2 Cougar's (69 Cougar XR7 / 70 Standard / Parts)

1969 Mercury Cougar

Condition: Used
Make: Mercury
Model: Cougar
Type: Coupe
Year: 1969
Mileage: 1
VIN: 9F9314565988
Cylinders: 8
Interior color: Dark Ivy Gold
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Description for Mercury Cougar 1969

2 Complete Couagrs (69 Mercury Cougar XR7 / 70 Std. Cougar / Treasure trove of parts)
Time for the Lady(s) to find a new Den. Purchased 69 in Yuma AZ in 1983, has remained in the SW desert since.This is a package Deal. I’m not selling the cars or parts separately.
The 70 is a Std, 351C w/2B, FMX. Purchased in 2010 from Oklahoma. It was a running car. This is a Factory Air car, compressor is missing. The Factory Air Cleaner is in the Trunk. This car in my opinion is a straight forward and easy restoration, especially given all the spare parts that come along with it. VIN 0F91H569634
The 69 is a XR7, 351W w/4B (factory), FMX. It was born with 3.00 open Differential, I upgraded to a 3.50 Trac-Loc from FPP. I rebuilt the motor in 1986, stock internals, no over bore. Headers added. Transmission was rebuilt at the same time, shift kit added. I later added an Edelerbrock Performer, Edelerbrock Carb (Carter AFB Type), Mallory Unilite Distributor, Flowmaster American Thunder, and X-Pipe and turn-downs. The exhaust is bolted on (clamps), should be welded. I added a Period Correct HiPo Air Cleaner, One Piece Export Brace, a Monte Carlo Bar and Black Finned Valve Covers.
Mechanical s: The Radiator was replaced with a 3 core, Trans cooler added. The Heater Core & Heater Control Valve also replaced. The Power Steering Pump, Power Ram Cylinder & Power Control Valve & Steering Box have been rebuilt, all the hoses have been replaced. Inner/Outer Tie Rods Replaced. The Master Cylinder, Brake Booster & Proportioning Valve have all been rebuilt or replaced. The rear Brakes, replaced Brake Cylinders, all Hardware and added a SS Braided Brake Line, Axle Bearing/Seals replaced. Front Brakes, Rotors replaced, Calipers rebuilt, Bearings/Races/Seals replaced, added SS Braided Brake Lines. The AC Compressor, Evaporator, Dryer have been replaced. The Alternator was rebuilt to a 100 amp, the Battery was relocated to the Trunk. U-Joints, Trans Mount replaced. I replaced the Fuel Tank, Carburetor, Fuel Pump, Sending Unit and Fuel Line 7 years ago (the New sending unit is not the Low Sensor type (3 Prong), it was not in stock at that time, but I kept the old one that is, it can be rebuilt). New Windshield Washer Reservoir, with tubing/fittings. I rebuilt, replaced or had reconditioned all these mechanical so I could jump in at any time and take it out.
.Suspension: The Rear Springs have been replaced, Poly Bushings used, 1” Lowering Blocks & KYB Shocks added. A 7/8” Rear Sway Bar & 1 1/8” Front Sway Bar w/ Poly Bushings added. A Negative Wedge Kit installed (drops front by1”), New 620 Springs cut 1” by Perogie Enterprises (yes, the car sits two inches lower in the front), Spring Perch’s, Insulators, KYB’s, Bump Steer Corrector Kit, Eccentric Eliminator Kit, Upper control Arm Bushings, New Lower Control Arms w/Bushings & Ball Joints. Poly Strut Bushings Added. On the suspension, it is period correct, meaning it's using the same type parts Shelby used back in the day. It has improved the steering dramatically (tighter cornering, less lean) and the S.S. brake lines add for a firm brake pedal with no fade.
Interior: The Glass has been tinted, Headliner replaced (in 1985 with a homemade cloth, still looks good). I replaced the gauge cluster (tach didn’t work, still have the original one). New Carpet was installed, Shoulder Harness removed, new Wood Grain in Center Console & Radio bezel. Clock works (old style point type), Hi-Beam switch replaced, Grant Wood-Grain Steering Wheel installed, aftermarket Stereo w/tape installed with speakers (Radio Bezel not cut-up). All the Weather Stripping has been replaced (inner/outer Window Felt, Door Seals, Front Glass Rubber, both Pillar & Door Jam Seals), Shelby Shift handle (Snake), new Door Light switches, Cougar Floor Mats. The remainder of the interior is in good condition, especially given its 51 years. The Door Pull Straps need to be replaced (currently not installed). The Dash has some cracks, has dash cover.
