1975 Porsche 914- 1.8 liter Targa

1975 Porsche 914 Great car that can be used in two ways, first it

Make: Porsche
Model: 914
Type: Targa
Trim: Great car that can be used in two ways, first it
Year: 1975
Mileage: 53,428
VIN: 00000000000000000
Color: Black
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Kissimmee, Florida, United States

Description for Porsche 914 1975

1975 Porsche 914 1.8 liter

I could only load 12 pictures on this add so if you would like to see more provide me with your email or cell number I can text or email you more pictures, I took about 50 pics.

I bought this car 16 years ago, got the engine running. Then I dropped the engine and had it rebuilt by a air cooled Porsche guy, I provided the new bearings,pistons,jugs, cam.

added two NewWebber 40 IDF carburetors, new intake manifolds,and reconfigured it with a Kirk roll cag, racing seat, fuel cell for SCCA Club racing ITB class or Porsche Club racingwhich is a stock class so the car has not been chopped up other than the roll cage being added, I did one SCCA driver training event @ Sebring Florida had fun doing that driver school . But I never got around to follow up driving events.

It has been sitting under a car cover for 14 years in my driveway and at that time I took out the plugs and squirted marvel mystery oil in the cylinders, I also did that every couple years and turned over the engine to keep the rings free. When I decided to sell it a month or so ago I removed the old ga, I had treated it with Stabill gas treatment 14 years ago. The gas smelled like varnish so I removed it and blew out the gas lines with my air compressor, put some fresh fuel in with a double dose of Seafoam and fired it up. It ran horribleat first,spit and sputtered backfiring etc. when I first started it because the Marvel Mystery oil fouled out the plugs.

I installed four new Bosh plugs and it runs decent,but sputters and won’t idle properly,most probably needs the Webber’s taken off and pulled apart and cleaned out as I am sure they are gummed up in the jet, floats and other places. The more I run it the better it gets....I think the Seafoam is cleaning the two Webber’s pretty good, but not like it ran years ago when the Webber’s were brand new (Webber’s are not cheap) I do have the original fuel injection system with original air cleaner etc. currently I have a racing fuel cell in the front trunk where the spare tire goes, but I kept the original fuel tank, filler top tank and OEM style electric fuel pump, currently the car has a high flow electric fuel pump for the Webber’s even though the engine is stock, engine builder thought Webber’s needed more gas, fuel cell to the rear carbs is plumbed with stainless steel braided fuel line with AN aluminum fittings.

The oil pressure is very good, I had installed a higher volume oil pump and deep oil sump and extra oil cooler in addition to the factory one.

The Motor was assembled by a local Orlando Porsche mechanic that specializes in Porsche 356’s and 914’s and older air cooled 911’s, but it was rebuilt 14 years ago. I bought new jugs,pistons, rings, cam and new sprocket seals and gaskets that he installed and put the case halves together. I did not reinstall the original muffler system with heat exchangers because I put a nice header and super trap muffler on it, here in Florida you don’t need the heater anyway. I did not keep the old heat exchanger muffler system.

i took out the stock interior and stored it in my garage and installed a Kirk racing roll cage 6 point and has roll cage padding, window net, currently it has a plexiglass rear window with cut outs for the rear roll cage supports that attach to the rear suspension tower. That roll cage cost about $600.00 not counting shipping.

I kept all of the original interior, seat, I think they are original and are in great shape they came with the car.I baged them in large plastic bags and stored them in my garage for the past 16 years( you can see the seats and matching door covers in one of the pictures ) center consol, gauges,arm rests, door pockets,floor carpet,center console, glove box, rear wall pad, right side passenger foot rest support, original pedal board, have the sun visors both right and left but the filling inside is flat. The original dash is there but has many cracks. If roll cage is removed I have the original glass rear widow that goes with the car.

Now to the exterior, you may wonder about the bumpers in the pictures not spec to a 1975, I back dated the front and rear bumpers and covers to 1973 because of the weight and I think they look better, but I still have the original factory front and rear bumpers that will go with this car, I also kept the valances front and sides, but I thought the Porsche embossed side valances looked better that you can see in the pictures, and the front valance that is on the car now has air scoops to duct the front brake calipers ( I did not duct them) which by the way have been upgraded to the bigger BMW calipers that are gold and fit a 914.

