1984 Oldsmobile Toronado • Olds Brougham • 65k miles • SIX videos & 90 photos

1984 Oldsmobile Toronado

Condition: Used
Make: Oldsmobile
Model: Toronado
Year: 1984
Mileage: 65041
VIN: 1G3AZ57Y4EE324646
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Great Falls, Montana, United States

Description for Oldsmobile Toronado 1984

1984 Oldsmobile



Location: Great Falls, Montana • 59403

Vehicle Information:


Mileage: 65041 miles

Drive: Front Wheel Drive

Transmission: 4-speed Turbo Hydromatic

Engine: 350cid/5.7 liter V-8

Interior: Gray Velour

Exterior Color: Gray

Vinyl Top Color: Light Brown/Beige

Power Steering/Brakes/Radio Antenna/Windows

One Family owner until 2017 • Second Owner currently

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Listing this Toronado for a friend. This car is the last of his cars that he has sold off slowly over the last few years. He bought the Toronado from the estate of the deceased first owner's family. According to the title the first owner drove the car 50,901 miles and the title was transferred to granddaughterJuly 2013. She sold to current owner September 2017 and the car had approximately 62,000 miles. The current owner never registered the title/car and drove the car with unknown license platesbecause this is Montana where 79 year old guy driving "grandpa" car doesn't get hassled! The two things I look at on "low mileage" cars is the gas and brake pedals and they have hardly any wear and the dash is intact and not sun damaged or cracked. I had limited time to take photos so I also included photos from when Bill bought the Toronado showing the exterior color in sunshine.

I go all out on my listings. I have been selling since 1999 and please check my feedback. I list all vehicles imagining that I was a potential bidder. I want to give as much information as possible. That's why I have lots of photos but more importantly I have multiple videos showing the condition. I always list any "issues" so that a potential bidder always knows as much as possible.


Bought the 1984 Olds Toronado from a local Montana family. I knew the car had always been stored indoors and not driven in the winter to often and those are the cars that appeal to me. Montana does not use salt on roads and this Toronado is very clean.

At the time I had multiple older cars and only drove the Olds occasionally so I never worried about registering the car. I have receipts for car maintenance from 1994-2016. The granddaughter had a long time local Cadillacmechanic do over $1300 in work and the car is in excellent mechanical condition. Her grandmother had the Toronado serviced at a dedicated Oldsmobile dealer in Great Falls and had an excellent mechanic in Fairfield, MT when the Olds dealer closed. Her mechanic actually did a compression test at one time and wrote all the numbers on the valve cover. Yorchie included this in the video he did of the engine compartment. The only issue I have with the car is that the driver side power seat does not move. The motor engages but thereisonly a "clunk" when the the seat is supposed to move. I have another power seat motor set-up but I figure the next owner can address that issue. That's the fun of owning a 36 year old American car. I have just had to maintain the car and there have not been any mechanical issues in my ownership. I'm 79 and a retired Marine and this is the last of my cars that I am letting go. I can store the car until an economical shipping time can be arranged as long as final payment is made. It's ready to go and I would not have any issues driving the Toronado cross-country.


Bill bought a 1984 Toronado with sun roof as a parts car. No transmission. Engine out of car and is supposed to be "rebuilt" but not verified. Complete Roller with title. The parts car will be available at a very good price to the winner of this auction if desired.

Here is great RETROSPECTIVE on the1984 Oldsmobile Toronado.

Lots of great information:

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• Rear Air Shocks

• Extra Original Stereo

• Extra Door and Ignition Keys

• Block Heater (plug-in for winter)

• Manual Shut-off valve for Heater Core

• Master Craft Tires • 2016 • 205/75r/15 Mud & Snow

• One-piece front protective carpet mat

• All original paperwork and tool for taking off Hub Caps

• Lights, Horn and Brakes operate correctly

• All original Owners paperwork and hubcap removal tool

• Receipts from 1994-2019

• Haynes Workshop Manual

Paint Code:

Paint Code: A7690 (light sand gray)

Paint Code: L7692 (medium sand gray)

Both numbers are on decal under trunk.


ISSUES/Other Stuff:

• Driver side power seat does not function correctly. Extra motors included

• Driver side sun visor has damage. Extra Sun Visor included

• Passenger side 'Oldsmobile' fender emblem missing.Extra Emblem included

• Headliner has some issues. See Video

• Driver Side front fender by headlight has "crazing" (fine cracks) in paint. See Video

Owner thinks there was some body damage but I think it's the inferior paint used in the 1980's.

• Side Trim has U.V. damage but is intact and straight. See Video

• Vinyl roof has wear from age with dings, scratches and has two dark spots. See Video

• Plastic trim behind front bumper is intact but has cracks. See Video

• Passenger window does not open from driver side.

Functions correctly using passenger side switch. See Video

• Wiper switch has a "sweet spot" to get the wiper to the home position under the hood.

Due to cold weather we did not have enough time to address this. See Video

• Hubcap 'Oldsmobile Logo' decal missing on rear passenger hubcap

• Air Conditioning needs to be recharged

• Under engine hood insulation has wear in center. See Video

Highlights from Mechanic Receipts:

Hood Supports 61,000

All belts replaced 60,078

Water pump and Fan Clutch replaced 60,078

Radiator Replaced 60,078

New radiator Hoses 60,078

New Tires 60,078

Hood Supports 58,363

Fuel Pump 58,578

Valve Cover Gaskets & Compression Check 58,000 (SEE VIDEO)

Code 42 Module replaced 50,486

Warranty Starter 50,262

Flywheel 45,946

Rebuild Carburetor 47,541

Starter 47,850

Front Shocks 49,785

Water Pump 42,046

Replace Power Antenna 41,661

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