1993 Pierce Glider Arrow Custom Pumper Fire

1976 Other Makes Pierce

Make: Other Makes
Model: Pierce
Trim: Arrow
Year: 1976
Mileage: 23,101
VIN: CE4111
Drive type: Rwd
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Toms River, New Jersey, United States

Description for Other Makes Pierce 1976

Mechanical100% needs nothingInteriorNot a tear or scratch very niceExterior Glass all good a 9 on a scale of 1-10 1976/1993 Pierce Glider Arrow Custom Pumper Fire 125O GPM PUMP500 GALLON POLY TANKZICO ELECTRIC LADDER RACKPEIRCE ARROW SLIDER KITS WHICH COST IN 1993 $181. 00 DOLLAR REFURBTHE MOTOR IS COMPLETEY REDONE THE INTERIOR IS REDONEGlider KitsUSE MAJOR COMPONENTS ON EXISTING APPARATUS. This is one of the quickest. most cost-effective ways to bring an older vehicle up to compliance with most current NFPA standards. Utilizing major components from your old apparatus - engine. transmission. pump and rear axle - we'll build a new custom vehicle around them. Cab/Body ReplacementsALL-NEW AT A FRACTION OF THE COST. Choose a complete cab or body replacement or both. Either way. you'll realize the benefits of an apparatus with all-new. top-quality factory components for a fraction of the cost of a new vehicle. With a replacement cab. you'll receive a completely new steering system. seats. upholstery. electrical wiring and gauges. Body replacement includes a new water tank. plus a pump enclosure and new pump control panel can be added. Cab ConversionsFOUR-DOOR ENCLOSED CREW-CAB CONVERSIONS GET MORE ROOM. Upgrade your legacy two-door. open-crew-cab Dash®. Lance® or Pierce Arrow into a four-door. fully enclosed crew cab. You'll get added safety and comfort for firefighters and since the conversions are designed and built by the original manufacturer. you're guaranteed the finished product will equal original Pierce quality standards. https://m. youtube. com/watch?v=pqj2PvDqo2whttps://m. youtube. com/watch?v=hJWUd7H-FJAhttp://youtu. be/vVG8BnoFPQYhttps://plus. google. com/u/0/app/basic/photos/100685260096169788479/album/6087986323469652929?cbp=rpjl0y71p7cy&authkey&sview=20&cid=5&soc-app=115&soc-platform=1&pgpnum=14&spath=/u/0/app/basic/photos&sparm=cbp%3Drpjl0y71p7cy%26authkey%26sview%3D20%26cid%3D5%26soc-app%3D115%26soc-platform%3D1%26pv%3Dhi%26pgpnum%3D1