1955 MG Magnette ZA
Absolutely Striking, igh Quality, how Quality Restored Left Hand Drive Example
Stock Appearance with Subtle Mechanical, osmetic & Comfor" />
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1955 MG Other "ZA"

Condition: Used
Make: MG
Model: Other
SubModel: "ZA"
Type: Sedan / Saloon
Trim: 4 Door Saloon
Year: 1955
Mileage: 971
Color: Blue
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: 4 Speed
Drive type: Rwd
Interior color: Gray
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Pleasanton, California, United States
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Description for MG Other 1955

Truly Striking "ZA"!
1955 MG Magnette ZA
Absolutely Striking, igh Quality, how Quality Restored Left Hand Drive Example
Stock Appearance with Subtle Mechanical, osmetic & Comfort Upgrades
A Rare "Magnette" and Almost Impossible to Find in this Condition!
NOTE: Our listings are rather lengthy. They not only describe this particular car but also some history of the make/model, onsiderations in buying a classic car and facts about our firm. However, e continually hear from out-of-state / out-of- country buyers (many of our clients) that they prefer the level of detail that we provide. However, f you are not prepared to read the full listing, lease scan the DETAILS below along with viewing the PHOTOGRAPHS at the bottom. If you'd prefer, lease call us at 925-846-1451 and we'll gladly discuss the MG and answer any questions over the telephone, ncluding our "Buy it Now" policy. Yes, he MG can be purchased prior to the end of the eBay auction.
This car is offered at a realistic price and, nlike bidding on cars in an auction environment, ou will have the benefit of extensive information and history on the car prior to making a buying decision. Equally as important is the fact that Classic Cars Ltd. has been in business for 21+ years and enjoys an excellent national / international relationship with over 850 positive eBay feedback responses.
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Paul R. Wankle, res.
Classic Cars Ltd.
Pleasanton, A
While many U.S. collector car enthusiasts may be unfamiliar with the MG Magnette, he car was a very highly respected sporting Saloon in Europe and other parts of the world.
In fact, uotes from major road test publications and Buyer's Guides of the day do a wonderful job in describing the cars attributes. Consider the following expert evaluations/comments:
- Classic Motorsports - "The Magnette is one of the ultimate "good news-bad news" cars. The good news is that they offer great looks, decent (and easily upgradeable performance), trong handling, omfort, room and exclusivity. And the looks: those are worth mentioning twice. Few sedans then and now have been as handsome. The bad news is finding one. Finding a good Magnette takes work. Finding an owner that is willing to sell a good Magnette is even tougher."
- Classic & Sports Car Buyer's Guide, ebruary, 999 - For: "Attractive styling, ery reliable and comfortable. Against: Very few good ones left
- Classic & Sports Car magazine - "The elegant Z type Magnette was MG's last proper sporting Saloon"
- Classic Motorsports Magazine Buyer's Guide - "The advanced design of the 1954-1958 MG Magnette's makes it a very desirable sporting sedan.if you can find one that isn't a rust bucket."
- "The Magnette is at its best when used as it was designed; a rare combination of sporty good handling and luxury rarely seen now, et alone in the 1950's."
And, inally, The mechanical parts are simple, trong, ong lasting and do their job well. When they do break, hey're easy to fix and cheap to repair."
It is our understanding that relatively few MG Magnette's found their way to North American buyers. However, ars were imported to Canada and, s a left hand drive car; it is certainly possible that the car was initially brought into Canada.
The cars original VIN # was KAA41 / 11373 and, s a result of being out of the California Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) system when the owner located the car, t was inspected by the California Highway patrol and assigned VIN # of CA657368 after being inspected and found to be totally proper. It is important to note that the California issued title is clear (no salvage, heft, tc.) and both original and California VIN #'s are noted on the VIN tag.
The cars original VIN# decodes as follows:
KAA41 / 11373
K = MG Magnette
A = 4 Door
A = Black (Original color)
4 = LHD (Left Hand Drive) North American Market Car
1 = Synthetic Paint
A few additional significant details:
- The car was first licensed in California in the 1960's as is supported by photos of the car prior to restoration (refer to photos) where the car is fitted with license #KOW855. Our research indicates that this license plate was issued in the early 1963 timeframe suggesting that this car has been in California for over 50 years.
