1968 Pontiac GTO

Make: Pontiac
Model: GTO
Year: 1968
Mileage: 1,000,000
Transmission: Automatic
Vehicle Title: Salvage
Item location: Shelbyville, Illinois, United States

Description for Pontiac GTO 1968

Hello Ebayers and Poncho fans . Before we go any furthe, This car has NO TITLE . It is a bill of sale only . If you are in the state of Illinoi, you can obtain a Bonded titl, i have on a couple different cars . Im not sure what other states make you do but here in Illinoi, its a bonded title and its a pretty simple process and i can help get you started . This car has been parked in a Barn for over 25 year, the original old farmhouse Burnt and everything was lost . I had the vin number ran through the state of Illinois and it has no information on it except it is a 1968 Pontia, thats it . I wanted to get that out of the wa, I will provide a bill of sale no problem at all . I will tell you that this car is very worth obtaining a title and buildin, im sure ou will agree once you see the underside pictures.
O, with that out of the wa, here is the information . Im thinning the heard of projects and focussing on a couple that are not far off. I was going the bonded title but if i d, then i have to keep the car for 3 years before i can sell i, im not planning on building it in the next three years so im selling it now and will let the person that is going to build it do that. What you are looking at is a 1968 Pontiac GTO convertible in Verdoro Green with Parchment Bucket sea, console interior . Car is fairly complet, missing hood and front valance . I do not believe the engine to be the origina, has a th400 and 10 bolt rear " Numbers from rear in picture" . I pulled this car from a Barn and it has been sitting in mine for a year now . Time for someone to build it . Now i know what you are thinkin, " Convertible= rotten floors " I kno, thats what i figured also . When i first got the ca, i cut through the padding and the old rotten carpet and pulled it up to see what was left. To my suprise i had shiny green paint staring back at me . When i put a jack under the ca, i seriousl, could not believe my eye, The bottom side of this car is SOLID !!! no rot throug, the bottom is amazin, Braces are all fantasti, bottoms of the rockers are grea, bottoms of doors are amazin, everything that should have rotted out is in amazing conditio, Now the body may look like it was used in the chase scene from the Blues Brothers but the foundation is there . Look through the picture, The car is beat . it does have some rust around the rear wheel wells and lower dog leg, Fenders are dente, Door has a den, quarter has a dent . But look at it for what it is . a 68 GTO vert. with a solid floor . Car rolls good so it will be easy loading and i can help with equipment . Im starting the car at what i feel is a fair Price for a car this solid that needs a title . If it doesnt bring it then so be i, Ill keep it dry in my barn and get the title and build it one day . I mea, the downside is i continue to be the owner of a 68 GTO convertible ..... Really no downside . I have not gotten the PHS documents on the ca, if you are near my location of Shelbyville IL and would like to come and inspect i, please feel free to contact me and we will set that up .
I do not accept paypal on vehicles " they charge to much " so it will be cash at pick up or a Cashiers check or Bank to Bank wire transfer . if sending a Cashiers chec, it will have to be sent a week ahead of pick up to clear the Bank in time . Car will not leave the property until payment has cleared . I can store car for 30 days free of charge until you can pickup but it must be paid for in full within 7 Days of auction end.