1965 Pontiac GTO

Make: Pontiac
Model: GTO
Type: Convertible
Year: 1965
Mileage: 79,999
VIN: 237675P301916
Color: Red
Engine: 389 cid
Cylinders: 8
Transmission: Automatic
Interior color: Parchment (Off White)
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Avondale Estates, Georgia, United States
Steering, Brakes
Factory Tilt, Aftermarket AC

Description for Pontiac GTO 1965







  • Rebuilt 389cid V8 Engine with Mild Cam & 1967 4BBL Carb
  • Vintage Air – w/Sanden Compressor and R134a Refrigerant
  • Modern Digital AM-FM Radio with MP3 Connection
  • Anti-Theft System
  • Updated Automatic Transmission
  • Rebuilt Rear-end
  • Power Steering
  • Tilt Steering Wheel
  • Power Brakes (w/Front Discs)
  • B.F. Goodrich Radial Tires – P215/70R14 Redlines
  • Electronic Ignition
  • New Springs and Shocks
  • New Distributor Cap

BACKGROUND: Though there were arguably a few Muscle Cars before the GTO’s introduction for 1964, most enthusiasts and automotive authorities agree that the GTO popularized and energized the Muscle Car trend that became so pervasive from Detroit in the 1960s.

The GTO also helped General Motors to field its own powerful and sporty car to fend off the Mustang while Chevrolet and Pontiac designers were busy developing the Camaro and Firebird. The GTO moniker was lifted from Ferrari’s 250 GTO. The Italian translation is: Gran Turismo Omologato (Grand Tourer Homologated).

The 1965 GTO followed Pontiac’s redesigned Tempest body, of course. GTO’s restyle included a snazzy (simulated) hood scoop. The car developed a fast following, particularly with favorable test reports across many publications. Indeed, the GTO inspired the remainder of the decade toward the development of more and more Muscle Car entrants across Detroit’s Big Three and AMC as well.

RESTORATION OBJECTIVES & MODIFICATIONS: If you are looking for a 100/100 point scoring, 100% original specification matching GTO intended for trailering to national-level shows…this is not the car for you.

There is nothing wrong with restoring a car to near perfection and 100% authenticity…but the objectives for this car were to: 1) Have a car that is fun to drive on modern roads in comfort and safety, and 2) Achieve personal appearance and ease-of-driving goals rather than worrying about changes from original specification.

With those two primary objectives in mind, an automatic transmission was installed (vs. the original 3-speed manual), Power Disc brakes were added…as well as the Vintage Air AC system which very cleverly operates by the original Heater/Fan controls! The PHS IBM-card indicates “H” as the production color (as does the Cowl Tag) which internet sources cross-reference to “Palmetto Green”. The 1960s were famous for green cars, but today, red is far more desirable to most tastes – and it contrasts beautifully with the Parchment (off-white) interior beautifully. The radio was modernized and an anti-theft alarm system was installed. The exhaust system is new and updated. The 389 engine (which we cannot verify as original due to the fact that it is reported that Pontiac did not “match” engine numbers to the VIN on 1965 GTOs) was rebuilt with a 1967 4BBL carburetor. Other changes may also have been made over the past 53 years! But the result is undeniable…a very sharp GTO convertible that has been verified by PHS (Pontiac Historic Services) as a genuine GTO.

IMPERFECTIONS: I have had the honor of having one of my cars recognized as a Best in Show (for its class) by Ford Motor Company and another awarded First Place in International-level competition several times. Both cars are restored to a high standard and neither of them are perfect. Though casual observers may say the cars “look perfect” a trained eye will see imperfections. And so it is with almost any Classic Car. This GTO cannot reasonably be expected to be any different. The car is impressive and gets thumbs-up and smiles everywhere it goes. Most folks will say: “Wow, it looks like NEW!” and you’ll smile back – knowing that it is close to new in many respects, but not perfectly “like new” in all respects.

Because “no car is perfect” we want you to see the imperfections of the car. Over 100 images are provided. The vast majority will show you how fine the car is, but some will show imperfections. This is because it is our objective to “let the car be the car” and show it from every vantage point that we can think of…just like you were here looking at it. In the last images, we specifically point out examples of some of the imperfections that you should expect. Some buyers (like the current owner) will accept the imperfections – but some buyers may want to invest in correcting them. It’s all a matter of personal taste, preference, and of course – your wallet!

LOCATION:Avondale Estates, Ga...whichis in the Atlanta Metro-area.

EXCELLENT INVESTMENT –Muscle Cars have been recognized for decades as blue-chip automotive collectibles and few can match the GTO’s pedigree.

