1970 Oldsmobile 442 W30

Make: Oldsmobile
Model: 442
SubModel: W-30
Type: Coupe
Trim: W30
Year: 1970
Mileage: 60,989
VIN: 344
Color: Twilight blue
Engine: Rocket 455 big block
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Blue
Safety: Front disc brakes
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Sturtevant, Wisconsin, United States
Rear defrost, power steering, Power brakes, Air Conditioning
Tilt, Front disc brakes, AM/FM Stereo radio, Bucket seats, Rally pac gauges, Posi Traction

Description for Oldsmobile 442 1970

HERE is your holy grail of 442s. Take a look at this, SUPER rare 1970 AUTHENTIC 442 W-30, being sold on a quick, no reserve, 5 day auction. Every bid will count! All you Olds guys who have been looking, know just how special it is to own a REAL W machine. So many clones are out there at the shows and swap meets, but just how often have you sat in or touched an authentic W machine. I would be willing to guesss very few times, myself included!
Although this original code 28 Twilight blue car is the PERFECT candidate for a rotisserie restoration, this car RUNS and drives, and could probably be worked on while being driven and enjoyed. Currently the car has been lot driven and taken for a couple quick spins around the nieghborhood. It is my opinion, that after a some directional and lighting work has been done, and a safety inspection performed, this car could be insured and driven daily if desired. I know the previous owner was planning to drive the car this coming year, and had already added new shocks and some brake lines. This car is perfect bonding experience for a father-son team, or for a high-end shop that would like to have this car restored to showroom condition and sold at live auction for profit.
This W-30 to the best of my knowledge, has seen only 2 owners, the original, and the gentleman who I purchased it from in Northern mainland Michigan. The car spent the majority of it's life in Detroit, the great Motor City, close to it's roots, and was moved up north into a pole shed for a long period of storage. I do have original warranty documentation, with original owner name, and dealer info. from where the car was purchased in Detroit, but was unable to locate either one. Hopefully, with some diligent research, the lucky new owner will have some way of contacting the original owner, or locating the dealership where the car was purchased. It's always cool to have extra background information about your dream car!
I purchased the car from a gentleman who was formerly an Olds guy but had somewhere along the way switched his passion to Corvairs, so his Olds cars sat around. He purchased this one from the original owner in the early 90s I believe, after the orignal motor and transmission had been stolen out of the car during storage. This car was a TRUE barn find for me, and was packed in a huge pole shed with a bunch of corvairs. Luckily this car still retains a lot of it's original paint and a lot of original w-30 items are still represented on the car. I was going to restore this car myself and sell it, but with this car being SO RARE, I thought it would be best to sell it to someone in unrestored condition, so the new owner could document and photograph every step of the restoration process to their liking, and make a nice album of some kind after the restoration has been completed. With only 2,574 of these 1970 w-30s ever being produced. It's important to an enthusiast to have involvment in their restoration, and the ability to decide what they want done and how.
This car is so cool in that it is an original Twilight blue car, with blue interior and a blue vinyl top. The interior actually shows pretty well for it's age, and with a some small repairs and maybe some new carpet to freshen up the look, it would be very enjoyable as-is. Of course it's ultra nice to have the tilt column, rally-pac gauges, bucket seats, AM/FM 'Stereo' radio, & center console. This car is being sold as an unrestored, project whereas every part and piece, is likely going to need to be repalced or be restored by a professional, for a showroom look.
The body on this car is in actually very solid shape, a few pieces of the quarter panel on the passenger side were cut out, likely years ago, to stop the spread of any metal corrosion. I beleive almost every panel on this car can be saved and reused if the right person is donig the work. The Thornton hood is an NOS piece, and was purchased for the car years ago, but is unpainted and still in it's original gel-coat. This hood is amazingly nice and fits so much better than an aftermarket one. Some red-oxide primer was sprayed on parts of the body, I'm guessing, as an attempt to stop corrosion. You can see someone had been starting sanding on the fenders and prepping for paint, but then it looks like progress stopped and the project was put on hold. The car retains 90% of it's original chrome, including the 442 and W-30 fender badges. Some of the original w-30 striping is still visible, mostly on the passenger side. Hard to find clamshell sport mirrors sit atop the doors, and are in good restorable condition. Looking inside the trunk, you'll find original decals on the lid, and a jack on the floor. Some original trunk spatter remains in places. The doors open on the W open and close nicely and you'll see original decals there as well. It's so awesome to see a car like this, in an unmolested state, to a car guy it's the world's coolest kind of time capsule!
