Condition: Used
Make: Pontiac
Model: Trans Am
Type: --
Year: 1979
Mileage: 76,026
VIN: 2X87Z9L171186
Color: Silver
Engine: 400
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: 4 SPEED
Drive type: --
Interior color: Gray
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Fenton, Missouri, United States

Description of 1979 Pontiac Trans Am 10TH ANNIVERSARY

By 1969 the Pontiac Firebird was a mere two years old and had debuted to moderate success. Looking to expand its clientele, Pontiac decided to up the ante a bit by offering an F-Body with an optional Trans Am Performance and Appearance Package. Ten years later the Trans Am had a large fan base. To commemorate that ten year anniversary, Pontiac decided to offer its first Special Anniversary Trans Am. And when it was all said and done, they had... assembled 7,500 of what fans call 'the silver car'. Of those 7,500 Tenth Anniversary Editions, only 1,817 had the L78 /W72 6.6L 400ci V8 and the Borg Warner T-10 4-speed. Before we get too much further, let's take a look at the build sheet to show just how highly optioned these special cars really were: * AU3: Electric Door Locks * A01 : All Tinted Glass * A31: Power Windows * A51: Bucket Seats * A90: Power Deck Lid * BS1: Insulation Package * B18: IP Assist Handling * B37: Front & Rear Floor Mats * B89: Black Reveal Molding * B97: Wheel Spoilers * CC1: Hatch Roof * CD4: Pulse Windshield Wipers * C49: Electric Rear Defogger * C60: Air Conditioning * C95: Dome/Reading Lamp * D34: Visor Mirror * D35: Sport Mirrors * D53: Hood Decal * D55 Floor Console * D80: Rear Spoiler * D92: Tape Deck Stripe * F41: Rear Stability Bar * GU5: 3.23 Axle Ratio * G80: Posi-traction Axle * JL1: Pedal Trim * J65: 4-wheel disc brakes * K15: Fuel Return * K81: 63-amp Generator * L78: V8 400 4bbl * M21: 4-speed Transmission * NA5: Standard Emissions * NK3: Formula Steering Wheel * N33: Tilt Steering Wheel * N65: Space Saver Spare Tire * N90: Cast Aluminum Wheels * QGR: P225/70R15LTR * TR9: Lamp Group * TT5: Quartz Lamps * T93: Black Tail Lamps * UA1: Heavy Duty Battery * UN9: Radio Suppression * UP8: Standard Radio Provisions * U05: Dual Horns * U17 Instrumentation * U25: Luggage Compartment Lamp * U29: Courtesy Light * U35: Electric Clock * U75: Power Antenna * U80: Dual Rear Speakers * WS4: Trans Am * WS6: Special Performance Package * WV7: Charcoal Graphics * W72: Performance Package * YR1: Custom Front Seats * YS1 Custom Rear Seats * YT1: Custom Door Panels * 15L: Gray and Silver Anniversary paint The body looks absolutely stunning and is covered in two-tone paint. The Silver lower paint is separated from the Charcoal upper paint by a small red accent line. At the front of the body is a special massive screaming chicken decal that rests on the hood. The black, white and red decal flows seamlessly with the standard silver and charcoal paint. Above the decal is the shaker hood that has the lettering T/A 6.6 on either side. Behind the front tires you will also find Trans Am decals with special 10th anniversary badging. On the roof you will find correct, mirrored T-tops. At the back of the car is a slick rear spoiler and more Trans Am badging. Pop the hood on this Firebird and you'll be greeted by an original L78 6.6L 400ci V8. With 220 horsepower, this was and is still a wickedly fun car to drive. Due to emission standards, 1979 was the final year that Pontiac offered all of its larger displacement engines. Starting in 1980, the largest engine was the 305ci V8. Bolted to the 400 cubic inch Pontiac V8 is the original 4-speed Borg Warner Super T-10 transmission, which sends power to a 3.23 Posi-traction rear end. Spent gases travel down the original headers to and out the original dual exhaust. Power 4-wheel disc brakes are responsible for slowing the Firebird, while the entire car rides on special 15x8 cast aluminum Turbo wheels that have been wrapped in Goodyear Radials. Open the door to this Trans Am and you'll find a very well preserved silver leather interior that features firm bucket seats. The Firebird logos are stitched into both door panels and in the rear bucket seats. An aluminum dash panel houses all the instrument gauges and the electronically tuned digital display AM/FM Stereo with an 8 track player. This is where you'll also see the odometer that reads 76,062 miles. Power windows, power door locks, Soft Ray glass, custom seat belts, and an electric rear defroster are also present in the interior. Ultimately Pontiac's decision to create a special ten year anniversary Firebird Trans Am was a true success. Pontiac sold over 116,000 Firebird Trans Ams in 1979, which still stands today as the record. This special anniversary edition is an amazing time capsule that can still be enjoyed day in and day out. Don't miss your opportunity to bring home a very rare production car that pays tribute to the first generation Firebird Trans Am. CALL 314-594-1404