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1978 Saab 99 Turbo No Reserve

1978 Saab 99 Turbo

Condition: Used
Make: Saab
Model: 99 Turbo
Trim: 3 Door
Year: 1978
Mileage: 132,498
VIN: 99781026499
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: 4 Speed
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Palm Coast, Florida, United States

Description for Saab 99 Turbo 1978

Just in time for the Saab Convention in August in Kentucky! Up for auction is a 1978 Saab 99 Turbo with many additional parts including two shop manuals. The Saab 99 Turbo has 132K original miles. I bought the car at 127K miles. I have owned the car for approx 4 years. Clear Title and is currently registered in Florida. This Saab was originally from the south. I am the third owner. I have owned the 99T for four years and never have driven the car in snow. The car starts fine and can be driven daily if so desired. The exterior and interior are not perfect and need to be addressed if you want a truly show quality car which this is not. I drove the car from Pittsburgh to Carlisle, A a few years for the European car show and had no issues. The folks that viewed the car spoke positive about it. In addition, he car won a monthly photo contest on Saabnet a few years ago. The car has Inca rims with center caps and the tires are in fair condition. The Saab has all the headrests; front and rear. The headrests are printed with the words "Saab" on the back of the headrests. All dashboard lights work. All seatbelts are present and work. All badges and emblems are present and correct. I do not have the original toolkit so what you see in the truck is a tool kit from a more recent Saab mounted in the foam piece from the more recent Saab. It slid in nicely and held the jack in the foam so I decided to use it. Also shown near the tool kit is a vintage Saab V4 Gas Can. This is a rare valuable collectors item. The 1978 Saab Turbo Car drivers manual is located in the tidy box in a leather Saab binder. This also included the wiring diagram for the car. The Saab has working power mirrors which are stock. The car has the vintage grab handles which are mounted on the ceiling as well as the end caps that fit over at the end of the handles. All in excellent condition.
Added 7/14/15: Just located some maintenance records from 1985 as well as some from a few years ago. (Ignition Switch, rake Booster)
The work that I have done on the Saab is as follows:
New clutch (5K miles on clutch & Brake Booster, tarter), rake booster, tarter, ir cleaner, attery, hermostat, an temp switch, lternator, elts, gnition lock, ir auxiliary valve, uel filter, arm up reg, emp sender, eater hose, lugs & wires, otor & cap, ew battery & battery cables, 2 sensor, nlet hose, ew ignition coil, ew exhaust (from the cat on back; not including the cat. converter), ew headliner, laupunkt stereo and new Blaupunkt speakers; doors and rears. The Blaupunkt stereo and speakers are new. 4 new speakers total. The stereo has a USB hookup and card reader (Not a CD player). The stereo has hookups for preamps, tc. I made a replacement parcel shelf and I put down a new dashboard cover. I have changed the oil on a regular basis. The car has a new spare tire in the back under the correct 1978 Saab Tire Cover. The car has no "rust through spots" at all as many cars have for age of the vehicle. It does have its typical surface rust under the car that can easily be wire brushed off. The Saab has the metal window louver on the back. Moon roof open and closes fine as well as the other windows. The Inca rims are in very good condition. All door locks work and have the keys.
Items that need to be addressed: The center of front console has three dials to adjust temperature, ir flow, tc and when they turn they tend to bind. The reason for this is that there is something in the manual linkage that is binding or a clip has broken off in the back of the unit. With the sale of the car, nd included with the extra parts, s a replacement part that is one entire unit with funtional dials and linkeage all in great working order. It just has to be installed. The bottom rubber door seals have to replaced or just refastened. I have two seals which are included with the additional parts that can be reworked. The interior fan makes a chatter when on at high speeds. It just needs to be taken out and lubricated. The low and high speed of the interior fan works fine. The driver seat heat mechanism does not work and the cloth is torn. The fan in the engine bay comes on by the saab auxiliary switch near the headlight switch. There is a small dent over the driver side rear well as shown in one of the