1967 Pontiac GTO 2 door Coupe in Regimental Red

1967 Pontiac GTO

Condition: Used
Make: Pontiac
Model: GTO
Type: Coupe
Year: 1967
VIN: 242.......
Color: Regimental Red
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Turbo 400 Automatic
Interior color: Red
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Sugar Land, Texas, United States

Description for Pontiac GTO 1967

This is a true 242 VIN, hich means that it came with the valuable and coveted 400 Small Block.... This is a numbers matching motor (all PHS documentation included). The motor currently has the factory exhaust manifolds installed.. But if you want a bit more, will be including a set of Doug's high-performance, ET coated headers (still in the wrapping). The carburetor and intake manifold have been changed along with valve covers, ir filter, tc but I have all the factory original pieces for your pleasure. It is currently running a 165 degree thermostat and factory fan. It has no overheating issues. The transmission is a automatic... Turbo 400.. Due to the aggressive shifting, believe the transmission has a shift kit installed. The transmission pan does have a slight leak, ut it probably just a gasket. I do not believe the tranny is original to the car. However, he shifter is original. It is the "his-and-hers" gate-style shifter. The linkage might need some fine-tuning. I don't know anyone who hates air conditioning. Well, ood news..... this is a factory A/C car with all the components included. Unfortunately, he air-conditioner is not currently working, ut wouldn't take too much work to change that. Although the modern "Vintage Air" brand systems work much better than the factory ever did and was my intention to upgrade but never did. I chose to keep the original rear end housing and gears which some douchebag at Pontiac decided should be like a 290 ratio for the factory A/C cars SO - it needs to be changed. A 373 would do nicely! I believe this car was originally an Illinois car. In the mid 1990s, t underwent a major restoration. The trunk pan, loor pan, ortions of the quarter panels, nd possibly other panels were replaced. At that time, he exterior color was changed from factory Cameo Ivory to the current Regimental Red. It was decided to leave interior of the car the original factory Red. The interior is in really great shape. No rips, ears, uts, tc. in the vinyl. Need some sweet tunes? The factory radio is included. Sad to say it doesn't currently work, ut the 48yr old classic could be sent off and repaired if "AM radio" is your thing. Otherwise, ou have lots of options, ut the dash has NOT been "hacked-up" to fit a modern radio. All of the factory gauges are fully functional. Also, have an extra gauge cluster I will through in (just in case the current one ever fails). There is also an aftermarket 2 pod add-on cluster which includes oil pressure. The factory four wheel drum brakes are very tight with no leaks.. However, he front right brake does have a small squeak. The car stops on a dime! The brake lines appear to be original. The car comes with properly functioning factory power steering and has little-to-no slack in the steering wheel. All front-end & steering components have all been rebuilt or replaced. Tie-rods, way-bar bushing, all joints, tc., ut the power steering gearbox does have a very small leak, nd the front left ball joint needs to be serviced again. (It just recently developed a small popping noise). A lot of people switch out the steering gearboxes in these cars for a 97-98 model Jeep Grand Cherokee gearbox which gives you a better ratio. Both the ignition and distributor have been upgraded to Petronix brand electronic style components. I am not a mechanic and so the timing is just a little off. This causes a small shutter when you kill the ignition & a mild tapping under heavy acceleration. The wheels are original GTO wheels and are 14" in size but are not the wheels that came on this particular car. This car originally came with steel wheels and hubcaps from the factory. The BF Goodrich radial tires are about a year old & have roughly 100 miles on them. The only real rust issues of which I am aware exist on the lower left of the trunk lid right at the molding line where a few small rust bubbles are popping up. Also, he drip rails need some attention on the underside. The seam sealer has begun to crack and let moisture in. When the restoration was performed in the 90s, hey did not address the front inner fender skirts and they need to be replaced due to rust. Other than that, ll the wheel wells still have good undercoating and appear solid. There are only two or three spots on the vehicle that have pain condition issues. There are a few places around the vehicle where the paint has began to "star". There is a chip in the paint on the driver side rear quarter panel - looks like where the quarter panel "patch" may have been replaced in the restoration process. There is also a small scuff on the front driver side fender. The underside of the hood was not insulated properly so the paint on the underside is peeling.... not on top, nly on the underside. Other than that, t's pretty much what you would expect from a high-quality 20+ year old paint job. All of the glass is in good shape. There are no rock chips, racks, uns, elamination, r any major problems. There are a couple spots where it is slightly cloudy on the side windows, ut could probably be polished out. Both front and rear side-windows roll up and down easily with no stickiness or hesitation. The weather stripping seems to be in pretty good shape and there does not appear to be any water leaking into the car around the front or rear windows. The engine wiring harness was recently replaced. All other electrical systems seem to be in good solid functional shape. Most everything works with a couple of minor exceptions. The gauges, ights, linkers, rake lights, tc all work great. However, he horn and cigarette lighter do not. The fuel tank is relatively new but the fuel lines are original. The fuel pump is newer (still a mechanical style pump). This car has Texas Antique License plates. In Texas, ntique plates are issued for a period of 5 years. This makes the vehicle street legal to drive to shows, arades, ccasional weekend run-abouts, ut should not be driven every day by the "letter of the law". The good news is that with these plates, he car is not required to pass a modern inspection. And yes before you ask, he car has a clean, lear title. And finally, ncluded at no additional charge are a trunk full of extra parts, riginal nuts, olts screws, asket set, eader collectors, ll factory A/C parts, ackage tray and sail panels, ody repair manual, ervice manual, auge cluster, nice cloth car cover, long with many other things. So IF you actually read and understood all that, ou're probably not the kind of person to waste time. So don't waste mine. Keep your "Paypal" and "my uncle works in Saudi Arabia" shipping scams to yourself. Thanks for reading this and let me know if you have any other questions.