- Personalized plates reading "55 ZA" were added to the car after it was restored and are the property of the owner. They are not included in the sale.
In many respects it is easier for us to describe the quality and level of restoration on this MG than a car that has received an older restoration or one that was subject to a lower quality, artial restoration or "rattle can restoration." The MG Magnette ZA was restored properly under the guidance of a long time British enthusiast who was very particular, ndeed. The result is an absolutely lovely Magnette that is in a league of its own.
The paint, ody and interior restoration were completed by a British Car specialty shop with close to 40 years of experience restoring, servicing and maintaining British cars. The Magnette was not restored in a mass production environment but in a shop that is known for high quality, ainstaking restorations of all. The work was performed over the course of over 1 year by professionals who were committed to having the work done properly so that the owner could enjoy the car and show it at the occasional classic car show.
While it is impossible to describe each and every part of the restoration, review of the well-organized documents includes everything from the smallest parts to the complete rebuild of major components. We see a lot of cars and often times the owners believe their cars rate a solid #1 using the Old Car Price Guide or similar rating guides. In this instance, e believe that the MG would benefit from #1 rating by many judges / appraisers and its show awards certainly support that rating.
Frankly, his car is amongst the best documented restorations that we have had the pleasure of owning or representing in the last 20+ years. Conveying the owner's appreciation and passion for this car is made easier by summarizing the substantial receipts, inders, hotographs and awards that pertain to the 1955 MG Magnette ZA.
The receipt folder and books contain virtually every receipt for the work performed and there are multiple books that are inches thick. The new owner will receive these books along with folders full of receipts from the previous owner and other materials referenced in this write up. Specifically, he documents that will go to the MG's new owner include:
- Restoration Binder (2" thick) - Highly organized with the following tabs:
- Photographs (Including the car when located, uring restoration and
- Articles on the MG Magnette
- Finish & trim (Colors & fabric swatches used for the restoration)
- Parts / Service - Business cards of vendors, uppliers and restorers
- Financials - DETAILED records of expenditures, ehicle expense
projections, tc. (Additional details provided later in the write-up)
- Clubs / Registers - MG Magnette Clubs. Registers, tc. (USA & Abroad)
- Best of Class "Winners Circle" Plaque - Highly respected Dixon All British Show
- Greenstone Concours - Best of Show & First Place Award
- 8" x 10" photo of the Magnette at the All British Awards (Winner's Circle)
- Operation Manual (Owner's Manual) - MG Magnette Series "ZA"
- MG Magnette Series "ZA" Illustrated List of Service Parts (BMC publication May, 954)
- Brooklands Road Tests (Of Sporting Saloons) Including the Magnette ZA & ZB
- B.M.C. MG (Large) Magnette Workshop Manual
- MG Magnette Original Sales Brochure with Specifications & Photos (VERY cool!)
Note: Photos show all of the documents but it is difficult to do them justice.
We ask that you keep in mind that as nice as this MG is, he owner would not classify it as a "Trailer Queen" and, n fact, he owner of the car regularly drove the car in various MG club events and on special tours on beautiful clear California days. The MG has proven to be reliable, totally sorted and a crowd pleaser at shows where it receives considerable attention for its uniqueness and quality.
Highlights of the restoration include:
- The MG was completely disassembled by a first class, rofessional restorer. The engine driveline and other components were removed and the car was prepared and painted by a high quality specialty painter with a reputation for frame-off restorations
- Completely rebuilt and highly detailed MGB engine # 18GFWEH6712156 (indicating that the engine is a 5 main bearing unit sourced from a 1967 MGB)
- Considerable time was spent to properly color sand, olish and prepare the paint so that it is "flat" and free of imperfections
- All major components properly re-painted or powder coated as needed
- Totally new, omplete system including RC40 rear exhaust, CB front pipe
- Completely new fuel system with new stainless braided fuel lines
- New clutch, ressure plate, lywheel, ransmission seals (factory unit) and related components
- All new cooling system, oses, ater pump and related components
- Totally rebuilt front end & steering. New shocks, V joints, boots, all joints, tc.
