1991 Nissan Figaro - Fresh Paint! No Reserve! JDM RHD

1991 Nissan Figaro

Make: Nissan
Model: Figaro
Year: 1991
Mileage: 100,015
VIN: 00000000000000000
Engine: 1L Turbo
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Brownsville, Kentucky, United States

Description for Nissan Figaro 1991

Here's your chance to get a great deal on a Figaro! This car needed a little love when we got it in stock. It still needs a little more, but that's why it's a deal! We've done the hard work and painted it. The white was in good condition, so that is still stock, but the clear had failed over the rest of the car. It was sanded back and given a nice fresh coat of Lapis Grey and clear. It's not a concourse job, but is overall very nice and presentable. The body was rust free except a small repair was made to the top drain at the back edge of the top lid. It had clogged and rusted at the hose nipple. The bumpers do have some rust where the chrome has peeled and let moisture in. The 'plastic chrome' trim has some oxidation and peeling in spots as well. The top mechanism is in great shape. The top itself has shrunk with age, however we are including a brand new top we imported from the UK with the car. Just needs to be installed. Installation instructions are included, and it can be done by a determined DIY'er, or easily by an upholstery shop.

It runs very well. I've taken in on several 100+ mile trips, including on the freeway. The engine is very smooth, and the transmission shifts nicely. Peppier than I would have expected it to be after the turbo kicks in. Overall mechanical condition is very good, however it does need shocks as the ride can be bouncy. Tires have lots of tread, but are old and have cracks between tread blocks. The emergency brake is non-operational.
The interior is where this car needs the most attention, but it is all there and a great starting point for a project. The original radio is present, but only partially functioning. They can be repaired however. The car also has the rare cup holder accessory. Unfortunately, the upper plastics have become brittle and cracked. The dash pad is also cracked. The lower dash is still in good shape and would benefit from a very thorough clean. The seats are showing their age for sure, but aren't falling apart. The rear lower seat cushion was recovered at some point in the cars life with a non-matching grey material. Carpet is faded. I've probably made it sound worse than it is, judge from the pictures yourself.
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*The actual model year of this car is 1991, and the VIN is FK10-014935. Ebay does not accept Japanese VINs as valid for vehicles after 1981. This is an issue with ebays system.