Restored Numbers Matching Plum Crazy AAR 'Cuda 340 Six Pack V8 3 Speed Automatic

1970 Plymouth Barracuda AAR

Condition: Used
Make: Plymouth
Model: Barracuda
SubModel: AAR
Type: Other
Doors: 2
Year: 1970
Mileage: 85,029
Color: Purple
Engine: 340 V8
Transmission: Automatic
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Description for Plymouth Barracuda 1970


Original 340 cubic inch LA V8 / Correct SIX BARREL carburetion
Correct A727 TorqueFlite 3-speed automatic transmission
Correct Plum Crazy Metallic paint / Correct AAR aesthetics
Correct Black vinyl interior
Correct 8.75-inch rear axle / Sure Grip differential / 3.55 gears
Correct power front disc and rear drum brakes
Correct side-exit exhaust
Correct staggered Rallye Wheels

Investment grade 'Cudas have been fetching serious money for years. It seems old school MoPars are, in the realm of hard assets, an excellent place to build solid equity. There's just one catch: for the most part, that equity comes at the expense of enjoyment. Most 6-figure collector cars remain 6-figure collector cars thanks to meticulous care and very little road time. And that's where this Plum Crazy Plymouth starts to really shine. This coupe, an authentic AAR 'Cuda, is intrinsically valuable thanks to its correct appearance and numbers-matching small block. But, thanks to a seasoned, high quality restoration, it's also not something anyone should be afraid to cruise down the street. If you're one of the countless car guys who wants a top dog muscle car that they can admire AND enjoy, here's your next classic!


Assembled in Hamtramck, Michigan in April of 1970, this purple pentastar is the beneficiary of a thorough restoration that was completed sometime around 2005. During that calculated rebuild, the car's straight body, which includes solid-closing doors on top of excellent panel alignment, was stripped, massaged and polished into a nicer presentation of its factory-correct aesthetics. And today, this positively vivid Plymouth rolls as one super slick road warrior that features a perfect combination of timeless style and vicious street manners.

Not surprisingly, this AAR's track-bred appearance is backed by a long list of correct details. At the front of its glossy profile, a "PLYMOUTH" branded grille hangs clear head lamps and flush-fit parking lights above a polished bumper and requisite road lamps. Behind that grille, a lightweight, AAR-exclusive hood, secured by stainless lanyards, rolls a soft black topcoat toward clean glass and straight stainless frames. At the sides of that hood, correct mirrors and polished stainless exhaust tips reflect flush door handles and correct fender-mount turn indicators. And at the back of the car, a Satin Black valence hangs bright taillights and a small "'cuda" script between a second polished bumper and a familiar ducktail spoiler.


Toss the lightweight hood and you'll find an original, 340 cubic inch LA V8 that's authenticated by a famous 3577130TA casting number, a November (11) 24th (24), 1969 (69) casting date and a matching partial VIN. Although SCCA Trans Am racecars were limited to 302 cubic inches, Plymouth stuck to the tried and true "no replacement for displacement" rule for street applications. That means this coupe received a powerplant that was specifically designed for high performance turnpike warriors. And, thanks to Holley tri-power carburetion, a hot Edelbrock intake, a high performance points distributor, high-flow cylinder heads and unique internals, it turned hefty 10.5 to 1 compression into 315 fire-breathing horses. That said, SCCA regulations and increasing insurance costs forced Chrysler to actually underrate the mill's output to just 290. But, in reality, the car easily disposed of most 'equally powered' stoplight challengers. Whatever the number, this Cuda's striking engine compartment is clean and ready to roll. Plum Crazy framing provides excellent contrast to a glossy layer of Hemi Orange block skin. The car's bright air cleaner features a requisite "340 SIX BARREL" decal. And the whole set-up is finished with details like a correct Chrysler radiator, an old-style Chrysler washer reservoir, a reproduction MoPar battery and a small MoPar fuel filter.


Slide under this exclusive E-Body and you'll find surprisingly solid bones that, while nice, have no fear of beating up the blacktop. Behind the spry small block, a tough A727 3-speed twists power to a proven 8.75-inch axle that's finished with a Sure Grip differential and 3.55 gears. Naturally, that spirited driveline rides a restored and rebuilt suspension, which is led by traditional manual steering. Stops come courtesy of standard power front disc and rear drum brakes. As expected, a unique side-exit exhaust system is present and accounted for. And all that MoPar goodness rolls on fully dressed Rallye Wheels, which twist E60-15 Goodyear Polyglas GTs in front of G60-15 Goodyear Polyglas GTs to employ one of the first applications of staggered tire sizing.


Swivel the car's solid-closing doors and you'll find a correct interior that appears restoration-fresh. As expected, the front bucket and rear bench seats are wrapped in tight vinyl hides. In front of those seats, a monochromatic dash hangs correct standard telemetry above a correct Chrysler Solid State radio. Those components are framed in a factory headliner, weather-free door panels and fade-free carpet that's protected by color-keyed 'Cuda floor mats. The driver navigates the course through a wood-rimmed steering wheel and requisite Chrysler Slap Stick. And behind the cockpit, a fully finished trunk centers a correct jack and collapsible spare tire between a correct mat and fresh decklid decal.


Like virtually all of our premium muscle car offerings, this coupe proudly displays its original Fender Tags. Here's a detailed look at how the car rolled out of Dodge Main.


E55: 340 cubic inch V8 that utilizes one 4-barrel carburetor to produce 275 horsepower
D32: Heavy duty automatic transmission
B: Plymouth 'Cuda
S: Special (AAR 'Cuda)
23: 2-door hardtop
J: 340 SIX BARREL V8 that utilizes three 2-barrel carburetors to create 290 horsepower
0: 1970 model year
B: Assembled at Dodge Main in Hamtramck, Michigan
300489: Production Sequence Number
FC7: Plum Crazy Metallic body paint
H: High Trim Grade interior
6: Vinyl bucket seats
X9: Black interior
000: Full door panels
409: Assembled on April 9th, 1970
M03955: Vehicle Order Number
FC7: Plum Crazy Metallic roof paint
A01: Light Package
A53: Trans Am Package
B51: Power brakes
C16: Woodgrain console
C55: Bucket seats
G36: Dual outside racing mirrors
J45: Hood pins
J82: Aerodynamic rear spoiler
L31: Hood/fender-mount turn signals
M21: Drip rail moldings
M88: Rear deck molding treatment
N44: Side-exit exhaust
N94: Fiberglass 'Fresh Air' hood
R11: 2-watt Solid State AM radio
V6H: Black, longitudinal Trans Am stripes
Y05: Built to United States specifications
26: 26-inch radiator
EN1: End of codes, assembly line one


TRANS AM: Designated Trans Am Program car


Reproduction factory hang tags
An AAR 'Cuda license plate

Thanks to scorching performance, a solid restoration and classic good looks, this 'Cuda is sure to please even the most discerning MoPar enthusiast. Fully sorted and ready to roll, you can admire it, cruise it, show it and even hit the road for a long Sunday drive. If you've been searching for an old school MoPar to cherish AND enjoy, you've found your next car!