1975 Porsche Carrera Street-Legal Track Car Amazing Build & Lots of Upgrades

1975 Porsche Carrera

Condition: Used
Make: Porsche
Model: Carrera
Year: 1975
Mileage: 70496
VIN: 9115400282
Color: Silver
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: United States

Description for Porsche Carrera 1975

A true wolf in wolf's clothing. This 1975 911 started life as a not so mundane Carrera that transformed into a fire breathing track monster. Mileage shows to be approx 70k, and is believed by the seller to be correct. After having a long race PCA race pedigree, this Nine Eleven was converted back into a "minimally street legal" vehicle and is registered in New Mexico. The original metal doors and hood are present as well as the original Carrera decklid and whale tail (not installed). The remaining body work has been replaced with composite panels. Beginning at the nose of the car, the front valence and splitter is designed to be all business with 6 ventilation ducts that aerodynamically take limited surface area, reducing drag. Four of the ducts fun to the dual oil coolers located inside the front fender wells and two ducts directly cool the 930 brakes.Inside the boot you'll find the factory spare, a tire tool kit along with a compact floor jack, and the factory fuel tank and filler tube has been reinstalled. Also located in the frunk is the fire suppressant bottle, the battery (mounted in the smuggler'x box), composite shock tower cross member, power cutoff switch, and the external reserviors for the fully adjustable Fox Racing shock absorbers.Wheels are multipiece, with Fuch centers and BBS outer rims. Sizes are 16x9 in the front and 17x11 in the rear. Power comes from a Twin Plug 3.4 litre powerplant that was dynoed at approx 330hp. The full build was completed appxoximately 4k miles ago by Jerry Woods Enterprises in Campbell, California. The engine as well as the rest of the build is well documented with all documentation offered with the vehicle. Ignition is a direct ignition setup with 12 coilpacks located along the back firwall. Carbs are PMO and are well tuned for high RPM pulls. The Gearbox was rebuilt with new syncros, features a lightweight flywheel and heavy duty clutch, and is controlled through a short throw Wevo shifter.The interior is spartan, but livable. The dual Recaro seats are adjustable, and harnesses are 5 point. The full cage is padded around the driver and passenger area to minimise head bumps and knee bruises during ingress and egress, and the Momo steering wheel features a removable hub. Dash instrumentation includes tachometer with shift warning light, 180mph speedometer, brake bias control knob, along with various VDO gauges that deliver vital information as needed.Door Windows have been removed, and are replaced by removable nets. Door panels are minimal in an RSR style having only a pull as well as a billet latch. Carpets and noise insulation has been removed, reducing unnecessary weight, and a camera mount is present between the driver and passenger seat. All remaining glass with the exception of the windscreen has been replaced by lightweight Lexan window panels.Our site posts content to many other sites all over the world. To ensure all pictures are accessible, we provide a link back to each listing on our site. This listing's URL: https://www.carsauto.com/1975-porsche-carrera-c-1797.htm