1986 Porsche 944 - ONLY 87000 KMs (54000 MILES) - 5 Speed

1986 Porsche 944 Base

Make: Porsche
Model: 944
Type: Coupe
Trim: Base
Year: 1986
Mileage: 54,000
VIN: WP0AA0945GN458234
Color: Burgundy
Engine: 2.5L NA
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Burgundy
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Safety: Power Steering
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Lantz, Nova Scotia, Canada
Power Sunroof, Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Headlight Washers, Racing Seats, Cassette Player, Leather Seats, Sunroof

Description for Porsche 944 1986

The original manual and many of the maintenance records are available with this 5-speed ’86 Porsche 944, bought from Porsche Montreal and shipped to Halifax, NS on November 2, 1985. It was owned by a Doctor in Yarmouth, NS and brought to Dieppe and Halifax Porsche for the majority of its maintenance. The repair manual has maintenance entries consistently throughout the years serviced by the previous owner until about 2003 when I guess the (now) elder previous owner stopped driving it and only had it registered throughout the years until I bought it in 2015. I am the second owner. The car was never driven in the winter and stored all winter season since its purchase in 1985. There is no rust.
The previous owner had repaired everything that needed to be repaired before selling it – the timing belt and water pump look new. The brakes and lines were completed all around (mechanic told me that), and new tires were put on it. The brakes feel like it pull a bit to the left sometimes, but they work perfectly fine otherwise.
Since I bought the 944 I’ve put in a brand new clutch (G-tek Auto, Toronto), a new DME computer (1 year warranty from G-tek Auto, Toronto), a new Bosch starter (manufacturer warranty of some sort), new reference sensors (with 2 extras available with the car), as well as changed the transaxle oil and motor oil, etc. I have the receipts for everything – well, maybe not for the oil.
While having the car serviced at G-Tek, they did a once-over for me to determine what upcoming parts may have to be replaced (June 2016). They said the front struts will need to be replaced at some point (they don’t feel like they need to be replaced) with an alignment and the rubber boots on the steering assembly are split at the ends and will need replacing at some point. Otherwise, they said the car was in great shape, they said ‘rubber gets old, and it will always eventually need to be replaced, but it’s good for now’, in reference to seals throughout the car. They quoted me $2600 CAD to do everything, I don’t know what you’ll do with that information, but there it is.
I had the car in Toronto for under a year and drove it home (Halifax, NS) in October 2016. Almost 2000 km (1250 miles) driven in 20 hours with the only breaks to get gas (~$200 CAD total), use the bathroom and feed ourselves. The car performed incredibly well and drove more like Cadillac Deville rather than a little sports car, except that it has a tendency to want to cruise at 140-160km/h (100 mph)rather than the posted 110 (69 mph)- which is fine by me. It isn’t a really fast or quick car, but it definitely isn’t slow. It’s fun, to quote Car and Driver 1986 – Top Ten Best Cars regarding the 944 “the only activities that are more fun than driving this car demand a live partner”.
Another quote, from my friend while driving in Toronto, “Why is everyone looking at us?”, on our way to get the pictures that are posted in this ad - It’s a unique car and there aren’t very many of them left, much less in the condition and completeness of this one. It turns heads. Mostly dudes heads, so don’t buy it to pick up many chicks in it, or do, I don’t care – maybe you’ll have better luck than I do – joking! (incase the gf is watching). People sometimes mistake it as a Datsun or an older Celica because of the headlights, but that’s ok.
It was safetied in two provinces since I bought it in 2015, with both mechanics very surprised at the condition of the car mechanically, inside and out.
There are 2 ~$2000 minor repairs on the CARFAX (as of June 2016), and it recently had a 6” dent put into it by an unaware truck driver on the driver side front quarter panel – but that’s been professionally fixed and looks great, the front bumpers and quarter panel were fixed and painted. There are minor rock chips and small scratches, etc - but nothing to call home about. There is about a 1 inch scuff on the PS rear quarter panel, just noticed it two days ago, no idea how it got there. No picture, but ask if you want to see it.
The interior is rare, matching the outside Garnet Red Metallic, in a deep burgundy. The seats are even rarer, Porsche-scripted leather-bolstered factory Recaro racing seats, with very little wear, and no cuts or rips. The steering wheel is the most worn part of the vehicle – as it should be - the previous owner probably wore leather driving gloves while he could still drive his toy. The centre console has some small tears in it; all the parts to the tape catalogue are there… some use that is now. The original Blaupunkt Monterey cassette deck and radio is in it with the manual. The radio works good, is crackily sometimes - but usually great, unsure of the tape deck as it’s hard to find a tape these days…
The dash has a few cracks in it from being driven only in the sun for 30+ years, but that’ll happen. Due to the interior colour, it’s been hard to find a replacement for it. (There’s one in Alberta, but the guy won’t sell it to me!) Anyway, the A/C blows ice cold, the heat blows Hell hot, even at varying speeds (Fan speed 1-4) - many newer cars can’t even say that nowadays. The power locks work, the power windows work (passenger side a little slower), the power sunroof works, the power MIRRORS mostly work (DS left/right doesn't work, gears are worn, motor spins) - the car’s almost 32 years old – it also has heated mirrors, but I don’t know if they work because a) I’ve never driven it in weather cold enough to merit, and b) I have no idea how to turn them on. The clock in the dash works, all the buttons associated with it work, the cigarette lighter even works – but no smoking allowed. But it does run a Bluetooth radio transmitter just fine! Two of the buttons by the stick shift don’t work and are recessed; I don’t even know what one of them is supposed to do… The sunroof comes off without issue; the matching leather sunroof bag with ties is immaculate.Original Porsche tool kit included. The key is getting worn, and sometimes is hard to turn in the door or ignition, but that only happens maybe once a month, less than that even. Original front license plate bracket is included, a new oil filter and 2 reference sensors (originals that I replaced that didn't need replacing).
There’s a fuel consumption gauge. All the gauges work, the trip counter works. There’s only ~87000 kms (54000 miles) on it, I currently drive it a few times a week when it’s nice out. The 30 degree (celsius) weather we had the other week was no match for it, the motor was quickly cooled even when sitting in traffic in the blazing sun, but it’s more of a drive-on-curved-back-roads-at-a-good-clip kinda car, rather than sitting in traffic.
This car has every option available in the ‘86 944 line up (from what I can tell) - except for turbo – the ‘86 N/A 944 was a Car and Driver Car of the Year in 1986. The original owner got it exactly the way he wanted it – and I think he did a bang-up job.
So - I’m selling two people’s Pride and Joy because we’re buying a house and the bank likes to see cash rather than a 30 year old sports car. I’d love to keep it, but if we get into one of the places that we’ve been looking at I’d have to put a sign over the door labelled “Poor House”.
I’ve got loads more pictures - Let me know what you think, if you’re interested, if you’re not interested, if you wish it was a new 911 Targa C4S too, if you want some more pictures for some reason… just let me know!
This car is currently located about 30 minutes from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and can be driven/taken to Halifax for shipping arrangements free of charge as soon as shipping is determined, as required.
CARFAX report (from June 2016) is available, ask if you'd like to see a copy!

SHIPPING COSTS ARE NOT INCLUDED, NOR AM I RESPONSIBLE FOR SHIPMENT ARRANGEMENTS but will help in any way I can! In addition to taking the car to Halifax, NS.