1973 Pontiac Catalina 1 Owner Rust Free AZ Survivor Unmolested Original Paint

1973 Pontiac Catalina

Make: Pontiac
Model: Catalina
Type: 4 Door Sedan
Year: 1973
Mileage: 43,135
VIN: 2L69M3C114755
Color: Sea Foam Green
Engine: 350 V-8
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Green
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Tucson, Arizona, United States
Air Conditioning

Description for Pontiac Catalina 1973

THE PONTIAC:Rare, 1 owner, straight, clean and exceptionally well maintained 100% rust free classic 1973 Pontiac Catalinaruns and drives as solid as it looks.
43,135 miles on the odometer. Judging by condition of the seats and the factory color and condition of the valve covers that may be original miles?

Totally rust free car from Tucson, Arizona where the air is so dry the US Air Force mothballs all their old planes because they don't rot out here. Note that in the pictures showing the trunk and the top of the doors that reddish brown color is not rust but rather a layer of red AZ dirt.
MECHANICALS:Original numbers matching Pontiac 350 engine purrs like a classic GM V8. Smooth and quiet. Starts every time with a click of the key. No smoke, no knocks, no leaks, no issues.
350 Turbo-Hydramatic automatic transmission shifts smooth and precise as designed. No leaks. No issues.
INTERIOR:Interior is very nice for the age and I've left it just as I found it, dusty but all original except for the radio which is an Alpine. Everything is there and works, including the speedometer, odometer and fuel gauge, but the AC needs at minimum a re-charge. All the windows roll up and down. The glass isn't cracked or chipped. The upholstery is not torn. The carpet is mostly OK but there is one significant tear on the floor by the driver's door. Near the top of the rear window the headliner is starting to come loose. There are only a couple heat cracks on the vinyl dash. In the trunk is a spare wheel.
Original rust free Arizona car. There's just no rust. Extremely straight. It's never been wrecked or painted and has no body filler. Obviously the original factory paint is sun faded. EBay only allows 24 pictures so if you want to see some closer shots of the rust free frame and fender wells just click CONTACT SELLER.
HISTORY:This amazing old Pontiac was shipped from Detroit to Tucson back in 1973 where it was bought at a dealership by the only owner.I towed it to my shop and removed the gas tank and had it cleaned. I then installed a new starter, a used battery and poured in some fresh gas and primed the carb. All the fluids were full and looked good with pink tranny fluid, golden motor oil and green coolant so I turned the key and she fired off 1st try with no smoke and no knocks. Idled perfect. Incredibly smooth and quiet. Everything works except the AC but it's all there.
Next I installed some new used tires and took her for a spin. Brakes feel fine. I hadn't driven a GM from this era in over 30 years. The sound and the feel and even the smells brought back a whole bunch of memories. From a stop light she actually lit up the tires. Drives smooth as a boat. No rattles. No obvious issues. I didn't have the wheels balanced so I noticed a slight vibration coming from the right front wheel at about 60 mph.
This body style was made from 71-76. Here's what Wikipedia has to say about this generation Catalina:

For 1971, Catalina and other full-sized Pontiacs were completely redesigned and restyled from the wheels up with long hood/short deck proportions and fuselage styling somewhat similar to Chrysler Corporation's 1969 full-sized cars, along with a double shell roof for improved roll-over protection and flush pull-up exterior door handles - the latter two features first seen on the19701⁄2Firebird. Catalina and Catalina Brougham sedans and coupes rode on a 123.4-inch (3,130mm) wheelbase while Bonneville and Grand Ville used a longer 126-inch (3,200mm) wheelbase, and Safari wagons were an inch longer at 127 inches. Station wagons also got their own multi-leaf spring rear suspensions, while sedans and coupes continued to be suspended with front and rear coil springs.

New for 1971 was the Catalina Brougham series, which offered a more luxurious interior trim than the regular Catalina, available as a two-door hardtop, four-door hardtop and four-door pillared sedan. It was similar in concept to theVenturaseries (1960-1961, 1966-1969) and theVenturacustom trim option on the Catalina (1962-1965, 1970). It was dropped in 1973 after its sales failed to meet expectations. 1972 was also the Catalina convertible's final year.

The ventilation system was extensively revised for 1972.

