1993 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo (z32) 400Hp Stillen upgrade

Condition: Used
Make: Nissan
Model: 300ZX
Type: Hatchback
Year: 1993
Mileage: 93,000
VIN: JN1CZ24H5PX536557
Color: Black
Cylinders: 6
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Black
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Prescott, Arizona, United States

Description of 1993 Nissan 300ZX

Apologies about the duplicate listing. Ebay changed things around again so I didn't realize I kept editing two different listings in both cars n trucks and in parts. Fixed.
I'm not going to BS you or leave out some important thing you'll discover later. I'll tell you everything I think this car needs so there are no surprises. Then I'll tell you why if you're looking for a 300ZX project, this might be the car you should pick.
Here's what it needs - some things are optional, don't all have to be done immediately
It needs a windshield since I accidentally broke it while trying to re-glue the dash down. No big deal, a car almost always feels newer with a nice new windshield and I was going to have the dash glued back down when that is done.
The car now has some 93K miles on it and as you probably know, that is nothing on these kinds of cars. However, it is showing signs of oil leaks on one of the turbos, maybe both. Probably just needs new seals. At 93K, there are probably other seals and stuff that should be replaced.
It might need a master cylinder since the brake fluid just plain disappears. Sometimes it happens sooner than others, sometimes it takes a while. It brakes perfectly fine, just have to keep an eye on the fluid.
The seats are leather and both seats should either be replaced or re-done. However, because of their component like style, you might be able to simply have them repaired. The passenger seat has a section missing in the center bottom part (see image). The drivers side is fine other than the usual wearing at the hinged area where you sit and slide against the seat. It is inevitable since the car is so low.
It may or may not need shocks. I say may or may not because I've always liked the rock solid feel it has so am no longer sure what new was like. Sport mode still works so I assume the shocks are fine. I love to feel every little crack in the road.
It will need either to be repainted or probably it could be buffed out by professionals. I've not bothered since I figure I'll want to keep the car if I see it looking sexy and shiny again. There are the usual ding spots that any pro shop can suction out and the front end of course shows road rash from 93K miles of fun. I do have a bra for it if you want it. It may only need buffing and a clear coat, I don't know. It looks great at 10 feet as they say.
There is one spot where the dealer I bought it from did some stupid bondo work. I was told the previous owner grazed another cars bumper while backing up. It only shows if you look for it however. No one ever brought it up or noticed. If you need perfection, you'll be completely repainting anyhow, if not, then you'll find it acceptable I'm sure.
It will need some trim pieces replaced since those all wear out on these cars and they look tons better with new trim.
The tires are 'ok' but should eventually be replaced. I have two sets of wheels. I was going to have one powder coated since changing the wheels can lead to engineering issues, unless, that's what you do. The extra set is yours if you want them, those have race slicks on them.
It will need an injector. One of them is not firing right. I can hear all of them clicking but one is not feeding fuel. I took the exhaust off and saw that the drivers side is much darker, more carbon. It's gotta be on that side. I was thinking of replacing them all but the car runs strong even with 5 cylinders so obviously, replacing the one bad one would do it.
Every year I'd have to buy a new battery if I forgot to disconnect it. There is something or other that is a very low draw killing the battery. It is probably the aftermarket mp3 radio or the added alarm system. It should not be too hard to find this problem if you know what you're doing.
I built a custom box for an amp and removed the spare emergency tire to house a big bass speaker. Who doesn't want more bass?
The box looks kinda awful and I was going to take it out. If you don't like it, the original piece is easily found on ebay for very little.
Ok so, we're talking maybe $3-$4K of repairs/updates? More if you want all kinds of premium parts of course. Mostly, the car just needs some TLC by someone who has the time for this kind of work.
Here is why this is a great project car for someone
The primary image is exactly how the car looks from 10 feet away and the image was taken before I put it up on my lift. I mention this because the images I've posted don't make the car look so good but that's because it's simply dirty. Even though the paint is not great, it still looks pretty good.