The w-30 has a great stance and is sitting on a nice set of 4 Super Stock I wheels wrapped in some BF Goodrich Radial T/A 225/70/R14 Tires. Of course it's got front disc brakes and I actually think the pads were replaced recently, but have no way of knowing for sure. Nestled between the original Red W-30 fenderwells is the 455 big block which is marked with 396021F period correct casting with Ga heads. Sitting just under this original 1970 Flapper door Ram Air cleaner, is a Rochester QuadraJet carb that is Freshly rebuilt & dyno tested, and was just installed last week. The car is also equipped with factory Air conditioning, I believe that in 1970, an automatic, was the only year and transmission, that A/C could be ordered on any W machine.
Looking at the rear end you'll see is a 12 bolt and you'll also notice the boxed control arms and sway bar correctly in place there as well. The posi tag seems to be missing from the diff cover, but I have checked and this car indeed has POSI. The frame and floors are in decent shape, and in my opinion could be used as is for a driver or quick frame-on resto.
These W cars are getting very hard to find, and with so many clones out there, it's even more frustrating. This is the best of the best that Oldsmobile had to offer the world during this time period and I am excited to have the opportunity to offer it to the right person who is looking to become the proud owner of a real piece of Oldsmobile history! I just know that with a lot of hard work and a tenacious attitude, that this car is going to be sitting like a diamond someone's garage for decades to come! These cars have proven to escalate in value as the years go by and are sometimes referred to as rolling bank accounts. Instead of a 401k, try enjoying your investment as it grows in value!
The Nada Classic Car Price Guide currently has the 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 w-30 with a Rocket 455 listed at $160,440 in high condition, which they consider an excellent overall vehicle that was completely restored, or an original vehicle showing very minimal wear. Note: This value does not represent a 100 point show car or a #1 vehicle. Those vehicles can reach much higher prices. $101,280 in average condition, which they consider in good overall condition that could be an older restoration or a well maintained original vehicle that is completely operable. The exterior paint, trim, and mechanics are presentable and serviceable inside and out.
They say an average condition car is considered a 20-Footer! As shown in the pictures I would consider this Olds currently valued somewhere above low condition, considering most of the mechanicals seems to function, and the car does run and drive. This car could be valued well over $100,000 with a lot of hard work. They have the lowest condition value at $66,720 being considered a deteriorated restoration or a very poor restoration, but mostly usable "As-Is!" The lowest value does not represent a parts car, but would be considered as the price for a car needing a complete restoration. This Oldsmobile is an investment that I believe will continue to rise as these cars have been consistently proven to escalate in value.
These GM A-Body muscle cars are the finest handling cars I have ever driven. This car is for the guy or girl that always wanted one back in high school but could never afford one at that time. There is no finer muscle car on the planet in my eyes than the 1970-1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme or 442, with the pinnacle being the W-30. Here is a prime opportunity to acquire your dream car, one that may not come up again for a long time.
The deposit will need to be paid within 24 hours, and the balance is due within 72 hours prior to the pick-up or transport of this car. The title will be sent out the same day the funds are clear, or be kept in the glove compartment with the original owner's manual for transport. Whichever way the winning bidder decides. I know this may be the longest eBay auction description you've ever read, but I try to list and accurately portray everything I can think of when I write a description. This way every potential bidder can make the most informed decision prior to placing their bid. If you feel I may have left anything out please ask as many questions as you like. I pride myself in answering every question in explicit detail with the utmost honesty. Ask questions and you will receive honest accurate answers. I'm a motivated seller, so this hard to find twilight Blue classic muscle car is being offered at "No Reserve" on a 5-day listing, and will sell to the highest bidder on Sunday evening. Thank You for taking the time to read and view my auction, and good luck!!!