All models featured new Grand Prix-style wrap-around cockpit instrument panels that placed controls and instruments within easy reach of the driver along with two round pods for a speedometer and the other for warning lights, fuel gauge or optional gauges and electric clock. Interior trims were available in cloth and Morrokide vinyl or expanded Morrokide depending on model.

Standard engine in Catalina sedans and coupes was a 255-horsepower "350" (actually 355cid) V8 with two-barrel carburetor. Catalina Brougham models and Safari wagons came standard with a 400 cubic-inch V8 with two-barrel carburetor rated at 265 gross horsepower that was optional on other Catalina models. Optional engines included a 455 cubic-inch V8 with two- or four-barrel carburetion and respective horsepower ratings of 285 and 325, respectively. All Pontiac engines for 1971 were designed to run on lower-octane regular leaded, low lead or unleaded gasoline thanks to a GM corporate edict, necessitating reductions in compression ratios.

Power front disc brakes were made standard equipment for the first time in 1971. As in previous years, variable ratio power steering andTurbo Hydramatictransmission were extra-cost options but became standard equipment midway through the 1971 model run. Also available on early 1971 Catalinas with the 350 engine was a two-speed automatic transmission in addition to the standard column-shift three-speed manual.

For 1972, Catalinas and other full-sized Pontiacs received new Grand Prix-style "V" nose grilles and sturdier front bumpers that could withstand crashes of up to 5mph (8.0km/h), a year ahead of the Federal standard that took effect in 1973, along with revised taillight lenses.

The two-barrel 400 cubic-inch V8 was standard on all Catalina/Brougham/Safari models rated at 175 net horsepower compared to 265 gross horses in 1971 thanks to a switch in power measurements from gross ratings which were measured by a dynometer with no accessories attached while the "net" figures were measured "as installed" in a vehicle with all accessories and emission gear hooked up. Optional engines included a two-barrel 455 rated at 185 horsepower (138kW) and a four-barrel 455 rated at 250 horsepower (190kW). The year 1972 was the last for the Catalina convertible and the Catalina Brougham series.

Catalina and other 1973 full-sized Pontiacs featured more full-width split grilles along with the now-federally mandated 5mph (8.0km/h) front bumper, and revised taillight lenses. Instrument panels continued the "wrap-around" theme but the two round gauges were housed in square pods. With the Catalina Brougham discontinued only the regular Catalina models and Safari wagons were offered this year. Catalinas and other full-sized Pontiacs including Bonnevilles and Grand Villes now rode on a common 123.4-inch (3,130mm) wheelbaase for sedans and coupes though Safari and Grand Safari wagons continued on their own 127-inch (3,200mm) wheelbase.

Catalina sedans and coupes came standard with a 350 cubic-inch V8 rated at 150 horsepower (110kW) with a 170-horsepower 400 two-barrel optional and standard on Safari wagons. Optional engines included a 230-horsepower 400 four-barrel and 250-horsepower 455 four-barrel V8.

1973 Pontiac Catalina

The 1974 Catalina and other big Pontiacs had a new Mercedes-like center split grille and revised rear styling with new 5mph (8.0km/h) bumpers on the aft end and license plate moved above the bumper. Two-door hardtop coupes featured new fixed triangular side windows, but kept the pillarless style with roll-down rear quarter windows, unlike Chevrolet, which eliminated the rolldown rear quarters in the Caprice and Impala Custom coupes. The four-door pillared and hardtop sedans were virtually unchanged from 1973. Interiors were much the same as 1973 except for a revised standard steering wheel and new cut-pile carpeting.

New to the option list were adjustable accelerator and brake pedals, a Pontiac exclusive (and seldom ordered), and a Radial Tuned Suspension that included the upgraded tires along with other suspension mods such as front and rear sway bars.

The 170-horsepower 400 V8 with two-barrel carburetor was now the standard engine on all models with a 225-horsepower 400 four-barrel and 250-horsepower 455 four-barrelV8available as options. Also for 1974, the Safari wagon was renamed theCatalina Safariand continued to share interior and exterior trims with sedans and coupes.

