. While this car is INCREDIBLE, it is NOT "perfect" and NOT "new". If you bid and get here expecting a "perfect" car, you will be disappointed. If you're realistic in your expectationsand know what you're looking at, you will be THRILLED with the opportunity to add this one to your collection!!)

My asking price is somewhat negotiable, BUT:
1. Please save the lowball offers. I do NOT "need" the money and in fact know I will regret losing this rare automobile. I chose this car after searching for almost TWO YEARS for the right example! I saw plenty of cars and passed on them because they weren't as clean and as well maintained as this one. I saw cars with an "Autocheck Score" of 15 to 25 points BELOW the minimum acceptable range for this car! (25-45). This car's score? 60! Yes, you read that right! SIXTY on a scale of 25-45!!! That should tell you something about this car's history! NO accidents, no title issues, no problems of ANY kind that would drag this car's score down like the many others I considered! Don't underestimate the value of a great Autocheck score!
2. Please, don't show me examples of cars that sold for thousands less than I want for my car. See #1. (And by the way, there is a REASON those cars sold for less. I did MY homework, and even SAW many of those cars myself! They were all in need of major reconditioning and/or mechanical repairs. NOT SO with my car! That's why I chose THIS one when I finally decided on the best example out there!)
3. YES, I will ABSOLUTELY consider TRADES for ANYTHING of equal value! Because I love cars, and toys in general, I am ALWAYS, no matter how much I love what I currently have, ready and willing to experience something new!! I will consider trades for ANY other cool car or truck or motorcycle or boat! If it's not an equal value, I will put cash in either direction to make it fair. If yours is worth more than mine, I will give you cash. If yours is worth less, prepare to do the same. By the way, it doesn't have to be a vehicle of some kind. I collect all kinds of things from guitars to coins to watches and much much more. So don't hesitate to ask. Worst I can say is a polite "No thanks!" If you DO want to make a trade offer, PLEASE send details AND PICTURES of what you have to trade! I will respond promptly to proposals that have the details I need to consider the trade!
4. PLEASE PLAN ON PAYING IN CASH! And by "cash", I mean US CURRENCY, NOT a check or money order, not even a cashier's check.CASH ONLY, NO EXCEPTIONS, PLEASE DO NOT ASK. I will require a NON REFUNDABLE $500 deposit when you win, and the balance in cash when you come get the car. I'll be happy to reverse the paypal deposit if you pay the total in cash, if that works better for you. By the way, the reason the deposit is not refundable is to eliminate game players. If you have questions about the car, come see it BEFORE bidding, PLEASE.

OK, that's it! If you have any questions please ask! I'll be happy to quickly respond!I have NOTHING to hide!That said, I am human and may have missed some things so by all means ask questions if it seems I did!
PS: Edited to add: TO THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE OFFERED TRADES: Please, PLEASE, give me some DETAILS and some PICTURES when sending a trade proposal! A recent interested party actually sent THIS email which I will cut and paste here:
"Would you be interested in trading even-up for my beautiful Cadillac"
NO pictures. (So I have NO idea what this beautiful Caddy looks like!)
NO details. (And I have NO idea even what YEAR or MODEL it is, let alone the mileage and condition!!!)
So you can see how frustrating an email like that can be!
PLEASE!Send pics and details and how you value your tradewith any trade proposal emails you send!
Thank you!!!!