Beautiful Ruby Red 1960 Porsche 356 Super 90 with factory sunroof

1960 Porsche 356 Super 90

Condition: Used
Make: Porsche
Model: 356
SubModel: Super 90
Type: Coupe
Trim: Sunroof coupe
Year: 1960
Mileage: 91,763
VIN: 111375
Color: Ruby Red
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: FWD
Interior color: Tan
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Twain Harte, California, United States
Sunroof, CD Player

Description for Porsche 356 1960

If you are seriously interested in bidding on my beautiful 356 Super 90, hen please read my entire ad.

Also — due to the largest wildfire in the country burning just 10 miles from my cabin (where my car is located) the pictures I have taken are awful Because of the thick smoke and yellow haze in the sky, t has washed out the factory ruby red color, aking my 356 appear more orangish which is not nearly as attractive.

I am reluctantly selling my 1960 Porsche 356 T5 Reutter bodied Super 90 coupe equipped from the factory with a Golde sliding sunroof (less than 5% of all 356's came with this rare option let alone combined with the Super 90 high performance model).

The only reason I am letting go of my 356 is because my daughter is getting married next year. She is a former wedding planner (currently a corporate event planner) and tells me she has some "fabulous"ideas for her wedding — which I believe translates to "be prepared to spend a lot of money on my wedding Daddy."

As an update to initially writing this ad last week, e just received an asking price offer on our cabin here in California. We have a 30-day close and then will be moving to our beach house out on Cape Cod. I do not want to ship it back to the inclement weather back east, or do I want to have to store it out here in California for the next year or two, o it's definitely time to sell. With all this in mind, have priced my car below market value (hopefully, or me, he bidding will significantly exceed my reserve price), s opposed to marketing it over an extended period of time at a much higher asking price on Porsche specific websites, raigslist, tc. I am simply looking for a smooth, ncomplicated, S IS sale in exchange for a great vintage Porsche at a great price. Please do not call me to ask what my reserve price is — this is an auction. Bid the highest amount you are willing to pay for the superb 356. By the way, lease attempt to view my car before the 7-day auction ends. If you are unable to do so, nd are uncomfortable, r unwilling, o pay for my car before seeing it in person, lease do not bid on it. Also, expect payment in full within 72 hours of the end of the auction. Once the funds (wire transfer or cashier's check) have cleared my bank (Wells Fargo) then I will release the car and the clear/clean title which is registered, f course, n my name through April of 2016. Please note that I am not a mechanic, ody shop owner, r car dealer, or am I a self-professed Porsche guru. I am simply a gentleman that has been fortunate enough to own several Porsches over the past 40 years. In my humble opinion this is a really nice one, nd given its present condition, hould bring the new owner a lot of joy and compliment s from envious onlookers for many years to come.


My 1960 356 is an incredibly beautiful, uper solid, 5-year old example that sold brand new on April 11, 960 at Porsche Car Pacific in San Francisco, A. It was with the original owner in the bay area for 34 years until a gentleman in the Sacramento area purchased it in 1994. It remained with him until I purchased it in 2006. The car was cosmetically and mechanically restored in 1996-1997. Records indicate this included, ut was not limited to, fully rebuilt transmission including new syncros, lywheel, lutch, tc., nd a rebuilt engine which included like new pistons, ylinders, nd rings. It also had new brakes installed as well. The restoration also included a bare metal/windows out/door off paint job (please see a more detailed description under "exterior" ). The paint job has held up incredibly well considering it was completed nearly 20 years ago. The interior looks like nobody has ever sat in it and still looks essentially new. So, o this day, ther than some very minor imperfections, his 356 looks like it was restored very recently. It certainly doesn't hurt that it has always been garaged in sunny California the entire time and driven only about 5,000 miles since the restoration was completed in 1997.

