1935 Plymouth PJ Deluxe Touring Sedan, 2 Owner Local Original GEM, DrivingVIDEO

1935 Plymouth PJ Four Door Sedan Deluxe

Condition: Used
Make: Plymouth
Model: PJ Four Door Sedan
Type: Sedan
Trim: Deluxe
Year: 1935
Mileage: 47,414
VIN: PS145296
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Gray
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Derby, Kansas, United States

Description for Plymouth PJ Four Door Sedan 1935

1935 Plymouth Model PJ Deluxe Touring Sedan

*** Two Owner Local Vehicle

*** Same Family Owner Since 1964

*** Extremely Original, Solid Metal Car

Click Here For VIDEO: https://youtu.be/44Aol1RuGlk

  • Solid All Metal Rust Free Car
  • Two Wichita Kansas Owners Since New
  • Original 6 Cylinder Engine Matching #’s Car
  • 3 Speed Manual Floor Shift Transmission, Original
  • Cowl Vent
  • Roll Out Windshield Ventilation
  • Original Style MoHair Interior
  • Fabulous Two Tone Gunmetal Gray Finish
  • Factory Trunk Body
  • Stainless Steel Trim Rings
  • Stainless Steel Hub Caps
  • All Steel Plymouth Safety Body
  • Clean Kansas Title
  • 47,414 Odometer Reading (Believed To Represent Original Mileage but mileage exempt due to cars age)
  • I.D. # RS145296

This Plymouth was purchased from its original owner, an elderly lady in 1964 to be used as a “cheap” daily driver by a Wichita family. That family has owned this car since that time (1964) and apparently didn’t put all that many miles on it since the odometer is believed to represent actual mileage. At sometime in its history it was decided to have the car repainted since it had surface rust on the body and looked bad. I asked one of the family members who piddled with the car as a kid and helped maintain it through 2016, what kind of body work and rust repair they had to do to the car when it was refinished? He replied, “nothing, the body was perfect”. He also indicated they cleaned up and refinished the underside of the car but did not remove the body from the frame which became common in later years when body off frame restorations became popular.

I have looked the car over carefully and can see no evidence of any rust repair or body work on the top or underneath the car. The body is very straight and smooth and body panels fit together very nicely. It was refinished years ago and still looks fantastic today as you can see in the photos. Its not perfect though, it does has a few minor light scratches paint finish and some chips here and there. In my opinion, the only really significant flaw is paint scratches on the right front fender on the rear inner part where the rear of the hood has scratched the fender. There is also a very light scratch which can probably be buffed out on the right rear fender. I have close up photos of these areas so you can put this in perspective. Overall, this is a beautiful car that is just showing some minor wear from it being driven and enjoyed.

I noticed when putting the photos up that I don’t have my usual right side and ¾ right rear photo. I don’t know how that happened but there are close up photos of the two areas on the right side where are the cosmetic flaws pointed out above.

Mechanically, I believe the car is basically very sound. The motor has no knocks, doesn’t smoke, no rattles and carries good oil pressure. The 3 speed manual transmission shifts as it should. These cars did not have synchronizers in their transmissions so you have to double clutch to shift smoothly and avoid grinding the gears. The car drives out good. The steering feels a little loose but is probably typical for a 1935 Vintage Vehicle. They didn’t manufacture the quality steering of todays vehicles. The car has hydraulic brakes (cars were just transitioning from manual brakes in this era) and these hydraulic brakes seem to work find.

The family member indicated he thought the water pump and hoses leaked coolant and that may be, but must not be significant. There wasn’t any coolant on my trailer when I moved the car and it sat running for several minutes while I did the DRIVINGVIDEO and I did not see any leakage under the car. The car does need some tune up work. It takes a lot of manual choke to start the car and keep it running at its best, indicating its not getting enough fuel naturally, due to a carburetor problem, fuel problem, or intake vacuum leak. The exhaust smells of old gasoline so that may also be a part of or perhaps all of the solution. The owners did use a lead additive in the car which is good, but likely used gasoline that had ethanol blended which is not good for an old car, especially if it sits a lot and the gasoline gets old. The ethanol absorbs moisture, becomes corrosive and gums up old fuel systems. Pure 100% gasoline costs more but is still available at least in this part of the country and should be used in these cars if possible. I am open to doing some tune up work on this car as a part of a purchase contract if that is of importance to a buyer. Its fun and simple to work on these old cars and you may very well want to do the tinkering yourself. I certainly would.

Check out my drivingVIDEO to see how nicely this 82 year old car drives out today.

Unfortunately, a death in the family has resulted in this car being available for purchase – the first time since 1964. This is a rare opportunity to buy a beautiful, attention getting rare and solid “never been messed with” original GEM. They can only be original once and this one has survived 82 years without being cut up, hod rodded or customized. It’s a beauty, an attention getter and a blast to drive and surely can bring back some nostalgic, pleasant memories of good times for its next owner.

Charles Carver

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