photos above and a small surface rust spot near one of the rear bumper brakets. The bottom of the front spoiler needs to be looked at. A few chips taken out. The carpet has been faded in some places and could use cleaning and dyed so it all looks the same in color. The head rests are faded in some places as well. The car does not have AC but has the mounting bracket for the AC compressor. There are a few paint spots (blisters) on the hood that need to be addressed has well as spots on the moon roof and one near the rear bumper. The car still uses the old style fuses which could be upgraded. The knob that adjusts the clock has broken off. I still have the knob and just needs to be glued on. The two front rubber bellows that go behind the wheels need to be replaced. They seem to have a small split in each one which only happened recently. I have two new ones to go with the car. The interior light does not work. All other lights and guages work in the car. Few very small paint chips missing from the door edges. The car is going to need a respray at some point. This car is not in show quality condition and the exterior, s well as the interior, eeds work. The car needs to be further restored and I am not capable of doing it.
Also included are Saab parts and a few workshop manuals which contain wire schematics. The following parts will be included in the sale of the car: Interior panels burgundy in color. These will fit 1970's Saab 99 Wagonbacks. They might fit a classic 900 but I cannot be certain. Two panels have also the original pockets that are mounted on the bottom of the door panels. They are in good condition. An extra front seat in great condition but with the wrong cloth will be included as well.
Other parts included in the sale are: Tail Light Lens with seals, spare center caps for the Inca Rims, pare leather tire cover, ssorted relays, shop manuals, trap to hold down the spare tire, lastic peace that goes behind spare tire and side of the interior rear panel (In car now), laupunkt Remote control for stereo, xtra dashboard parts including center console that goes under the stereo, riginal stereo, aab drivers manual that is found in tidy box, nstrument cluster with temp knobs, ront dashboard piece that goes around the gauges, arious gaskets, rings, elays, earing, plastic pieces for the bumper, rolls of vinyl, eater vale, new Bearings, original speaker grill cover, set of new brake pads, exhaust gasket, cork valve cover gasket, uel line, all joints, rear mud flaps used, ne used fuel cap, nd a other parts.
Payment and Shipping Instructions:
Immediate deposit of US $500 via Paypal once auction closes. Remaining balance due within 15 days with cash or certified bank check. Cashier's check also accepted. The buyer is responsible for all shipping and delivery charges. Thank you for your interest. If you have any other questions do not hesitate to ask. Will provide additional pictures if so desired. Thank you for viewing.
History of the Saab 99 Turbo's
Making its world debut at the Frankfurt auto show debut in September 1977, he 99 Turbo instantly became one of the most emblematic cars in Saab's entire history. The launch car, inished in a unique Pearl White, s part of the Saab AB factory collection in Trollhattan, weden. The four-cylinder 2.0L Turbo engine offered 135 hp, ompared to 115 for the standard engine. However, orque was increased dramatically. Saab was first to offer a turbo tuned for low speed torque in a sedan for daily driving, s opposed to high speed power in a pure sports car such as the Porsche 911. Saab also avoided problems previously encountered in turbocharging carbureted engines, y providing electronically controlled port fuel injection on the 99 Turbo. Emission control was via one of the first "closed loop"catalyst systems controlled by an oxygen sensor. A total of 10,607 Saabs 99 Turbo were produced, tarting with 100 test fleet cars in 1977 and continuing through 1982. It was offered in 2-door, -door, nd (very few) 5-door body styles in Europe and a four-speed manual transmission was standard. Despite mostly understated exterior colors, ach 99 Turbo was immediately recognizable by the specific "Inca"alloy wheels, ront air dam, ear spoiler, nterior upholstery, nstrumentation and steering wheel. The 99 Turbo three-door hatchback was offered in the United States only during the 1978 model year, vailable in Black, ardinal Red, rey, nd Silver. After an imported total of 4,233 cars, he 99 Turbo was replaced by the larger Saab 900 Turbo three and five-door hatchback as of 1979.
Information provided by Jan-Willem Vester
Manager, aab Automobile USA Corporate Communications