The year 1975 brought revised front and rear styling to Catalinas and other full-sized Pontiacs, along with standard radial tires and electronic ignition. The same assortment of 400 and 455 engines carried over from 1974 with reduced horsepower ratings ranging from 170 to 200, but now mated to catalytic converters, which provided improved driveability and fuel economy over previous emission control equipment, but mandated the use of unleaded gasoline. Four-door pillared and hardtop sedans featured new six-window styling with the sixth window on the hardtop sedan functioning as an opera window. 1975 also marked the end of Pontiac convertible production until 1982; the Grand Ville Brougham was the last full-size Pontiac convertible.

For 1976, only minor detail changes were made to Catalinas and other full-sized Pontiacs that included revised grilles (with rectangular headlights now on Catalinas with the "Custom Trim Option-round headlights continued on base models) and taillight lenses. This year was the last for the 1971-vintage bodyshell, optional adjustable pedals, 455 V8 and the clamshell tailgate on Safari wagons. 1976 also marked the return of the Bonneville Brougham series to the top of the full-size line, as Pontiac marketers abandoned the Grand Ville name entirely.

Clean and clear Arizona title is notarized and ready to go. The title status is "A BOX" which simply means the car is original, never wrecked or salvaged. The auction company put the title into their name. Because they were not a dealer and lazy and not too bright they used 185,000 for the mileage when filling out the DMV paperwork.

INVESTMENT:These 45 year old GM's only go up in value, especially when they're this original and rust free. They certainly don't make them like this anymore.

RULES OF THE ROAD:If you have ZERO FEEDBACK (or less than 2 feedback) and are serious about this car then before doing anything please be sure to call the number below during West Coast business hours so we can establish that you're not a squirrel.It won't take more than a couple minutes so please just do it as the last fellow we encountered with zero feedback was not only a squirrel but had an uncanny ability to say one thing and do another, leaving a trail of wasted time and auction wreckage.
This November will mark my 17th year selling on eBay. They say you cannot please everybody all the time but I try to. By and large eBay members are outstanding responsible people. But for some reason the lustful longing for beautiful classic vehicles brings impulsivos with no self control out of the woodwork. They appear not to understand or appreciate all the time, money and energy it costs to prepare a vintage vehicle for a venue like this so they start mindlessly clicking as if this public auction is a video game, wreaking havoc on complete strangers' lives without the ability to actually honor their bid. If that kind of behavior reminds you of yourself then please feel free to read the description and study the pictures to your heart's content but for the love of common decency please do not click anything other than the CONTACT SELLER tab unless you have the means to pay per the terms below.
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FEEDBACK:For those new to eBay and nervous about buying a vehicle over the internet just remember that I've been selling classic vehicles and vintage parts on eBay for 17 years. Some 15 years ago I happened to sell a vintage early Ford Bronco to an eBay seller who runs a large scale pawn shop in Philadelphia with over 100,000 feedbacks and he taught me this simple eBay rule of thumb. Every positive feedback is worth about a dollar of trust. That means if you're buying something for $500 then ideally the seller will have at least 500 positive feedbacks. This is just an rule of thumb mind you. It's not etched in stone. So if there's somebody's selling a $5,000 vehicle with only 32 positive feedbacks you should be leery. Doesn't mean it's not legit, it's just that there's not much track record. By contrast if a seller's asking $4k for a vehicle and has more than 12k positive feedbacks like myself, well then you can rest easier for you can ask yourself why would they risk throwing away their decades old hard earned feedback reputation for $4k when there's millions in potential sales on the line? The answer is they wouldn't.

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SHIPPING:All shipping arrangements and fees are the responsibility of the buyer.We will help whenever & wherever possible. This car is in zip code 85705 very near Interstate 10. Figure shipping any vehicle East of the Mississippi is about $900. West is considerably less. We will store the car free for 21 days after sale. There is a $15 per day storage fee thereafter unless an agreement between buyer and seller has been pre-dickered. I have several phone numbers from recent vehicle sales of competent shippers that I can provide but a simple Google search under "Auto Transport" should provide a dozen options. For example, 120 miles from me is the Barrett-Jackson Auction which promotes the Reliable Transport shipping company. I'm sure they're expensive but you can always start with them and go from there to shop out your best deal. Some shipper numbers my customers have recently used without any reported problems:(954)-320-6677;(843) 793-0270;(828) 302-9742.You can also trywww.uship.com


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