Hudson Super Six

1951 Other Makes Super Six

Make: Other Makes
Model: Super Six
Type: 4 door
Trim: Super Six
Year: 1951
Mileage: 56,500
VIN: 5A-100731
Color: Green
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: 3 speed on the column
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: cream
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Farmington, Minnesota, United States

Description for Other Makes Super Six 1951

This 1951 Hudson Super Six Custom Model 5A is in very good condition. It has been in storage in Spring Valley. MN for approximately 20 years and for the 10 years prior it was only driven in the parades of Lanesboro. Minnesota by my brother who died in 1988. It was our grandfather's car. I have spent some time and money getting this from the log chain to the open road. I recently completed a 12 mile round trip down the highway and all is well. My Certified Mechanic stated he thought this vehicle was in great shape. The driver door window and vent window are cracked and the left rear door window has a crack also. The rear brake cylinders have been rebuilt. The brake Master has been replaced and all four brakes shoes are good. The brake lines and hoses are good. The rear axle bearings and seals have been replaced. The engine oil has been changed and the chassis has been completely lubed. New spark plugs and fuel filter have been installed. The engine compression test results are 75. 77. 76. 80. 70. and 76 from front to back. The three speed shifter now works freely and the cork clutch works just fine. I did spend some time adding new Hudsonite and getting the cork clutch unseized from sitting so long. It works fine now but there is some fluid dripping from that clutch housing area. I do not have a hoist at home to further check that leak out. I have repaired the headlights. taillights. and turn signals. The gas tank was removed. cleaned with Vapo-Rust and coated inside and out with two quarts of Red-Kote. The fuel sender brass barrel float was replaced and the sender was also soaked in Vapo-Rust. By my tester. the sender worked. After putting more fuel in the tank. the dash fuel gauge works also. I used 91 Octane gas and Seafoam gas treatment to help prevent future issues with fuel breakdown during storage. The speedometer and odometer work. There are 56. 05 original miles on the car. The dash lights and dimmer work. The radio turns on and makes noise but no radio stations come in. The vacuum operated wipers work but the rubber on the blades should be replaced. The dual horns work when I run a jump wire to them but do not work with the horn button. I tried a new horn relay with no success. The clock does not work. The temp gauge may just need a new sender switch. This 1951 Hudson was repainted in Lanesboro. MN approximately 40 years ago. It still waxed up quite well. The body is solid and the bias ply. wide white sidewall tires are very good. as are the original hubcaps. I believe the roof was originally white since there is some sign of that original paint showing thru the green on the roof. The interior seats were recovered by Garnatz Upholstery in Lanesboro 40 years ago. The color choice might be questionable but I believe the original upholstery is underneath the new stuff. The front seat track now moves back and forth freely. The trim on the back of the front seat is original and looks good. There are several interior trim parts in the trunk. The current headliner is an after-market pourous white vinyl. I have the original Owners Manual and Lubrication Chart. Daryl H. Haack of Spring Valley. MN. purchased this new on May 1st. 1951 and used it for his wedding car. Then my grandpa Peter J. Peterson of Lanesboro purchased it ; I'm not sure what year that was. The title has been in the name of Peterson Motors Inc. since my grandfather died. I am an owner of Peterson Motors and will sign the title off to the buyer as such I drove the car home 100 miles last week and it drove beautifully. I ran 65 mph all the way home with plenty of pedal left. Other photos available. Any questions. please call 612-961-4869 and ask for Todd. Thank you and good luck.