Make: Mercury
Model: Cougar
Type: Coupe XR7
Year: 1967
Mileage: 68838
VIN: 7f93C636561
Color: Red
Engine: 289CI REBUILT
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Boulder City, Nevada, United States
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Description of 1967 Mercury Cougar NICELY RESTORED 67 COUGAR XR7 $10900 PARTS + LABOR


  • Presents . . .

    1967 Mercury Cougar XR7 Coupe

    Viva Las Vegas Autos Presents . . .

    An exceptionally nice Driver Quality 1967 Mercury Cougar XR7 Coupe. When a local collector called me to purchase this Cougar, he led me to believe it was really rough. After meeting the owner, I realized that his collection of several over the top concourse show cars, gave him a basis for his "project Cougar". Most of the time, when a seller tells me they have a "project car" for sale, I will usually show up with a trailer and a winch. Took two minutes to realize that this 67 Cougar was NOT the "project car" 98% of all classic car buyers own. That day, it was completely drive-able on a daily basis. The battery was old and didn't start the car, but I assured him if he bought a new battery and proved the car could start and drive, I would be a buyer. Battery in, one kick over with a few throttle pumps, and she was running like a champ and our agreed upon price was tendered. Then he told me the rest of the story...

    Viva Las Vegas Autos Known History . . .

    The rest of the story was bonus time for my ears. He shared with me a partial list of what had been done.He and his son had started their restoration of the car for his grand daughter which midway through the process found out about her gift and wanted no part of the "antique" car. Modern cars were more her style and the finishing of the car stopped...but the best part was I was about to gain inventory that was way further along than just a "project. When you see the list below that I got from the seller and then you add up the items that were not on his $10k in receipts, then you too will understand what you get when you win this great classic Cougar.

    Here is the list and costs associated that the seller gave me. Note that I will continue the list of new items not accounted for that are also in the items associated with the restoration; none of which account for the installation labor costs.

    List of Items: Date: Price Paid:

    Complete Rebuild on 289ci Engine June $2000

    Engine Installation June $1000

    Complete Transmission Rebuild July $950

    New Magnum Alloy Wheels Aug $850

    New Power Steering Valve May $350

    New Dash Pad May $400

    New Carburetor June $179

    New Seats, Covers, Foam & Seat Belts January $538

    New Headliner & Overhead Console February $117

    New Carpeting, Arm rests & Door Parts January $393

    New Brake Booster & Master Cylinder January $126

    Floor Pans January $101

    Power Steering Hoses and Ram May $110

    Water Pump June $45

    Upper & lower Control Arms & Perches May $199

    Transmission Real Seal & U-Joints April & May $45

    Stereo, Speakers & Kick Panels May $240

    Ignition & Light Switch January $94

    Windshield Rubber Seal January $24

    Alternator, Cables & Engine Oil January $76

    Repair Manuals & Shop Guides January $50

    From here the items I found on the car that were not part of the list above but new are as follows with estimated costs ($3000):

    New Fuel Tank, sending units & Metal Fuel Lines to the engine ($400)

    New Tie Rods & Ends ($200)

    New Cross Over Exhaust from manifold to the rear of the car. ($1200)

    New Outside Mirrors ($95)

    New Starter, Oil Filters & Fuel Pump and filter ($150)

    New Trunk Mat & Spare Cover ($75)

    New Digital Sequential Tail Light operator ($230)

    New Turn Signal Switch ($25)

    New Sun Visors, Tips & Holders ($190)

    New Door Sill Plates & Screws ($30)

    New Ignition Wires, Plugs, Cap, Rotor, Coil ($65)

    New Upper & Lower Hoses ($45)

    New KYB Shocks Front and Rear ($100)

    New Brake Lines ($75)

    New Power Steering Ram Seal ($15)

    New Battery & Cable ($145)

    That's Just what was obvious in my inspection. You'll see all these in the highly detailed pictures as well. That's quite a bit more than just a project car at $10900 in parts costs and doing a vast majority of the work themselves.

    Viva Las Vegas Autos Preparations and Conditional Assessment. . .

    Any classic vehicle I buy, I want it as good as I would have it be if I were to keep it for myself. So, the first order of business when I buy a vehicle is to fully inspect it after finding out the maintenance history and care of said vehicle. I have owned more than most people have when it comes to classic cars.