Around the same time that I purchased this Porsche in July 2006, y wife had started a search for a vacation home for us in the mountains. As it turned out, ll we could afford at the time, n the area we wanted, as a fixer upper (we ended up spending nearly $300K on the remodel!) So, he 356 had to go. Fortunately, was able to find a wonderful new owner for my car right where I lived at the time in Sacramento, A. When I sold it to her, ur agreement was that if she ever decided to sell it, he would call me first and give me the option of purchasing it back. Well, years later, fter putting less than 500 miles on the car, his elderly lady called me and explained that she was getting too old to get in and out of it and was also getting ready to sell her home of 30 years - and all the car had really done was sit in her dark garage on a tickle charger between her 2-mile trips to the grocery store a couple times a month (she didn't like driving on the freeway because traffic went too fast). I was very happy at the prospect of buying it back (even if it was going to cost me a lot more money this time around!) Well, hat was last Christmas. Now, months later, y daughter and her boyfriend have announced that they are getting married. According to my wife, he 356 is now earmarked as "wedding money." So, nce again, t must go. Well, nough history! Now about the car itself......


Outstanding! You would be hard pressed to find a nicer driving 356! It runs and drives beautifully and you can drive it anywhere with confidence. It has approximately 5,000 miles on a recent rebuilt transmission including new syncro gears, lywheel, lutch, tc.), ebuilt motor using like new pistons, ylinders, nd rings (beyond these components, don't know the extent of the rebuild because I can't find the receipt other than the piston, ylinders and rings invoice.) It also had a new brakes, nd anything else that needed attention at the time of restoration. After I purchased it, had the car fully tuned-up including spark plugs, oints, ondenser, ll fluids changed, as tank drained/cleaned and painted, ew front wheel cylinders and brake lines, ompression test (135 lbs in all 4 cylinders) and had the fuel pump rebuilt. All of this was performed in the last 200 — 300 miles. All the lights work and even the horn works and has a very loud "beep!" Please note that this is not the original motor that came with the car from the factory. According to the case number (60032), t is from a 1956 Speedster, 56A Coupe, r convertible. I wonder what this motor might be worth to someone restoring a $300,000 - $500,000 1956 Speedster to Concours correct matching numbers standards! Anyway, he bottom line is my 356 engine runs great, he transmission shifts perfectly with zero noises at any speed, he brakes are awesome, he steering is very responsive (much like the engine itself), nd it drives down the road like you're floating on a cloud! As with 90% of old Porsches, t does have its share of oil leaks, robably from being driven so sparingly over the past 20+ years. With regard to the engine not being original to the car, on't forget that if you feel inclined to do so, t is relatively easy to locate a period correct, uper 90 motor (or even the original one to the car — if you're lucky!). I would guess my engine is probably worth $8,000 - $9,000 in its present condition and a Super 90 engine can be purchased for $11,000 - $12,000 in similar condition. So in the end, ou can spend an extra $3,000 - $4,000 for the extra power and originality factor, r you can just drive it as is and enjoy! Nobody but you is going to know the difference unless you're entering it in a Concours.


It's as close to new as it gets! Looks as if it was just restored.

  • The front and back seats are like new!

  • The front seat side hinge chrome is like new!

  • The oatmeal colored German square weave carpet is like new throughout (although the driver's floor carpet looks slightly dirty because it has been driven about 5,000 miles since the restoration)

  • The dash top is perfect!

  • The headliner is like new and super tight including the sunroof panel!

  • The door panels and chrome handles are perfect! (Also, he windows roll up and down perfectly)

  • The deck below the rear window is like new!

  • The leather luggage straps are like new!

  • The window glass is virtually unscratched and in outstanding condition.

  • The gauges are in great condition and the original chrome bezels are very good with some slight pitting.

  • The visors are like new!

  • The rear view mirror is very nice.

  • The original factory steering wheel and horn button are in beautiful condition (at least what is showing)

  • The original, actory optional, laupunkt Frankfurt radio that came with the car when new, s no longer with the car, lthough you can buy one on the internet in excellent shape for $300-$400. Gail, he previous owner, nstalled a CD player very discreetly in the glove box. It still has the original factory speakers and "cheese grater" speaker covers, hich are in beautiful condition.

  • The turn indicator lever has some pitting.

Overall, would say the interior is as close to a 10 as it gets. Incredibly nice and extremely comfortable, specially for tall people (over 6'). Very quiet inside when driving, s well.


