mercedes benz 1983 300D

1983 Mercedes-Benz 300-Series

Condition: Used
Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: 300-Series
Type: Sedan
Year: 1983
Mileage: 157000
VIN: WDBAB33A4DB033791
Cylinders: 5
Fuel: Diesel
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Chandler, Texas, United States

Description for Mercedes-Benz 300-Series 1983

Mercedes-Benz 300-Series . Condition is Used. I've had the car for 5 years,, it is a good running car,,, it has some quirks,,, but I have learned to live with them,,, I have enjoyed running down the road with it... it has a good solid rid, ,, here's the thing with this car... I have spent a good number of hours under this vehicle... I have a personal attachment to it... i don't say you have to get under it,,, to have good relationship with the car,,, just saying it isn't that easy to part with it... here's two solid reasons I bought it in the first place,,,, #1,,, this car was built in 1983,,, the world was different then,, people built things to last... when I bought my a/c unit it was only guaranteed for 5 years,,,, cost more than $3000.00, the refrig we have, I had to replace a part on it recently,,, the instructions that came with the part,,, said; do this if its a 1960 to 62,,,, if its 63 to 65 do this.... instructions for a 60 year old appliance... this car is 37 years old, but this model of car is known to go for more than a million miles... I will repeat that... 1 million miles,,, this particular model... it is made in germany, and many of them are driven as taxis all over europe,,, they are documented for over a million miles,,,,, I can not and will not guarantee this one will.... have to been honest,,, but also I know this guy,,, in his 80's now,,, was a chemical engineer,,, got layed off from his job,,, when he was young,,, bought a mercedes,,, and sold it,,, bought another and sold it,,,he started to appreciated their durability,,,, has been buying; selling mercedes and repairing mercedes for more than 50 years,,, he has a 60 acre property back in the woods,,, with more than 160 old mercedes,, in different states of "repair, ,, he had a 1983 300D just like mine,,, it was still running fine at 600,000. One of his employees got in an accident and it had to been hung out to dry... that I do know... just to know if you need parts for this car,,, this is one place to be able to go....ok so here is one strong selling point,, I figure,,, where on the vehicular market can you find a car that has potentially,,, 850,000 miles left on it... for $4000.00,, as far as I can tell buying a new car for $20,000.00 wont get you there.... now another thing,,, although I haven't gotten around to do it , ,, it can run on 20% diesel and 80% used vegetable oil,,,, if your into do it yourself stuff,,, this will be able to save you at least 50% of your fuel bill... I would think,,, although prices are down right now,,, at what they used to be,,, in four years at very conserative calculations,,,, you could save the cost of the car.... $4000.00,, that means you get the car free,,, not the bad part,,,, 3 things the car needs,,, I have survived,,, without them,,, but it wouldn't hurt to get it fixed,,, #1. needs a compressor for the a/c,,,,, i think about $400.00 installed,,, I think...., it has been awhile since I priced it,,, could be a hundred or so more... #2. seals on the transmission.... the transmission is working well,,, but I need to put in a quart of tranny oil about every other month,,,, again I don't use the car on a daily basis... I know a very good mercedes mechanic,,, if you live near tyler tx,, he is german,,, and a mercedes mechanic for more than 50, he's more than 80 also,, but his son does most of the work,,, but you would be in good hands with them....#3 and it needs a neutral safety switch.... the tranny seals and switch could run about $500.00,, as far as comfort,,, I already changed out the drivers seat and the back part of the rear seat,,, the interior is not fresh and shining, it is worn out looking but more than comfortable.... another very positive note... there are no, I said no computer chips anywhere in the car,,, unless you have taken a laptop with you,,,, I can't tell you how much money you could save by not having any computer chips in your car,,, unless you have already paid for some computer chip malfunction in your present up to date car. so in conclusion I would say this car is worth much more than I am asking for it.... if it continues to last another life time... also the design of the car is very solid, very pleasing to the far as transport,,,, depending on where in live,,, I would be happy to drive the car there,,, just to show its capabilities,, there would be an addition cost,,, again depending on how far I would have to go.. diesel fuel and return airflight,,, but it might not be more than $200.00 or $300.00 to get the car to your door,,, but that would mean the finances would have been resolved before I started driving..... let me know what you think..... jeff

this is a list of what I have had repaired on the car,,, most was done by the mercedes mechanic in tyler, I did a few of them,, the point is alot has been done on this car that will keep it running down the road already

1. valves have been adjusted,

2. replace air filter mounts

3. change transmission fluid and filter

4. installed front brake hoses

5. replace motor mounts

6. replaced transmission mount

7. replaced transmission kick down cable

8. repair speedometer

9. replaced belts

10. replace valve covergasket

11. replaced left front lowerball joints

12. replaced right frontlower ball joints

13. replaced strut rodbushing both sides

14. replaced rear cv joints

15. replaced mufflers hangers

16. replaced drive shaftcenter support

17. replaced drivers seat andsprings

18. replaced rear seat (back)

19. replaced all the fuses

20. removed and replacedfront brake rotors, calipers and pads

21. new tires

22. replaced left and right window combo switches

total repair costs $4,481.00 asking price $4000.00,