- Extensive receipts for all new trim, asteners, ardware both inside and outside of car to a show level
- All exterior chrome, indow trim and other chrome parts replaced with either NOS, e-chromed or quality parts (Many sourced from overseas sources to ensure 100% authenticity)
- Completely new interior custom upholstered interior fitted at considerable expense
- New carpet set, ecovered door panels, ebuilt gauges ($1,200+) switches and a list too long to outline in detail
- Highly detailed (quite an understatement!!) engine bay, runk and interior/ exterior
- Absolutely beautiful original / restored MG steering wheel & center MG button (Functional horn & turn signals) (Trafficators are not functional)
- Factory steel restored MG wheels and center hubcaps / trim rings
- High quality Metric Radial steel belted tires in size 165R15" (Excellent tread and new, ever used spare)
- "Dyna-Mat" used for interior sound deadening
- Trunk custom carpeted in gray with binding, itted with factory spare (painted to match other wheels) and jack
The owner enjoyed the MG as an occasional weekend car accumulating very minimal miles since the restoration was finalized. It remains in beautiful mechanical and cosmetic condition but has been totally "Sorted." There are no electrical issues and everything works including the turn signals, ipers, ash lights, ights, eater and defroster.
While the MG has the appearance of being totally stock it benefits from a few significant upgrades. Specifically, he following improvements have been made to improve the cars performance, ake it more comfortable and add a level of safety.
It has been said that "The devil is in the details" when it comes to the difference between a quality restoration vs. and average or "garage quality" re-do. We ask that you consider some of the items that exist on this car that make the car an unusually high quality example. Specifically:
- No partial touch up or partial repainting since the complete paint / restoration effort
- Excellent glass all around including functional "vent windows" Note: some minor windshield wiper scratches on front middle/right of windshield
- New front & rear window rubbers, ent window seals, runk seals, door seals, tc. etc.
- Beautiful high quality chrome bumpers with no damage
- Solid tight fitting / closing doors with excellent gaps
- Trunk & hood gaps excellent (considerable time was spent making them fit very well)
- Fully functional door and rear "boot" locks
- The front prop rod is in place and functional and shows hardly a scratch or chip from use
- Virtually all new rubber, elt trim and other available trim at the time of the restoration
- Proper chrome windshield wiper arms
- All of the lenses and all of the rubber trim bits have been replaced or refurbished as deemed necessary to create a high level car
- Beautifully restored dash and window surround natural wood work including wooden ash tray & factory cigarette lighter
- The interior is striking and finished in a comfortable fabric that coordinates exceptionally well with the exterior blue metallic
- Headliner is beautiful, inished in light gray but not fitted with visors
- All of the interior bright work is either replaced or replated including the switches, nobs, auges and other parts and everything including small items like the interior light work. Note: The gauges alone were rebuilt at a cost of $1,200.00 when the interior wood was renovated
- Very nice, rofessionally installed upgraded Pioneer MOSFET Super Tuner radio with discreetly mounted (out of view) front speakers in parcel shelf
- New wiring harness with totally functional gauges, witches and controls
- Custom installed, olor coordinated high quality bound carpeting to match the seats and interior panels
- The MG is fitted with front seat lap belts
- The instruments are fully functional and the tachometer and speedometer appear to display correct readings.