To have a PHS-verified GTO is to own one of the most desirable cars of the 1960s.

THE FIRST 12 PICTURESwill give you a general overview of the GTO, but if you are seriously interested...we suggest that you look at ALL 100+ images because we want you to see EVERYTHING. Simply "scroll down" to see the pictures.

Over 3,000 TRANSACTIONS WITH HAPPY PEOPLE!As of the date of this listing, we've had over 3,000 transactions (both BuyingandSelling) on eBay without a single complaint. One of the keys to our success is to showlargerandmoreimages than almost any other eBay listing...so you canclearlysee what you are getting. We also give a very detailed description of the car...not just a couple sentences like many listings.
QUESTIONS?...after reviewing ALL the images and reading the entire description, please call Jim Murphy if you have any questions: 706-429-7924

OPERATIONAL REPORT:The GTO is a lot of fun to drive, and with its high-power 389, Power Steering, Power Disc (front) Brakes and Automatic – you will be relaxed and comfortable on modern roads and in modern traffic. Listen to the radio with crystal-clear reception – or use the MP3 connection to have your own favorite soundtrack as background to a wonderful classic car experience. In such a sporting convertible, it would be a shame to have the top-up, but if it’s really hot – you’ll appreciate the Vintage Air AC system – brilliantly adapted to the original Heater/Fan controls! The horn/exterior lights/wipers were tested and operate. Windshield Washer is untested. With the exception of the odometer – which recently just stopped – all gauges work (including the speedometer).

Engineering on these cars was not what we see today after the benefit of 50+ years of computer-aided technology in both design and manufacture. The side windows are not perfectly in alignment (shown near the end of images at right). Convertibles of the 1960s are famous for creaks, rattles, and vibrations – and you will hear these with varying intensity depending upon road and temperature conditions. With rare exception, this goes along with the classic car driving experience. So, if you normally drive a late-model Mercedes and this is your first classic car…please be prepared for some differences! Frankly, new cars are truly better in most every way except one – they just don’t have that cool classic look or sound!

SEE THE VIDEO…we have posted a brief video of the car in operation. You can search for it on YouTube as: “1965 Pontiac GTO Convertible in Avondale”

ODOMETER NOTE...the odometer recently stopped at 79,999. However, due to the design limitations of odometers of this era, accurate mileage since new cannot be known with certainty, even when they are operational.

PAYMENT DETAILS: Payment is due within 2-business days of auction's end via Bank to Bank wire transfer.

INTERNATIONAL BIDDERSare welcome, but MUST adhere to the SAME Payment Terms detailed above and also make all arrangements for the pick-up and importation of the Vehicle into the Buyer's country.
ABOUT ME:I am an avid Classic Car enthusiast. After retiring from 30 years of Sales & Marketing in a Global 100 company, I began buying and selling Classic Cars and Collectibles as a collector and for friends and clients. This GTO belongs to a fellow classic car enthusiast.
Please Note: as of this date, we have had over 3,000 eBay transactions with 100% Positive Feedback...this includes the sale of many Classic Cars to Buyers all over the world, including Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Australia, Russia, Canada, Japan and throughout the United States.
IMPORTANT DOCUMENT & CONDITION OF SALE REMARKS:Bill of Sale, Title, and Vehicle Registration documents will be provided to the Buyer.

This Vehicle is sold strictly as-shown and on a final as-is basis without any warranties expressed or implied due to age. Even the very best restored classics will require additional maintenance and service - often without warning. Therefore, please expect to continue - as the new owner and caretaker of this classic - to perform additional maintenance and repairs. We hope that you are able to enjoy the car without the need for an immediate repair - but understand that this indeed could be found necessary. As seasoned collectors know, every time you start (or attempt to start) a classic car is a new experience...it could be a wonderful ride, or a new repair to undertake. That is the nature of the hobby, and this car (or any classic car) should not be purchased if you are not prepared for this reality. We have presented the car accurately to the best of our ability, but oversights are possible. Therefore -beforethe auction's end - bidders are welcome to examine the vehicle in person. All sales are final.

Because this car is only lightly driven locally - and is untested for long trips - we recommend that it be transported to its new locale.

Finally, we remind you to be sure to review ALL the images and ALL the captions for this classic, because - in addition to this description - they relate important information too!

QUESTIONS?...after reviewing ALL the images and reading the entire description, please call Jim Murphy if you have any questions: 706-429-7924


I accept the following forms of payment:
  • Please see description write-up for Payment Terms

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