1986 Porsche 944- 27k miles, Excellent Condition in/out- Mechanically Excellent

1986 Porsche 944

Condition: Used
Make: Porsche
Model: 944
Type: Coupe
Trim: Base
Year: 1986
Mileage: 27,046
VIN: WP0AA0943GN453520
Color: Dark Red Garnet
Engine: 2.5l
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Tan
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Hartsdale, New York, United States
Leather Seats

Description for Porsche 944 1986

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Up for sale is a 1986 Porsche 944. As the listing states the car is in excellent condition, and i have put a significant amount of work into the car because i planned on keeping it. Unfortunately life happens and i promised my wife i'd at least try to sell it. Below is a history as well as a description of the car etc.:
History:I bought the car locally and it spent its entire life in Long Island near New York. The original owner drove the car until 2000, at which point he became ill. He gave the car to his son, who owned a shop, however the car sat for 14 years. I bought the car last year (2015) from them with 25,381 miles. I had the car towed, at the time it started, but didn't run great.
Items replaced:Planning on keeping the car for a long period of time, I started working on the car. I replaced the following items, all parts were either ordered from Pelican parts, or 944Online, and either OEM or Porsche specifically). All parts were changed from 25,382 miles. I drove the mile to make sure the car ran OK.
All of the seals on the front of the engine are new. The front crank, balance shaft-upper and lower, oil cooler, and camshaft dust seal. All of the sprockets are also new, as i changed the water pump for the updated version. As it stands, the belts (auxilliary, timing, power steering, AC, balance shaft), waterpump, all rollers and tensioners are new and work perfect.
I took the head off the car to make sure everything was running correctly, and cleaned out the intake. After i put everything back together, this is what was replaced: Head Gasket, Camshaft Tower gasket, rear camshaft gasket, intake manifold gaskets. The head and cam tower were cleaned, and new valve seals were put in.
I then had the injectors rebalanced by Witchhunter, and replaced the old fuel lines with stainless steel braided and thermal coating to prevent them from drying out (you can see them in the picture). I also replaced the throttle position sensor because it was faulty from sitting so long. I rebuilt the throttle body with the seal kit from Arnox.
I replaced the master cylinder for the brakes, as well as the master and slave cylinder for the clutch they are both new. They weren't working very well after sitting for so long. I rebuilt all 4 calipers with porsche seals, put in new rotors, and brakes. Lastly i put in stainless steel brake lines because i didn't trust the old ones that were sitting.
I then replaced the fuel level sensor, flushed the fuel tank, cleaned the strainer, and replaced the gaskets in the fuel tank.The old ones were completely warped for sitting so long. I flushed the transmission fluid with OEM fluid.
I have cleaned all the grounds on the car with Deoxit, everything electrical works excellent. The spark plug wires, ignition coil, and distributor cap are all new.
The old unit AC unit held pressure and vacuum was good on the system, but the clutch had the faintest whirl. I have since swapped out the compressor for a new OEM unit, and dryer and charged it with 134a. The oil was cleaned out, and what's in now is the right stuff (has UV dye too in case there is a leak in the future). I have 3 cans of r-12 laying around that a shop can put in if the new owner wants to switch back (supposed to be better, but i wanted to make sure all the lines held first, and they do).
The previous owners son had installed a Kenwood head unit, so the original is not available, and there is an old escort radar detector built into dash where the cube should be. It's at least 20 years old, and is hooked up to a sensor in the front of the car that is disconnected. There is also an alarm module from Kenwood on the drivers side door for an alarm that is about 20 years old, other then that there aren't any modifications that i found.
The Bad:There are two things wrong with the car cosmetically, the first is the sunroof. The previous owner stored it in the factory bag which got wet and had the paint stick to it. I had the sunroof repainted, and there is a shade difference between the paints. You can notice it upclose by not far away. The second is that the car has scratches in a few places. They are not deep but none the less there, there are also 3 small dings on the hood, one on the rear, and one on the front quarter panel. None if these are very noticeable, and you have to look at the right angle, but they are typical for a car that was driven.
The Good:While the car is not a concurs sitter, the paint is original and is excellent overall. It shines brilliantly after a polish. The car is also the smoothest i have ever driven, though it is 30 years old. It is mechanically superb. The interior leather is excellent, has no staining, tears, or markings. The new owner will also get the timing belt tools for tensioning from Arnworx. All of the items on the car that i did not change are original. The mileage is actual miles, i loaded a picture of the spark plugs i changed out, the wire says made in W. Germany, which hasn't been a country since 1989.