- The engine bay is very clean and free from excessive dirt, rime and oil
- Mechanically, he receipts tell the story relative to extensive rebuild of major components. The engine, ront end, raking system, hydraulics, uel system and electrical system all received a complete restoration. The transmission was disassembled and checked with the necessary gaskets and bearings replaced
Parts included with but not installed on the MG
- Small miscellaneous parts removed from the car during restoration
- Finned aluminum valve cover with MG Logo
- What appears to be a factory correct exhaust manifold
While the details of the mechanical restoration are entirely too length to list, e would be glad to review the details of the file with interested buyers. The details listed above will provide the prospective buyer with the extensive nature of the restoration. As further evidence of the owners commitment to achieving excellence in the restoration, ne document summarizes every item that was repaired, replaced or addressed; item by item. The total on one list alone comes to a total amount of $55,000.00, ot including the cost of the vehicle. Virtually every system in the Magnette was thoroughly restored with many upgrades and the use of improved British components.
As an example, he car is fitted with a totally rebuilt MGB 1800cc engine (vs. the stock 1500cc unit with most of the "bolt on" components being from the MG Magnette (restored, f course). So, rom all outward appearances, he engine bay appears to be largely stock but the car has increased performance and reliability due to the larger engine, lectric fuel pump and other enhancements.
This MG Magnette is an excellent example of the old adage "A photograph is worth a 1,000 words." The photographs coupled with the extensive restoration documentation tell the story about the high quality of the restoration and its present condition.
While the extensive mechanical and cosmetic restoration was completed several years ago, he car was used minimally for shows and weekend travel and was rarely exposed to even clear California days. Any imperfections in the exterior paint and trim are extremely minor and in no way detract from the overall appearance and attractiveness of the "ZA." Most recently, ue to the owner's illness, he car remained in the garage with his other collectible British cars but was uses occasionally to ensure that the Magnette was always fully operational.
The interior is absolutely fantastic with considerable attention to detail dedicated to the restoration of the wood dash components, ood trim around the door and other dash details (including the lettering on the heater controls, ood on the ashtray, ear seat center armrest and a host of other details). All of the work was completed by professional upholsterers using the original, orrect seats (front and back), oor panels and other panels. The steering wheel is totally restored and lovely. The workmanship is of the highest quality and the color choices are very well matched to the striking blue metallic exterior of the Magnette ZA.
Clearly, nother strength of the MG is the quality of the exterior chrome, tainless and other bits. Finding an MG Magnette in complete condition is a challenge but to find one with virtually all of the correct components that have been lovingly restored is almost impossible. The chrome is immaculate, specially what appears to be triple plated chrome bumpers and trim.
The underside is California clean and supports that the car has not seen rain since restoration. The fender wells remain extremely clean and show bright, hiny blue paint. The engine bay is highly detailed and the engine block is painted the proper MG red.
The car runs and drives very well. It starts immediately when cold with the use of the manual choke and a push of the "S" (Starter) button. It runs equally as well once it is fully warmed up. The engine does not hesitate and it runs smoothly as it is shifted up through the gears.
Over the course of 21~ years, e have had a number of early MG's that have significant noise in the transmission (particularly in 1st & reverse, ut any gear). This is not the case with this "ZA." Not only is the transmission quiet for this vintage British automobile, he car shifts well (both upshifts & down shifts) and does not pop out of gear or slip. There is no noise in the rear end and the drivability of this MG is very good, ndeed. These cars were geared very low when new (not designed for the high freeway speeds of today) so the car enjoys being driven around town, ore than on extended highway trips. A solution would be a change of rear end gears more suitable to today's driving environment
The MG steers straight, oes not pull to the left or right, r exhibit any drivability issues. MG enthusiasts will notice that the instrumentation is MG authentic and totally restored at considerable expense to the car's owner. The clock has been converted to electric and remains in the stock location (in the center of the headliner forward).
The MG runs at normal operating temperature with no indication of overheating. The other gauges are fully functional (speedometer, tachometer, il pressure, mmeter) as are the lights, orn and the turn signals (note turn signal switches on the steering column). Engine oil pressure is strong and well within specification. The MG runs cool even partly as a result of the updated and completely restored cooling system. The "ZA" is totally sorted, nd was used regularly prior the owner's illness and unfortunate passing.
The MG is perhaps the most mechanically solid example that we can remember owning and it shows no signs of unusual engine noises, moking, or other issues. Uncharacteristically, he car sits for prolonged periods of time with little or no signs of minor oil drips outside of the characteristic and accepted (at least by British aficionados) "seeping" Actually, s the photos reflect, he car has a generally dry undercarriage in addition to showing no signs of rust through or frame damage!
