1966 Plymouth Barracuda

Make: Plymouth
Model: Barracuda
SubModel: Fastback
Type: Coupe
Year: 1966
Mileage: 72390
VIN: BP29D62502174
Color: Green
Engine: V8, 273 COMMANDO
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Green
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Description for Plymouth Barracuda 1966

This is an all original (see minor exceptions) one owner car with all matching serial numbers.

Style: Fastback 2 door Coupe

Interior Color: Light green & tan

Transmission: Manual 4 on Floor

Engine: V8, 273 Commando

Rear Differentials: Sure-Grip Posi Traction

Vehicle I. D: BP29D62502174

FEATURES, HISTORY and CONDITION of this 1966 Formula S Plymouth Barracuda

The 1966 model car was originally purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Bebout on October 12, 1965.

The car dealer they purchased the vehicle from was Cole Motors Inc. located in Coleville, Washington (sorry, no Zip code then). According to the family Mr. Bebout passed in 1979 and Mrs. Bebout became the sole owner of the vehicle. In 1990 she garaged it at her Montana residence, and it stayed there until after she passed in 2008. The Estate put the car up for sale and I was vacationing in the area and made a deal to purchase the vehicle.


Formula "S" is a fish of a different color. Plymouth made one of the first Muscle cars with the Formula S Barracuda. THE HIGH-PERFORMANCE COMMANDO 273 V-8 DELIVERED 235 HORSEPOWER. The 4-barrel carburetor, High-lift, high overlap cam, Dome top pistons, solid lifters, special intake system, Posi-Track sure grip differential and finally, 4 on the floor manual transmission. This feature is one of the most appealing virtues for car collectors today. The Formula S was manufactured in very limited numbers. Only 2,970 of the 1966 Formula S with a 4-speed manual transmission were made. This car is for the car collector that wants a car that is complete from a dealer from 1966!


It only fits that this beauty has custom license plates (see pictures). It's hard to believe that the owner of this car was able to get the name BARCUDA on their plates; what would the odds be that it wasn't taken!? These plates are valuable to collectors as is, but they belong with the car whether on it or not. The original hardware to mount the plates is still on the car and in excellent shape (see pictures) even the rubber garment at the top of license is still in place and very good condition.


Plymouth Barracuda Formula S cars came with a special book that explains the Formula S racing package. The book is in excellent condition and in all my research I have not came across another booklet like this!

This car also has the original Plymouth Barracuda operating manual what is so special about this manual is that the required maintenance and service record page is completely full. In addition, since more room was needed many notes about the service of this car were added to small blank areas of other pages. The person who owned this car took really good care of it and noted everything on the pages. The operation manual is still in the plastic protector issued by CHRYSLER CORPORATION. On the plastic cover there is a service record kept by Authorized Dealers and certified records were written on the inside of glovebox door. The records on the glove box door were kept to certify warranty.


Another amazing find with this car is the Vehicle Identification card. The metal card was for Dealer use only and was kept in a special holder riveted to the righthand top of the inner fender. To find another VIN card still in the car it came with is almost impossible. The only way to know for sure is to have this card with the first owner of the car with his or her name on it; as this does.


It is unbelievable to find a 53-year-old classic car with immaculate interior. I took several pictures to share this amazing appearance with everyone, buyers or not. The ash trays have never been used so one could only assume this car is smoke free. The seat belts are in excellent condition with no stains or rust and all work great. Another unbelievable find is the condition of the dash; like the rest of the interior it looks like it did the day the car came from the dealer. Also, inside the glovebox there are travel maps from the 60's . These like everything I found in the car will stay with it.

Everything from the past indicates this was a one-person car and the lack of wear and tear on the interior confirms what I found out about its history. The front seats had seat covers that I removed when I started cleaning up the vehicle and the seats underneath were left perfect. There is very little amount of wear on the driver's seat and the same with the arm rest. However, the passenger seat, like the back seats, look like they had very little to no use during the life of this Vehicle. The Dash, glove box, sun visors, gauges, knobs, vent control, radio, entry light, flooring carpet, back carpet, 4 speed shifter, pedal rubbers are in excellent condition. There is no sun bleaching to any part of the interior. NOTICE; the vintage registration holder is still on the drivers Sun Visor and is still in great condition and clearly shows last registration to be 1990. There are no rips or tears in the headliner only a couple small round stains that may be removable.

Trunk and accessories:

The original jack and lug wrench is still in place. In addition, the carpet is original as well as the pressboard liners. The rubber seal, consistent with the rest of the rubber seals on the car are in excellent condition. I also took pictures of some old, new stock parts left in the car from the previous owner and all, but one is Mopar brand.

Motor compartment:

The ID tag is still in place that tells about the manufacturing of this vehicle, body, trim, paint ETC. The Engine compartment is in rather good condition but does have a few little minor rust speckled chips; (see picture) overall rather clean for a car that is 53 years old. You can also see the original air cleaner and still has COMMANDO decal. Other original decals under the hood include a "Important notice about the radiator as well as a WARNING about proper amounts of rust inhibitors. Most stickers like these are missing or faded out completely but you will see these are quite legible. The smaller decal is about disconnecting the battery before using a charger. The smaller decal has been more damaged and worn than the others, still legible if you guess at some lettering.

Exterior condition:

As you will see in the pictures the exterior is in good condition considering it is the original paint. However, it looks like there was a touch up done some time ago on the area by gas cap. All the emblems are in place and are original. Turn signal, lights, horn, blinkers are all working and needed no repairs. The rims, hub caps and lug bolts are all original. All door handles and locks work the same as they did when this car was born in 1966. (see pictures)

Getting it running:

There were typical repairs to get this car running properly after I got it. I took it to a professional, and did just the things necessary to get it tuned up and motor going properly.

I have many more pictures. If you are interested in vehicle would be happy to send to you.