Rare 1953 Kaiser Frazier Henry J Corsair Deluxe Supersonic 6 3sp w/OD NICE CAR

1953 Other Makes Corsair deluxe

Make: Other Makes
SubModel: Corsair deluxe
Trim: chrome
Year: 1953
Mileage: 9
Engine: 6cylinder supersonic
Drive type: gas
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Little Hocking, Ohio, United States
Leather Seats

Description for Other Makes 1953

I traded an old hot rod telephone truck for this beauty a few months back because the car is in such fantastic shape. It has been mostly redone, the chrome has either been replaced or refinished and looks simply awesome, the car came to me running and driving, the car has set for a few years previous to coming to me. An older guy had it and had most of it redone, he took it to a few shows, and then his heath failed, and then it was left to someone, and then I traded that someone.The cars most recent plates are from 2013. . And I am a Hot Rod kinda guy, and this car is just too nice for me to alter, and not fast enough for me to keep, but this car is super rare, as most were cut up into drag cars, and there we not many made to start with, and this is the top of the line Corsair deluxe. The car is still 6v, it has a new battery, it even has a cool cut off switch under the dash on the passenger side. I have drove the car around the block, it runs, but you have to keep the choke halfway out for it to idle. I have not messed with it, I put some new ethanol free gas in it, and that did not help, likely needs drained. The brakes and transmission work as they should, and the shifter mechanism works smoothly, my first time with a column. The Paint is a light tan/cream color.. Car was originally that weird light blue. Wheels and tires are awesome, the tires appear to have been rubbed in a white grease that has kept them soft, also have smaller dog dish style caps, what an awesome car. car has the original style interior which has been redone, fantastic shape, although a little funky, I thought at first that this was a picnic basket, but then I see that this is the kind of interior these cars had originally. The car comes with some spare parts, like trim bezels, a new chrome side mirror, you get the original radio, the manual, some different tips for the High beam indicator on the front of the hood. This car could be taken to shows as is. But it is not perfect, it still needs the trim piping on the interior redone, it still has it, but it is a bit frayed. It is still original, and a spot in the front of the headliner where even though it sat in a garage under a tarp, a mouse found its way in, the hole is about an inch across, but it is above the visor on drivers side. I have a pic of that. The car also has a cracked drivers door glass, it was parked sideways on a slope and the door slammed shut, flat glass easy replacement, and the paint has a few scratches at the edges of the fenderlips where things got against it in storage. Underneath is solid, a bit of the undercoating is flaking off, but no rust anywhere, this car is in fantastic shape top to bottom, front to back. This car needs a home where it can be appreciated for what it is, taken to shows so this rare creature can be enjoyed by people who may have likely never seen one. I will take a hot rod in, but only as a partial, say half value of what I am askin, and what I am asking I think is fair, as the only ones i could even find were the base models,and they sold on average about 5 k more. so I might deal a lil, but find one in this shape, and then try and get one cheaper.. It is for sale locally, and i am happy to work with a shipper.. Car can hang out here, trades come to me, and car must be picked up. if you have feedback of 100 or less, contact me before you bid, I am adding as many pics as ebay will let me, but I can get more of whatever, this car really has no bad areas, just a few things that are,not quite perfect, again, find one.. You guys are gonna have questions, please ask, and if you want to come look, or come buy, I am in Little Hocking Ohio, 45742, If you cant pay for it, please enjoy the pictures and move on, henry was glad to meet you. I have a clear Ohio title, and a notary available..