Body: I had the car painted & Inner RF Panel (Battery area) replaced, it was an OK job, they did not align the fenders/doors very well. I had the Bumpers re-Chromed, as well as the Hood/Trunk Trim, plus some of the Emblems. The Rear Bumper is shiny, but bit wavy on the driver’s side (70 Rear Bumper in excellent condition). I added the Eliminator Hood Scoop and Rear Spoiler, had the Hood cut out to accommodate the Air Cleaner. The Head Light Doors Stay closed and open when lights come on. The Rear Sequential Lights Work, but not perfectly (they Sequence in order, but not at the correct speed) (I replaced the under dash flasher unit, but the trunk mounted unit may need to be replaced). I replaced the Vinyl Top 27 years ago, still in great shape. One of the XR7 Pillar Ornaments has a screw hole in it. The Windshield was replaced and is still in excellent condition. I installed new Trunk Matting on top of the Fuel Tank along with New Floor Covering, Side Boards and Light Protector Boards, Spare Tire Cover & Battery Box. There is RUST (see pic) in the Trunk above the frame rails behind the tail lights (drain holes), about the size of a quarter (I caused this, poor storage on my part, but it’s the only rust it has). I replaced the Trunk seal, Fuel Seal Gasket & Fuel Hose.
What does it need: The Tires are 31 years old, and hard as a rock! The hold Air, but are not usable. Those are Outlaw Rims with Locks. The Brakes need to be bled, no leaks, just didn’t do it well enough some years ago by myself. The Trans leaks, this happened after my last move in 2013, guess it’s from sitting for so long. I replaced the Fuel Tank, Lines, Pump and Carb, started it, loaded it on a trailer, filled the tank up and it has sat since, so the fuel systems needs to be flushed, Carb cleaned. Those are the items that keep it off the road, well maybe not the trans leak, it may stop if it’s driven, but it is still drive-able.
The Inner Fender Panels have elongated holes where the Hood Hinges attach. The Hood opens/closes just fine, but it was on my list to replace. When I upgraded to the 3.50 Trac-Loc, I never changed the Transmission Speedo Gear, so it reads incorrectly.
Additional Parts: Many past years of the Cougar Club of America Newsletters, 1970 Shop Manual on CD. (All parts are from 69’s) Steering Box, Brake Booster, Brake Differential Valve, Master Cylinder, Power Steering Pump, Power Steering Ram Cylinder, Power Steering Control Valve, Axle pinion, Drive Shaft pinion, Spindles, Calipers, Exhaust Manifolds, Street Master Manifold, Holley's 1850, Carter AFB's, Alternator, 351W Timing Chain/Water Pump Cover, Monte Carlo Bar, Fiberglass Front Spoiler, HVAC Plenum (controls, birdcage & motor, ducts), Center Console, Shifter Bezel, 2 shifters, Brake, E-Brake & Gas Pedal Assy, Rear Windows w/regulators, Front Window Regulators, Factory XR7 Steering Wheel, Clock, Gauge Cluste, Tilt Steering Column with Switches, New Door/Window weather stripping, 4 XR7 Hubcaps, Wheel Well Moldings, Window F/R Molding, Rear Light Assy (both), Grill/Light Assy (both),Parking Lights, Front Bumper Push Bars Plus many more as seen in photos.
Mileage - hard to say. Original Speedometer reads just over 27K, could be 127K but it wasn't that worn 37 years ago. I put several K on her with the other Speedometer/Tach.I have plenty of other pics, let me know what you want to see, I'll send them, or come on over.There are about 10 Boxes (some very heavy) and two 55 gallon sealed drums with parts in them. Have Titles for both cars.