    As for my personal assessment of this Cougar XR7. The car has it's original motor and transmission that are fully rebuilt and operated super well. I noticed a small leak on the side shaft seal on the transmission. The engine performs great, although I would recommend a four barrel manifold and carburetor for better performance. The steering box is original and has some play in it. The brakes are exceptional, even for four wheel drums. The transmission shifts smoothly and the drive-line and rear end operate as they should. The vacuum headlights do not open on operation, although they do turn on and you can open them by hand. All lights operate. Overall, I wouldn't call this Cougar a project since it's fully functional and a very nice daily driver. The weakest aspect of the Cougar is the paint finish and lack of body work...which may be a good thing. The car was originally a green Cougar with tan leather luxury interior and it was an AC car. (Air Conditioned). It's not like you'll "Need" to repaint the car, unless you want a show car. That will require professional body work on this Cougar that doesn't appear to have had any major bodywork in the past. A very straight all original metal body. Just needs a great finisher with that department. The interior shows very well, but obviously not original. The driver's door has a crack at the top of the door. The wood dash panel is original with an added fuel gauge that doesn't work. The rest of the gauges work great. The wipers also function fine too.

    Overall, this Cougar XR7 was a very pleasant surprise for me in how much had been done and it's overall drive-ability was just as nice. Take a look at my highly detailed images from top to bottom and everywhere in between. That way you can assess the value you are willing to offer to make your bid a winning bid.

  • Viva Las Vegas Autos Verified Data . . .



    Model/Style: Cougar XR7


    Miles: 68,838 (exempt)

    Engine Size: 289ci 2bbl

    Transmission:Automatic C6

  • Viva Las Vegas Autos Note from the Owner. . .

    I am a “used car dealer” but before that, I’m an automobile enthusiast. I love original, rareand high quality modified vintage and modern cars. Over the past 17 years I’ve been in business, I have come to appreciate anexpanding selection of high-demand, high value vehicles as well.I specialize in and I am always on the lookout for cars and trucks that were cherished by their previous owners.

    I have an experienced eye for quality and I’ve discovered that my preferred buyers can instantlydiscern such a vehicle and I have therefore, built my businessand reputation around finding these kinds of cars for this type of customer.Super low miles and/or gentle ownership are strict requirements but a car must do something for me on a personallevel if there is any hope of convincing you, the buyer, that this is an above average, exceptional vehicle. If nothingabout the car excites me, it probably won’t do much for youeither and I would soon be out of business.

    With no employees and no sales people, I realize howunusual a “dealership” like mine may be at a first glance. First I do an exhaustive 130 point inspection on each and every vehicle and hope nothing escapes our methodical investigation. Experience has shown that everything I spend making a car truly“right” will come back to me not only with a higher sellingprice, but a happy customer that says good things about Viva Las Vegas Autos.Moreover; it allows us to describe and disclose the car with ease and confidence, something that simply is not possibleunless we think it is true.If major issues are found or the cost of fixing the car the way it should be makes it tooexpensive to sell, my choice is an easy one.I simplyhonestly disclose the conditions and allow the buyer a less expensive opportunity to own the car.

    After the vehicle is fully checked over and made whole at any level it needs to be, we researches its history, documentsdocumenting originality and authenticity.Historical significance, rarity, special features, possible modifications and much more are used to accurately describe the vehicle with integrity and honesty.Most important for the potential buyer are the 100 to 200 high resolution pictures that I take myself.The pricey equipment I use would be right at home in the hands of the very best professional photographers and I’ve developed a logical format that walks you around the entirevehicle with close-up shots of every square inch.Iprovide detailed views of the interior, under the hood and thenput it on a lift to show the undercarriage and confirm that the beauty of the car you are considering is not merely skin deep.Even our detailers are enthusiastic about the cars they meticulously clean.Reconditioning can sometimes takeseveral as we do all that we can within reason to get ourvehicles in tip top condition visually and cosmetically. Way more than just a cheap detail….Our details are more likerefurbishing to as close to new as we can possibly get our vehicles

    Usually, I’ll also include a high definition video that shows the car doing its thing.If it’s a fast car, we film it going fast.If it’s a 4x4 you’ll see it crawling up ahill.In every case you will hear things like a rumbling exhaust, working sound system and watch gauges operational as well.

    No “dealer,” on-line or in the real world, takes it to this level.No other seller or organization provides you, the buyer, with so much information. I do this because it is the only way I can convince a person; often a world away, unable to touch or feel their purchase that my vehicle is for real and what I say is an honest assessment.All the above is necessary for me to stay in business while keeping integrity intact.I want every buyer to be happy and I need glowing feedback on eBay.To accomplish that I need satisfied customers that are as thrilled with their purchase as I was whenI bought it.

    If you have any questions at all, please call me on my cell at: 702-353-7500. If your inquiry is sincere and yourofferserious, you’ll find me the most accommodating businesspartner you’ve ever dealt with. If you call or e-mail asking for my reserve or “what is my bottom line” I will be looking for ways to politely end the conversation.Untilyou are ready to actually make an offer, I will happily quoteyou a liberal suggested retail price – a number we both knowwill not buy the car so, don’t waste your time, or mine. I am after all, a “used car dealer.”​​​​​​​

    Viva Las Vegas Autos Terms of Sales . . .