- Clear California title with current California registration until 11/2015 (for California buyers)
- California smog test not required for vehicles 1975 and older
- Passed the California required safety inspection for working wipers, turn signals, ights, rakes, tc.
- Wheelbase 102"
- Length 168"
- Width 63"
- Height 58"
- Years produced 1953-1956; 18,076 total (Fewer than an estimated 1,000 cars (worldwide) remain (in any condition) as of 1999)
- Originally fitted with 1.5L B-Series Inline 4 cylinder engine (now a more powerful but MG 1800cc engine from an MGB)
- 4 speed manual transmission; synchromesh in 2 through 4th gears
The MG Magnette is an automobile which was produced by MG Cars in two build series, he ZA and ZB, rom 1953 to 1958 using a modified Wolseley body and an Austin engine.
The Magnette ZA was announced on 15 October 1953 and debuted at the 1953 London Motor Show. Deliveries started in March 1954. Production continued until 1956. It was the first monocoque car to bear the MG badge. The Magnette was the first appearance of the new four cylinder 1.5 L B-Series I4 engine with twin 1¼ inch SU carburetors delivering 60 hp, riving the rear wheels through BMC's new four speed manual gearbox with synchromesh on the top three ratios.
Suspension was independent at the front using coil springs and a live axle with half elliptic leaf springs at the rear. The steering was rack and pinion. Hydraulically operated Lockheed 10 in drum brakes were fitted to the front and rear wheels. The Magnette ZA was originally fitted with Pirelli 165HR14 tires.
The car had individual front seats and a rear bench seat. The dashboard and door caps were beautifully finished in highly polished wood. Although a heater was standard, radio was still an optional extra. Standard body colors were black, aroon, reen, nd grey.
In 1955 "The Motor" magazine tested a Magnette and recorded a top speed of just over 80 mph. Acceleration from 0-60 mph took sometime but in return the car achieved very good fuel mileage (21.0~) for a 5 place sedan. The test car cost approximately $1,500.00 converted to U.S. dollars.
As always, e recommend that you carefully review the seller's background for any collector car being sold over the Internet. It is important to ask yourself a number of questions including, ut not limited to:
- How long have they been in business?
- How much experience do they have with collector cars?
- How many positive collector car vehicle sales have they completed (positive eBay feedback)?
- How detailed/complete is the description of the vehicle?
- Do the photos show details of the interior, xterior, op, hrome, etc. or are they simply "glamour shots" taken from a distance?
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- What about insurance, icensing by the state, nd a local business license?
- Does the seller (if a business) have any DMV (Motor Vehicle) complaints and/or other history of legal action, rievances?
- Does the seller enjoy a favorable local and national/international reputation?
- Can the seller assist with funding sources, ransport and out of state/country sales?
- Classic Cars Ltd. has been in the same, mall, alifornia town for over 21 years. We operate a small "brick & mortar", ndoor showroom, and specialize in the sale, onsignment, nd purchase of sports, igh performance and specialty vehicles of all types. We have a particular interest in sports cars and unique vehicles.
- The majority of our vehicles come from local, rivate owners and collectors, nd many were sold new in California. We appreciate that rust free cars, ith excellent documentation and history are especially attractive to our buyers both locally, nd around the country. As a result, e do not purchase our collectible cars from "distressed" sales, such as wholesale auctions, alvage sales, r lien sales. We do not sell vehicles with salvage titles, r those that have a history of significant accident damage or repair.
We have sold hundreds of unique, lassic and collectible vehicles and regularly deal with buyers that have not had the experience of purchasing a large (both physically and monetarily) item on eBay, r through an Internet source. Our eBay feedback is 100% positive on all vehicle sales from customers around the globe and is a reflection of our commitment to accurate, omplete, nd thorough vehicle descriptions.
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- As with virtually all collector/specialty vehicles, e find that parts and resources are readily available for this (and most every vehicle), thanks in large part to the Internet.