This is the 93 TT. This isn't the grandpa 2+2, didn't get any weird body stuff installed on it, never got driven into the ground. I never even spin the wheels since I think that is simply ridiculous. The idea of getting to speed quickly means never spinning the wheels. I did some mild rally racing with it for a couple of seasons and the only wear and tear was brake pads. The 93 is the sought after year because they got everything absolutely right. The 93 fixed earlier version problems and in future versions, Nissan started cutting corners to save costs.
The car is amazing to drive. These cars are low, they stick to the ground and if you've never experienced this kind of vehicle, the one tip I can give you is to strap yourself tight into the seat using after market straps. When you go into the corners, you have to let the car find it's limit, not yours.
What I mean is that it holds the ground so well that you will limit it's capabilities if you succumb to what you think is the max cornering and you will not achieve anywhere near what the car is able to do. That's why rally racing is great to learn and test your skills. I learned to drive this car on race tracks since the club I was with gets to use police training tracks. I was an associate member of the Porsche club so as you can imagine my coming in with good times didn't impress the Porsche people LOL.
If you get the chance, I've had this car past the 165mph speed marker on the speedo at the track. Gets to 120 very quickly, 140 not long after, anything after than is hard to explain to anyone who's never been beyond those speeds. Of course, do this only if you've replaced the tires and anything else to do with safety.
I installed high performance Stillen (Stage III) exhaust, single cone intake and a GDM ECU. According to Stillen is it now around the 400HP mark. They got this rating by taking a completely stock 300ZX, adding/changing components then dyno testing. You'd have to look at their page but the change was instantly noticeable and of course, Stillen know what they are doing. I know they know since this Z always beats other Z's :). Supposedly, you can go up to some 500/600HP with bolt on's alone.
I installed a short throw shifter which I really love. It not only makes shifting faster but it seems to connect much better. As you can see in the pics there are a couple of gauges on the side, one for fuel pressure (disconnected) and the other for boost pressure. Nice to know these things on these cars. You never want to run a car like this on low fuel pressure.
I installed all new sub-frame bushings in the rear but haven't gotten around to a few front parts but will include what ever I didn't install. I bought a complete bushings kit which I'll include what ever is still in the box.
Most of these cars found used are beat up, driven hard, messed around with. I babied this car since getting it used from a company that had leased it. It saw one winter which didn't leave any signs of rust or anything. Other than the windshield, there are no cracks in any of the plastic body panels, all light bezels are fine etc.
Overall this is a great car and will be an outstanding addition to someone who can take care of the problems and get it back to speed. Pun, intended. It mainly needs TLC, someone who has time to get this stuff done. You'll end up with an enviable car. Everyone loves this car.
I've added a bunch of images which may or may not help. My phone doesn't seem to want to take any better images than this.
The car is very dusty from sitting on my lift for the past couple of years. it actually shines very well in the light, I just don't like those swirly marks which a pro shop could probably take out. In terms of paint, in fact, only the hood might need panting as again, some pro shops can do amazing things.
I'll try to get it washed this coming week, been down with the flu.
I show the passenger seat which is the one with the tear. As you can see, you could probably have a repair shop fix that since it's only the mid section, everything else is perfect. Same for the drivers side, I think a shop can not only reinforced this section but hide what's going on now. Nothing wrong with the seats otherwise.
No cracks in the dash, just a small section that has become unglued at the very bottom which can be fixed when the windshield is replaced.
I show the body between the doors and give you a view of the underneath to show you there is no rust on this car. Again, just dirty. Everything is nice and shiny on this car. The front end of course has the usual dings, scars from driving 93K miles. I do have a bra for it if you want it.
The car could easily be on the road after replacing simply the bad injector, putting seat covers on, getting a new windshield. It still runs very very strong.
You will have to either pick it up or have a shipping company come get it as I will not handle any shipping and this way, you can know exactly what your cost would be. The car is sitting in the 86303 zip code.