I have a clear Florida Title for this car in my name but the car has never had a plate on it, it is street legal but currently the brakes would need to be rebuilt, system bled, brake pedal real soft and calipers hanging up when I moved car around to take pictures, the tires are old, won’t be able to test drive it for these reasons. I can start the motor, kinda sounds good ( I have a video I can send of it running.

When I took the engine out to rebuild it I went thru the suspension, replaced the bushings with Delron material high performance bushings in the front and rear, replaced the ball joints and put in rebuilt rack and pinion, at that time I also installed the larger 914/6 master cylinder. This car was set up and aligned using the string method and for me weighing 185 lbs. by my Porsche mechanic, but again this was done 14 years ago and the car has sat up on jack stands along time.

The car needs a new paint job and several rust spots fixed, there is a dent in the bottom driver side door that will need bondo or hammered out with body tools, it sat out in my driveway covered by a car cover for 14 years, the paint on the front hood bubbled. I had vinyl car numbers on the front and rear trunks/ hood and on the doors, other SCCA related vinyl stickers that I removed a few weeks ago, so there is ghosting in the paint, it is hard to believe because in the pictures the paint job looks great and shiny, believe me it will need a paint job. I painted it myself 15 years ago in my garage after I did body work with black lacquer and two coats clear and buffed it, it cast me around $100.00 then for the paint,thinner etc, but I did it myself.

The car is very solid for being 42 + years old, Frame is solid, there is some surface rust on the underside and in other places nothing that I think is structural, under the battery area had some issues when I purchased it but I cleaned,welded some pieces and painted it real good, I used a Optima battery to keep the area free of battery acid, but I did not leave a battery in it while it was up on jacks for ten +years,I put one in it to crank it over to keep the pistons lubed with Marvel Mystery Oil.All though it is not ready to drive home it could be street driveable with a little work and not as much expense as I have in it. I am just selling it because I don’t have time for it and haven’t used it in 14 years. There are 914’s availabl, ready to drive but twice the price I am asking, and this one can be a father/Son/daughter project, almost race ready or with out much expense put back to original if that is what you want.. The original color of this 914 was Copper Metalic

This car would be a great project two different ways.

1) with a little work rebuilding the brakes, cleaning the carbs, tuning the motor, timing, new track tires, new bushings will need to be installed in the shift rod exit rear firewall because when I went to move the car it shifted great but when I went to move it the other day I could not get it into first ( I jacked it up and pulled off the boot exiting the fire wall and a ton of crumbled plastic pieces fell out and the shift rod goes all over the place, the tranny is good I know but with the plastic bushing deteriorating it wont actuate the rod correctly, this tranny is a side shifter. I messed up the shift knob inside trying to get it in first which is the furthest gear back. So to make a long story short this is a great project for Auto cross, SCCA Club racing, Porsche Club racing with little effort needed. I do have a SCCA log book somewhere, the log book serial number is stamped into the passenger side roll cage next to the hole drilled to inspect the cage tube thickness.

2) the car can be returned back to original like it came from the factory. With a little sweat taking out the roll cage and putting back in all of the original interior pieces,I have the original seats that match the door panels, the seats are really in great shape and match the door panels ( I think the seats are original but cant guarantee that they are)rear wall pad and sound deadening rubber, putting back in the carpet etc. and reinstalling the center console,you would have to get a new dash cover, fix the sun visors . The front lights go up and down as they should when turned on. You can also put the regular original fuel injection system back on because I am including all of the original parts that came with the car. The original fuel injector system worked fine before I put the Webbers on it but the wires were brittle and may need splicing new wire into brittle areas. You would need to purchase the original plastic style fuel lines that go from the front gas tank,electric fuel pump to the engine are, it runs underneath the car next to the frame, I did not keep that.

Like I said in the beginning this car can have two options for you.

Please look at the pictures and read my descriptionbecause I am selling the car as is for I have tried not to misrepresent the condition, but it has been a long time since I did the work on it.

I am selling this car as is, I can demonstrate that the motor starts, runs and provide any other pictures needed. It will not be able to be driven due to the brakes needing attention very soft pedal and the Tires are old and would not be safe and I would not risk it and damage it.

The car can be seen in person Kissimmee, Florida

You can text me @ 407-973-2309 to request more pictures, I will do my best to provide what I can