    This vehicle is safely stored in our beautiful climate controlled showroom in Henderson, Nevada.We are just 25 minutes from Las Vegas International Airport (McCarran) and welcome the opportunity tomeet the winning bidder there and drive them to our facility forvehicle delivery.We have years of experience with vehicleshipping, nationwide and across the globe.We stand readyto help with whatever arrangements are necessary at the buyers request and expense. This vehicle will not be delivered or released for shipment until complete payment is received and all funds have cleared.

    Third party, pre-purchase vehicle inspections are welcome BEFORE the auctionends. We are happy to answer questions about this vehicle and resolve any concerns you may have BEFORE YOU BID and BEFORE THE AUCTION ENDS . . . THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.If you are in the Las Vegas area, we invite you to stop by for a demonstration.

    A $1000 non-refundable partial payment must be received 24 hours from the end of this auction . NO Exceptions!We prefer bank to bank wire transfers for all funds includingdeposits but we may accept PayPal if necessary.

    Full payment must be received within four (3) business days of the end of auction. Cashiers-check, direct deposit or cash in person are acceptable but BANK to BANK WIRE TRANSFER IS PREFERRED for US winners andrequired for all winning bidders outside the United States.Loan checks can be accepted only after prior approval from the owner, Doug Williams. M/Os will NEVER be accepted. CHECKS in ANY FORM MUST BE CLEARED as CASHABLE FUNDS before delivery of any item.

    Free and clear title isin seller's possession and will be transferred upon payment infull and accepted delivery of the automobile. By Nevada StateLaw, Dealers have up to 30 days to delivery titles due to auction and floor-line title housing.

    Important:Winning bidders for automobile transactions are not obligated to purchase nor is the seller obligated to sell to any winning bidder according to eBay's policies, see (pages.ebay.com/help/policies/non-binding-bid.html).Bidders that win an auction and then do not pay, spoil the integrity of the eBay experience and cause sellers to incuradditional costs and losses due to the non-paying biddersnegligence and disregard for honest dealings.If you win this auction and we collect your non-refundable deposit via Paypal or any other means, you agree to waive your right to claim your deposit back with any arbitration to your bank, credit card issuer or PayPal.

    If you do not intend to complete this purchase, DO NOT BID.

    If your User ID contact information is not up to date on eBay, DO NOT BID until yourcorrect it. We cancel bids when we find contact informationinvalid.

    If you bid just to see what a reserve is then cancel your bid, we will immediately cancel your ability bid on any of our auctions in the future.

    We want to have a very positive experience on eBay, just like you do. Don't use eBay as your playground to bid without responsibility or commitment. eBay's auction system promotes irresponsible bidders because there is no accountability whatsoever as there is for sellers. Most bidders never have any real intention to complete any transaction but we do as responsible sellers, so don't play irresponsibly online, we don't.

    We will happily do whatever is required to assist a legitimate bidder that intendsto purchase the vehicle with their transaction.

    This vehicle soldAS-IS, with no warranty. This is not a new vehicle, it is used.A used vehicle will have normal wear and tear congruent to its age and/or mileage. This vehicle may have dings, scratches or other indications of use because it has been used. Terms such as "perfection," "flawless" or "mint" may not be subjective but all other descriptions are.

    When you bid, you understand and agree to these terms.

    Please call Doug @ 702-353-7500 with ANY questions. Email:Doug@VivaLasVegasAutos.com

    Sales tax, Smog and title fees may be applicable to Nevada residents.

    A Document Fee of $450.00 will be added to the closing auction price.

    An Optional 15 Day Drive Away Permit is available for $18.25.

    New eBay bidders with (0) feedback or international bidders must make contact by email or phone at least 2 hours before bidding.

    We reserve the right to cancel bids if necessary to protect our clients.

    Researchfor this ad was done with all due diligence toward an accurate presentation of the facts. All information herein represents our sincere effort to be correct.If we have made any obvious errors or provided information later found to be inaccurate, it is still your responsibility to inspect thepictures for verification.Descriptive words like"perfect" or "flawless" are subjective opinions because nothingis perfect; flaws are inevitable.If you question what you see, feel free to inspect our vehicles in person or by a professional inspection service strictly prior to the close of this auction.Post auction inspections are unacceptable and we reserve the right to sell to the follow up bidder immediately.

    Viva Las Vegas Autos hires Models to present some of our cars. . . Why?

    Because it's fun and it gets your attention. After all, this isLas Vegas. What more could you expect? Let's be clear, themodels pictured with the vehicles are paid for the express purpose of showing off and presenting the vehicles. They are notincluded with the sale of the vehicles or available to go withthem at any point during the presentation online.

    In other words,

    Models Are Not Included


    But included with this sale, the winning bidder that does complete the transaction will receive all digital photographs of the vehicle and the models if they want them.

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