- In addition to the purchase price of the vehicle, alifornia buyers will be subject
to sales tax, documentation fee, MV transfer fees and license/registration. Out-of-state buyers will be responsible for the purchase price of the vehicle and any local taxes/fees will be the purchaser's responsibility to pay in their respective state. IMPORTANT NOTE: If the vehicle is delivered or driven in California and driven on California roads, ales-tax, icense/registration and transfer fees will be assessed per California law.
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- We encourage inspections of this MG by serious, ualified individuals or professional inspectors. Please call at 925-846-1451 to arrange a convenient time.
- As with any collectible vehicle of this vintage we are unable to provide a warranty or guarantee of condition. However, e make every effort to accurately represent our vehicles, nd highlight both positive items as well as areas that require attention. We ask that prospective buyers consider our eBay history/feedback, tanding in the community, length of time in business, nd other factors when purchasing a collectible vehicle from Classic Cars Ltd.
- Minor cosmetic issues/flaws may be present on every vehicle (regardless of cost) including small chips, icks, cratches, tc. that can be seen on even the best restoration, r even a relatively new, sed "pre-owned" vehicle. Also, wnership of a collectible / specialty vehicle is more enjoyable if the owner is familiar with the "realities" of these unique cars. Unlike more modern day vehicles, hese cars require regular, ngoing care/maintenance and some mechanical knowledge, patience, nd understanding can make the experience considerably more pleasant. That said, ollector / "specialty" car owners will tell you (emphatically) that they love their cars and wouldn't trade them for anything!!
- The information contained in this description is believed to be accurate but, n some instances, as been provided by the car's owner / owners or outside sources. As a result, e are unable to guarantee the accuracy of the information. We encourage verification of "numbers" and significant data prior to the purchase of any collector vehicle that you are considering.
Thank you,
Classic Cars Ltd.

Body Type / Style:Sedan Exterior Color:Blue Interior Color:Gray Engine:4 Cylinder Inline Transmission: 4-Speed (Floor) Mileage:971 Drive:Rear Doors:4
4 Speed Manual
Beautifully Restored!
Best in Class Winner
Custom Interior
Dual Side Mirrors
Exceptional Paint Quality
Exempt From Smog in California
Factory Bucket Seats
Factory Gauges
Full Instrumentation
Functional Horn
Heater / Defroster
Incredible Documentation!
Interior Light
Multiple Show / Best of Shows
New Carpet
New Interior
New Interior (seats)
New Paint
No Rust CA. Body
Original Jack & Tools
Original Transmission
Originally Black Plate CA Car
Owners Manual
Rear Bench Seat
Repair History
Repair Receipts
Runs / Drives Very Well
Seat Belts (Front)
Tremendous Attention to Detail
Turn Signals
Too Much Documentation to Show!

Terms & Conditions
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  • The vehicle is listed for sale elsewhere. We reserve the right to end the auction at anytime. We will be glad to discuss details of a "pre-auction" purchase (925) 846 1451.
  • Inspections of vehicles are encouraged but (by appointment only) must be completed within 24 hours of the end of the auction.
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  • To avoid shipping the title with the car to our out of state buyers, e mail the title via Priority Mail.
  • While shipping and transportation costs (if appropriate) are the responsibility of the winning bidder, e can assist with locating a suitable transporter. We regularly ship cars all over the USA/World, nd can often times locate very competitive rates for transporting vehicles door to door, o a local terminal, nclosed, pen, etc. Please call us for specific information/rates to your location.
  • We meet some great people and fellow enthusiasts, and only rarely do we have problems with non-paying bidders. Please be certain that you are prepared to buy the car if you bid, r call us at 925-846-1451 before the end of the auction if we can answer any questions. If you have a "sunglass" rating or fewer than 10 feedback ratings on eBay, lease call us before you bid so that we can discuss the bidding process, tc. If we do not hear from you, e reserve the right to delete your bid.

Thank You & Happy Bidding
Classic Cars Ltd.

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