1983 Renault 5 Turbo 2, mid-engine, very original car, rally, scca, R5, race

1980 Renault Other

Condition: Used
Make: Renault
Model: Other
Type: Coupe
Trim: street version FIA rally homologation
Year: 1980
Mileage: 63,000
VIN: VF1822000D0000759
Color: dark metallic gray
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: mid-engine, rear wheel drive
Interior color: tan / beige
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Power Windows

Description for Renault Other 1980

(If you've read this description before, lease scroll to the bottom to read all the updates.)
NOTE: Ebay's automated system didn't like the VIN number for this car, o I had to say it was a 1980 model. (The cars were never officially imported to the US, hey were all gray market imports.)
This car is a 1983 model with its original and valid 1983 VIN number.
I have had three of these great little cars- I bought one new and used it for a daily driver in the 80's, hen had another one in the late 90's.
I found this one advertised for 50,000 british pounds on a UK website in February this year, ut when I contacted the seller, found he was in New Jersey.I negotiated with him, rove up with a trailer, nspected and purchased the car, nd brought it home to Ohio.
But I have subsequently discovered that at age 60 this type of car is no longer a fit for me! Anyway.....
The car is VERY original. The original owner had it over 30 years and used it as a weekend fun driver. The car show about 101,700km (about 63,000 miles) on the odometer, o on average it was driven about 2000 miles each year. (Speedometer and odometer are metric, howing KPH speed and km mileage.) The paint appears to be original, nd as such, as some "patina." However, he roof has obviously had a recoat of clear on it. I see no signs the car was ever damaged, ther than a few scratches and small dings. There is some bubbling under the paint above where the right rear fender extension is attached. The car is very dark metallic grey / metallic black.
The original owner said the car was the 185 HP version, nd it does have the thick intercooler that came with that version. Car has an obnoxious loud "Devil" exhaust fitted, ut original muffler is also included. I had Minilite UK make new wheels for the car- 15x7 with 195-45-15, nd 16x9 with 245-45-16.The original TRX wheels are also included- they are in good original condition, nd the tires have excellent tread, ut older date codes.The spare tire is not shown in the photos or videos, ut it is included with the car. The car had the original yellow French Cibie driving lights, ut I tracked down clear lenses for those. Both sets are included.
The original owner had a new headliner fitted and the seats rebuilt and reupholstered 3 years ago. They were rebuilt with denser foam than the soft original, nd as a result you sit higher than normal in the car. I have purchased leather tan seats from another make and was planning on adapting those to the car. I'll include those in the sale if you want them. The carpeting behind the driver seat was damaged somehow over 32 years, nd I purchased a piece of similar carpet from France and made a mat that fits behind both seats and looks great. This car did not come with a right-side mirror, ut I purchased a used one, hich will come with the car. Also will include a car cover.
The most active english-language enthusiast site for the cars I've found is a facebook page, heck it out here:https://www.facebook.com/groups/91582365149/
The car is sold as is, ith no guarantees of any kind.
I would be happy to coordinate with a shipper you contract with. The car is in Cincinnati Ohio USA, nd has a clear 2015 Ohio title of ownership. I can make the car available for a professional inspection in the Cincinnati area if you like.
I have put six videos on youtube that I took yesterday, hat show the car starting and driving, nd show a detailed walkaround of the car. See them here:
PLEASE view the 4th and 5th videos for detailed info about the condition of the car. I tried to show everything in the video that I'd show you if you came to see the car.
This car was advertised by the previous owner for 50K pounds earlier this year. I've added the Minilite wheels, ires, eats, tc., nd am listing the car for that same price.
I can send more photos, ust ask.
The values of these cars have been increasing recently, low mile one sold at auction earlier this year for about $90,000. See http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/22528/lot/331/
There are very few of these cars, ery few sellers, nd very few serious buyers. As such, think it makes sense to advertise the car in several places for a few weeks- I have it listed on the Car and Classic site in the UK, nd may list it a few more places.
Since the car is advertised on other sites, t may sell independently of this ebay listing.
Bidding is committing to buy the car. Ask questions and inspect the car BEFORE bidding.
With a car this rare and with the values changing quickly, t's difficult to predict what the car will sell for.
To get the word out about the car, 'm listing it here on ebay for 21 days at a fixed price. However, n July 5th, will change the listing to buy-it-now or best offer.
Wow, ver 500 views already!To answer a few questions-
1) "What does the car need?"
I know of nothing wrong with the car. It starts quickly and seems to drive fine.However, he previous owner used the car as a weekend fun driver for 32 years, nd to my knowledge the car has not had any major work done. As with any 32 year old car, would recommend that a new owner at minimum go through the braking and fuel systems carefully, nspecting all components and replacing flexible lines, eals, tc., s appropriate. And of course, s a 32 year old car, here is no warranty of any kind- the car is sold as is.
2) "Looks like a good car for weekend trip- I'm surprised how much luggage space there is behind the front seats."
Uhh, o. The photo in this listing shows both front seats flipped forward. I took that photo to show the new mat that covers the carpet damage behind the driver's side front seat. When the front seats are in normal position, hey are very close to the engine compartment, here's no room for luggage behind the seats. The only luggage space is on top of the engine compartment and in the the spot for behind the engine compartment.
3) "What condition are the TRX wheels in? Could you remove the older TRX tires from the rims so they'd be easier to ship with the car?"
The TRX wheels are straight, ut have 32 years of use. I'd say they have patina to match the car! Yes, can remove the tires from the TRX rims and discard the tires if you don't want them.
Wow, ver 1300 views, 0 watchers.
I looked at the original TRX wheels and tires. I can send photos, ut the wheels are good, ut certainly not show quality- some of the black finish has chipped off over the years. The tires are old- the rears about 10 years old, nd the fronts are 20 years old. Wouldn't be safe to drive very far on them.
I added a photo showing the seats.
As a reminder, or the first 10 days or so of the auction it's set at a fixed price, o allow the word to get out that the car is for sale. On July 5th or 6th, will change the listing to accept offers.
Any other questions, end 'em on!
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I heard from an ebayer who was associated with Sun International, he California company that imported many R5 Turbos, ncluding this one. He actually still has documents on some of the cars, nd for a reasonable cost, ffered me some original 32 year old documents on my car. I expect to receive them Monday, nd will post details then.
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