1980 Trans Am, T-Roofs & Air Conditioning. Low mileage AND UNRESERVED !!!

1980 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

Condition: Used
Make: Pontiac
Model: Firebird
Trim: Trans Am
Year: 1980
Mileage: 70,750
VIN: 2w87wal112302
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Great Falls, Montana, United States

Description for Pontiac Firebird 1980

1980 Pontiac Trans Am
Nice combination... T-roofs & Air Conditioning. Plus power windows. PLUS, a VERY ATTRACTIVE colour combination.
For sale by only 2nd family owners. Low mileage... 70,750 miles.
Car is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. (eBay does not have provision for people with multiple residences). This car is considered "antique" status, and free to travel without restriction.
I really like this car, and enjoy driving it very much. It gets an endless array of compliments on the colour combination. I like it because it's just a really nice, unrestored, no-excuses car. It's a joy to drive, and the a/c makes it extra comfortable even with the t-roofs off at a stoplight. This car is a real time warp. We've had several of these over the years but, kept this one around. For some reason I really am fond of this car. It has the 301, 5.0 liter engine and automatic transmission. It's not a restoration, or so low miles that I'm afraid to put unnecessary miles on it. Just a fun fun car to really enjoy. Drives so nice, never lets me down. When we got it, it still had garter belts on the visors from a bachelor party in the '80's. I left them. It reminds me of the era.
Now, we are in the midst of moving and, we've sold nearly everything (including furniture) and asides from sentimental items and heirloom things, are starting 100% fresh in a fresh new abode that is currently being built. Possession day is coming up mighty fast, and I'm selling this car to get rid of it like everything else. My wife thinks I should reconsider but, I already know that if we hang onto this vehicle, she'll hang onto other things. With that in mind, it's especially got to go.
I am selling this 100% UNRESERVED. Asides from helping arrange your shipping, I have no time to take 99 more pictures, or have 2-hour long conversations. I don't care about price and I am not going to get into long drawn out discussions as to whether it's a 7/10 condition, or 8/10. Perspectives vary so, for ease of sale, please disregard everything else and assume this car is an awful wreck that is a 1/10 project car with incorrect tires, poor exhaust, and needing everything. That way, I save some time this week during the sale, and devote more to helping the new owner afterwards with arranging their delivery. Also, review our feedback. You'll see that getting every last dime of money isn't my objective. I have money. Money comes easy. Sometimes money goes easy too (lol), but... it can be replaced. Time can't.
We have sold 15+ cars now on eBay. This will be amongst our last to go. During our time, we've figured out a few things. We learned that 2 very important things are communication and procedure. Our little procedure actually focuses on communication. It goes as follows:
  • After auction, we ask for your buyer's information.
    • You supply.
  • We fill in transfer papers and scan/send to you.
    • You confirm spelling and information correct.
  • You go to your bank, and make transfer.
    • We validate receipt.
  • We begin on shipping,
    • ...keeping you informed every step..
  • You receive your cool vintage Trans Am, leave us another fabulous feedback, and begin cruising (and waving back to all the thumb's-up)
We're not interested in Paypal deposits or anything. If you want this car, I'm sure you want it enough to be sincere. It's fairly unique. I'll be very disappointed if someone isn't genuine with their bid but, I think that anyone knowing what this is will see the value and step up. Our procedure is simple. Besides 3 main things (information, payment, delivery), it focuses heavily on clear and concise back/forth volley of communication. That's important. I realize I'm somewhat the anti-salesman and have taken strides to heavily under-represent this vehicle. That's fine. Of importance to us right now is a smooth sale to a genuine buyer. Somebody will get a heck of a deal.... If you are bidding, please be serious as I am and understand our adherence to this little system/procedure. It's to help both of us. If, for any reason, you cannot adhere to this procedure, please let us know BEFORE BIDDING. OR, if you are new to eBay or have zero-feedback record, please contact us first to let us know you understand and are genuine. Listing something unreserved can be a big risk. At least please be serious about bidding.

If you don't want to lose out on this car and HAVE AN OFFER, please contact me. Most of our auctions end with me accepting an offer. I always appreciate the early-bird approach.
Shipping to most states and destinations is in the $1500+ range. Please keep that in mind, and budget for at least this amount. Texas and Florida, and other really far states, are obviously a bit more at minimum $2250. Any required inspections, certifications, paperwork, or anything else are the buyer's responsibility. I don't know the rules in each particular state so, am selling as per Alberta rules. My wife has become pretty good at setting up shipping and, is happy to assist. Rest is up to you. Payment is by bank transfer, US account to US account. As stated, I don't ask for Paypal. Once payment is received, everything else is ready to proceed from there.
If you'd like to speak over the phone, I'm happy to hear from you. Please write and we'll make arrangements.
Hope you have fun bidding. It's an exciting process. Getting a good deal sweetens the joy. I believe owning classic cars should start fun and stay that way!
Anyways, I've had my fun. Time to pass the torch. I'm doing this unreserved so once I press the button, this auction starts unreserved and I am obligated. Like pulling off a bandage quick. So, with that said, here goes.....