*SUPER-RARE* 1987 Mitsubishi 3-door Montero Sport Utility BOX Body

1987 Mitsubishi Montero n/a

Condition: Used
Make: Mitsubishi
Model: Montero
Trim: n/a
Year: 1987
Mileage: 173,000
VIN: JA7FJ23E5HJ012450
Engine: 4-cylinder
Drive type: 4WD
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Claremore, Oklahoma, United States

Description for Mitsubishi Montero 1987

1987 Mitsubishi 3-door Montero Sport Utility BOX Body


WOW! You just NEVER see one of these (intact) for sale! They were mostly crashed in off-road stunts.

Perfect HUNTING/FISHING Vehicle! Off-road, Backwoods, Antiquing, or to the Farmers Market! This is one of the most fun-to-drive, and convenient to load/unload vehicles ever. This was my Sam's/Home Depot car and I hate to give it up! Also, it'll carry a lot of BAND EQUIPMENT -drums, amps, and such.

OK, it's got some issues that may keep you from jumping in and taking right off, but then, #1 I wouldn't be SELLING IT!, and #2 I wouldn't let it go for THIS PRICE!!

The GOOD: This 1987 has only about 173k miles, all original parts, 5 alloy super-sport wheels, removable back bench seat, 4WD, Warren hubs, 5 decent tires, “Cherry-bomb” muffler (super-cool!), rain-rails (holds a multitude of racks - Thule, Yakima, etc.), West Coast rear-view mirrors, fairly clean interior (mostly needs a good vacuuming and some ArmorAll). This is the “short box”, 3 door model. The rear seat folds flat, or it can also be removed entirely, making a lot of room in the back. Engine rebuilt at about 171k miles.

NO SIGNIFICANT BODY DAMAGE. On very close-up inspection there could a ding or 2. Never wrecked. Interior is in good shape. There's never been anything nasty or rough inside. The interior and exterior are in good shape, but not perfect. No big stains, tears, holes, or gouges anywhere on seats or door panels. It just needs vacuumed and spruced-up.

Averaged 18-25MPG.

The BAD: Very cracked windshield. You can SEE to drive, but its probably not road-worthy in many states. A tree limb got it in a bad ice storm. We've just used it on the range/off the roads. Front left (driver's side) signal lens needs replaced (same ice storm). Exterior needs a good scrubbing/cleaning (it has been under a carport for several years and accumulated quite a bit of grime). Some side trim needs replaced, or remove what's there. It looks good without it. Some door seals may benefit from being replaced, but nothing leaks, as far as I know. Not tagged since 2004 (used off-road until about 2013).

The UGLY: Wiring needs attention (you can pick-up practically new harnesses from the salvage yard where all those Monteros, described in the opening of this listing were hauled after the teen driver went a little too far into the “danger zone” to wow the riders!), some hoses need replaced, needs front-end aligned. Some smoking after it runs awhile. The bonnets were probably left off the engine when re-built. A minor repair issue for someone who knows what they're doing. Vehicle could use a general look-over.

The DEAL: This is a super-cool body, and NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE to find! Its in SO much BETTER CONDITION than any old Ford, Chevy, Packard, Hudson, or Desoto found at the back of somebody's farm! I'm not crazy about getting rid of it; I'd rather fix to drive again myself, but a personal injury (not vehicle-related) makes my driving a standard again very unlikely. So I have to face reality and let it go. If “The BAD & UGLY” were fixed, these go for $5K-$7K. Especially, with good interior, dash, etc. like this one has. It's priced considering all the “BAD” and “UGLY” parts, plus, you pay any tag back-fees (if any, as the primary co-owner lives out of state). We will coordinate with any transport service for pick-up. Or you could make a road trip on Route 66 in Oklahoma!

This would make an excellent "Father/Son" or "Buddies" project. Something to tweak on weekends, and drive it through the week.

#1 This vehicle is the responsibility of the winner to pick-up, or pay to have picked-up. I do have someone who can deliver in the continental US or Canada and will charge separately. He must have a delivery address to give a quote. And, he must have a deposit to haul.

#2 The winner must pay a $500 deposit within 24 hours of winning the auction, which can be arranged through PayPal. The winner has 3-business days to pay the balance by PayPal or communicate "CASH on pick-up". All PayPal funds must be cleared, before pick-up.

PS Photos show fake sheepskin seatcovers, which are not included (you wouldn't want them anyway!)

PPS No kidding, this model is found in many junkyards because they were the high-school-kids'-dream-off-road-wagon. Lots of crunched bodies with good wiring harnesses, signal lights, engine parts, etc., etc. So there's usually a good source for any future needs.

Email any questions. Thanks for looking.