1967 Porsche 911S sunroof coupe

1967 Porsche 911 911S

Condition: Used
Make: Porsche
Model: 911
SubModel: 911S
Type: Coupe
Trim: Sunroof Coupe
Year: 1967
Mileage: 64,790
VIN: 308049S
Color: Silver Metallic
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
rear wiper, gas heater, outside temp gauge, Sunroof

Description for Porsche 911 1967

I have owned my 1967 911S for almost 9 years. 5,502 miles of joy, ride and stewardship of Porsche's most significant 911 model.
My S adventure began back in January 2007 when my friend Robert called to share the news of a life changing, ar away move and new job. It wasn't long before the subject turned to his beloved Porsche of 30 years and would I be interested in becoming it's new owner. It sadly could not accompany him on his move.
Robert had become the owner of the S back in October of 1978. The Porsche had approx. 58,000 miles and an engine issue. Mark B., he owner, as putting the S up for sale because he could allocate neither the time nor funds for an enginerepair.
My friend Robert, n obsessive and meticulous automotive genius embraced the project with gusto. He dismantled the engine and discovered the failure had originated with a single plugged orifice in one of the cam oil spray tubes which then caused a cascade of failures.
Robert procured a temporary 'loaner' engine so that he could drive and evaluate the S while the original engine rebuilding took place. A brilliant piece of foresight, ecause the rebuild process became a 10 year (!) project. Being an engine man, e predictably enjoyed the project more than driving, ith only 1k miles driven in those 10 years with that temporary loaner engine.
Robert kept incredibly detailed records and photos of the entire process. This was not a mere engine repair but a complete re-manufacturing to the highest standards.
He proudly documents 1,675 parts replaced, 91 of which were newfactory OEM parts including new 'in the box' heads, new 2.0 S Mahlepiston/cyl set, ew oil pump, ew cam, ew aluminum case, ew clutch, ew turbo chain tensioners etc. Robert has a CD of hundreds of photos.
My friend made good use of that decade long labor of engine love by also rebuilding the brakes and installing all new lines and DOT5 fluid. New Koni shocks were also fitted.
The S features a spotless and original black interior as well as it's original special order silver metallic color (factory paint code #97-96024L). It was reportedly repainted prior to 1978.
The underbody is structurally sound and nothing is hidden from view under aftermarket undercoatings. Typical weakness is visible at the original rear jacking sockets on the inner rocker panels and a torn but still present front towing hook needs attention (from when the Porsche was flat bedded to me 9 years ago) along with the outer shell it mounts to. Good solid reartorsion bar tube mounting panels, olid front A-arm mountings.
Additional photos of the underbody and suspension are available in the photo link below.
The S has a factory optional electric sunroof, ptional rear window wiper, ux. gasoline heater and a special order factory outside temperature gauge.
The original Fuchs 4 1/2 inch forged alloy wheels look spectacular, s do the Euro H-1 headlights that Robert installed (originals included in box). He also installed an updated early 70's outside rear view mirror (original again included in a box).
The front bumper valance was replaced in the 70's with a fiberglass S spoiler/bumper which was all the rage at that time.
The 911 S also features the original type, eriod correct, actory steel heater boxes, he original owners manual and afactory touring parts kit whose contents hint of the factory blessing a roadside(!) engine rebuild. Included is the car's official Porsche factory 'Birth Certificate' (Certificate of Authenticity) verifying all options, olor and numbers.
Once the engine project was completed, obert re-installed the original, ow fully remanufactured, ngine and went on to enjoy a mere few hundred break-in miles over an almost 20 year period (!) before his move and my ownership began. As I said before, e enjoyed that rebuilding process more than driving.
While in my care, he S has been meticulously maintained by Porsche guru Andreas (Andy) Bittenbinder, ho is available to answer technical questions. I suspect he will miss the S as much as I wilI.
Why is the S for sale? I am parting with my Porsche because I am retiring in the next year and relocating back to my birthplace overseas.
The S is available for inspection during the auction. If you come in person you will appreciate our modern and uncrowded Pittsburgh International Airport and enjoy this year's especially beautiful and mild weather.
I ask that you please contact me before bidding and feel free to ask questions.
Shipping worldwide is welcome if you are able to make ALL the arrangements.
Attention: I am relisting my S auction 2 days before Christmas. The first auction was very active with 64 bids and viewed over 6500 times. Great numbers and the high bidders were closing in on the reserve.
But I have come to realize the S and I do not reside in a 'destination' city such as Miami or Las Vegas (which are certainly a big plus in a EBay auction), herefore I have SIGNIFICANTLY lowered the reserve and buy it now price and here we go again.
I still hold out hope you will take the time to come and see this incredible S in person but if unable to do so, lease feel free to ask lots of questions.
It is certain to be one of your most enjoyable and rewarding investments.
Merry Christmas and best wishes for a wonderful New Year!
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Please do not hesitate to ask questions. If your question contains private information or you ask me not to post publicly, nbsp;I will not post it for public viewing.

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Here's something really incredible. Robert just sent me this U Tube link of a VHS analog video he made long ago and just uploaded on U Tube for us to view. A time lapse video of this S's engine assembly. Enjoy

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For an encore Robert has just sent another video which he has uploaded to U Tube today, ust for us.

You get to meet the almost 30 year younger last owner of my S. Bring a big container of popcorn, t's almost 1/2 hour long, ully narrated and ends in the the same incredible time lapse assembly of this cars engine.
This should help explain the passion Robert had for the project and why the'process' was so important to him.
EBay allows no direct links- so copy and paste on U Tube.
https://youtu.be/oWMd-N3LGVMOn Nov-13-15 at 20:46:57 PST, eller added the following information:

Here's a link to more photos: https://flic.kr/s/aHsk28m84r

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The above embedded video is Robert's 30 year old VHS time lapse video of this 67 S's remanufactured engine assembly!!

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here are my and Andy's phone numbers for questions:

Technical questions about condition or mechanical, ndy 864-623-9110 (EST)
Questions about logistics and general details, on 412-780-8480 (EST)