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1979 MG Midget MK IV Convertible 2-Door 1.5L

1979 MG Midget

Make: MG
Model: Midget
Type: Convertible
Trim: MK IV Convertible 2-Door
Year: 1979
Mileage: 60,000
Color: Green
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: autum leaf
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Gallatin, Tennessee, United States

Description for MG Midget 1979

This car is great shape compared to any other mg midget of comparable year. I have gone through it with a fine tooth comb and have corrected every little issue. that while unoticable to most people upon ebay photo inspection. are nevertheless present after purchase and taken home. but unpreported on line. The kinds of things that make you say. "damn it. " For example. ripped door seals. screws missing from interior body panels. ripped plastic around seat belt guards. trash under seats. loose seat bolts without lock washers. turn signals that don't work. windshield washers that don't work. backup lights that don't work. review mirrors that won't stay in place. crud. and worse. rust in boot and bonnet spaces. seat belts that don't retract. loose glove compartments. seat rails that prevent forward/backward motion. loose door mirrors that flop and slide out of postion requiring constant adjutment. These are just the most common that I seen while buying these cars. I have purchased six in six months and have discovered that every single seller lied by ommission. miminimizing the years' wear and tear on these cars. I am amazed at sellers' audacity. The MG community I thought was a tight knit group and it might be. but those on the fringes are marginal reporters at best trying to get every nickle out of what they have misunderstood from the time they bought the cars they are now "just trying to get rid of. " If they have reported issues. you can bet they have left the most troublesome issues unreported. such as no screw or bolt on it removable by simple screwdriver or sockets because the rust. bolts. nuts have reached nirvana. It's just bad and I don't have time to list it all. This is the most common issue: People look at these cars and they one in decent shape with only minor piant or rust issues. not considering all that has been corrected. for example. and want to pay 1500 to 2500 max for the car. Well. they can find those cars. but the cars will have all that I said wrong with them. the acessories. etc. plus the paint and minor rust issues. Let's face it: Rust and paint are not minor issues. If you want one of these perfect in that regard. you gonna have to get off your wallet and pay for it. I am currently in Myrtle Beach South Carolina taking a course in how to restore these cars. I have two 73's I am working on to make perfect. They will be immaculate when complete. Right now I have this one for sell. It is what it is and it is nice. but not perfect. Nevertheless. it is worth every cent I am asking for it. Think about it. Call me 615-886-0999 with questions. Finally. this is a great car for the money. I drove it on the interstate from Oklahoma City to Nashville TN without a single problem. I babied it. to be sure. doing about 55 to 60 all the way. So. I wasn't creeping. but I wasn't maxing out rpms either. It did well. The engine was serviced at Mike Glass Auto in Oklahoma City and he said it was good to go. It was. Brakes are good. clutch is good. transmission is good. radiator/heating/engine cooling is good. Suspension is good. It's ready to drive every day if you like. But. once again. if you want it perfect. the bottom of the doglegs have surface rust and will need to be cut out and replaced. I have been as accurate about the car as I am aware. I am a fairly detailed type person so little things bother me. I didn't let any litttle things go.