Stunning! The original, actory, uby Red colored 18-year old re-paint looks spectacular from just 5 feet away. Up even closer, t still looks beautiful, ut upon closer scrutiny one will find some minor flaws in the paint due to its age (please note that the picture ofthe small crack in the paint at the edge of the sunroof has been touched up and now looks excellent). So while not perfect (Concours), would say it is still incredibly nice (local show car quality) and usually the first thing people comment on is just how beautiful the paintis especially in the sun! The body itself is straight as an arrow and incorporates exceptionally consistent shut lines and panel gaps throughout the car. Any chrome pieces that were not deemed to be in excellent condition at the time of restoration were re-chromed to show quality standards and this includes the rarely done/usually ignored and very expensive door/window frames, ent window frames, nd pop-out side window frames. A very expensive process indeed, ut they really "pop"next to the glossy ruby red paint! They're like jewelry! Also, he chrome wheels (with like new Michelin tires) are all "as new"and rubber gaskets around the windows are all supple and in like new condition as well. The rear deck lid has some micro flaws (hard to describe) in the paintwork, ut you have to be up very close and at the right angle to see them.

The body is 99% rust free. The small imperfections pictured by the antennae (not sure if its rust or not) have been there since shortly after the car was restored in 96-97 and have stayed the same size ever since. The original pans which have never been treated with any coatings, s well as the longitudinals, ockers, tc. are as good as it gets — thank God for garages and sunny, ry California weather. There is however, hole about ½ inch wide that is located up front in the battery area. I don't know if it was caused by battery acid or what, ut it is super solid in the surrounding area and is, s far as I'm concerned, non-issue. The hood is original to the car and unkinked. For what it is worth, here is nothing in my mind that needs immediate attention with regard to any aspect of my 356. But I know everybody has different priorities when it comes to "fixes"on a car. For me, wouldn't change a thing. I keep it garaged, nd drive it on nice days. It's a delight! I have driven it less than 500 miles over the time I have owned it. However, he following is a list of things some people might want to have attended to, r consider having fixed, fter their purchase to make it even better!:

  • Oil temp gauge doesn't work

  • Grease the door handle mechanisms — they sometimes stick due to lack of use over the past 20 years.

  • The speedometer is not accurate and the odometer stopped working right after I sold it to Gail back in 2006. I have a handwritten letter of verification signed by her stating that she drove it less than 500 miles over the past 8 years. When I re-purchased the car it was in the exact same, ristine condition as when I old it to her! ( Palo Alto Speedometer (CA) charges $299 to rebuild the entire unit)

  • Have the oil leaks fixed.... Or just put a drip pan underneath the car in the garage like I do — that's what they're made for!

  • In reality, here are so many wonderful qualities about my Porsche. It is easy to knit-pic anything that is 55 years old, ven when it is as beautiful as mine. So, hen you consider all the positive things my 356 has to offer, he "full disclosure"list of things I mentioned are actually quite miniscule, specially considering its age.

    This is an absolutely fabulous 356. Much rarer than most 356's, ven the cabriolets. The sunroof gives you the benefits of a sunny, pen air feel, ut without the "windblown"look and the bad sunburn. To me, t's the perfect compromise between a coupe and a convertible. This is a special car. You can't go wrong! Good luck and feel free to call me with any questions. I have owned several Porsches over the past 40 years and while I am fairly knowledgeable about them, am certainly nothing even close to being an expert. However, ith my somewhat limited knowledge, will attempt to answer any questions you may have to the best of my ability.

    At the reserve price I have established for my car, feel it would be a great deal even if it was just a normal 356B model without a factory sunroof. Remember, his is the high performance and very rare Super 90 model (albeit without the original matching # engine) with a factory sliding sunroof! It is easy to exchange engines, ut it's only built once from the factory as a sunroof optioned Super 90 model!

    Thanks for taking the time to read my ad in its entirety. I would like to reiterate - I am simply looking for a smooth, ncomplicated, S IS sale in exchange for a great vintage Porsche at a great price. Please do not call me to ask what my reserve price is — this is an auction. Bid the highest amount you are willing to pay for this superb 356. Please attempt to view my car before the 7-day auction ends. If you are unable to do so, ndare uncomfortable, r unwilling, o pay for my car before seeing it in person, lease do not bid on it. Payment is expected within 72 hours of the end of the auction. Once the funds (wire transfer or cashier's check) have cleared my bank (Wells Fargo) then I will release the car and the clear/clean title which is registered, f course, n my name through April of 2016.

    My preferred communication is by text or phone call. Email questions will have a delayed response. You can contact me at 916-220-2460

    Good luck!l