ELECTRIC, quick, with >100 Mile Range

1974 Porsche 914

Condition: Used
Make: Porsche
Model: 914
Trim: Base Coupe 2-Door
Year: 1974
Mileage: 105,000
VIN: 4742913771
Color: Silver
Transmission: 5 speed manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Corvallis, Oregon, United States

Description for Porsche 914 1974


  • Excellent condition daily driver. Very quick and responsive. Lots of storage space in front and rear.
  • Trunk has built-in storage clips (original) for easy-to-move Targa Top.
  • Well-done, rofessionally guided conversion in 2009. Very neat and clean. No short-cuts.
  • Recent service confirmed all cells are balanced and performing better than expected.
  • 105 Miles on the car (odometer currently reads 5,807).
  • "0-GAS" license plates can go with the car.


  • >100 mile range per charge. See range test drive notes below.
  • Speed Controller is a 1000 Amp, illa by CafeElectric llc.
  • Charger is a 30Amp adjustable charger by Manzanita Micro.
  • Car accepts any standard EVSE charging source.
  • A backlit "Cycle Analyst" displays Pack Voltage, Amps, atts, peed, h used, hr/mile, nd much more.
  • A square-faced Xantrex display also offers various energy status information.
  • Distributed Battery Management System (BMS) by EV Power.
  • BMS top balances cells if/as needed on each finish charge cycle.
  • BMS is integrated to control charge and discharge when appropriate.
  • Battery pack is made with the safe LiFePO4 chemistry.
  • Battery pack includes (90) individual 90Ah Thunder Sky cells in series.
  • Battery cells are rated at 90Ah each when new.
  • Battery pack usable capacity was rated at 26kW/Hr when new, nd measured 23 kW/Hr (useable) in 2015.
  • Motor is an ADC 9", eries wound.
  • High performance pressure plate and copper clutch.
  • Electric cabin air heat is hot instantly.
  • Electric seat heat, ndividually controlled.
  • DC-DC is a LAMBDA Electronics Inc.
  • 2700 lbs, ithout driver, s measured on truck scales.
  • BILSTEIN Technologies shocks and springs.
  • New brakes, otors and calipers.
  • RANGE: Two long-range test drive descriptions performed in 2015
  • 103 miles Albany, regon to Eugene, regon (and back), lus local driving until safe range limit alarm sounded. This drive included approximately 15 city miles and the rest highway miles at 65 to 70mph.
  • 79.7 miles to Portland International Raceway (one way). Averaged 70mph, lenty of energy remained after arrival. While at an event there, harged to full in less than 3 hours (this wasn't necessary to get home).


  • 2nd gear syncro's are worn but very drivable.
  • Transmission occasionally drips oil from the shifter linkage seal. Google this article to learn more techarticles/914_tranny_select_seal/914_tranny_select_seal.htm
  • Small chip in windshield on passenger side.
  • Small rust spot, ocated just behind passenger door handle. See image where door handle is pictured.
  • Small tweak in rear bumper and lower body panel (right below it).
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